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Part Two. The Basement.

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The Basement.

Category: My Chemical Romance - Rating: PG-13 - Genres: Drama,Horror - Characters: Frank Iero,Gerard Way - Warnings: [V] - Published: 2010-08-31 - Updated: 2010-08-31 - 1187 words - Complete

Gerard came to in a chilly black room, so dark he couldn't tell if his eyes were open or closed when he groggily awoke. He turned his head to the side and blearily rubbed at his dry, sore eyes. Then his mouth opens and a quiet sob tore from his throat.
"Frank!" He howled, rising shakily to his stiff knees and then pushing himself up to his feet. He tottered unsteadily, head spinning for a second, before looking around, eyes squinting at his dark surroundings. A howl ripped from his chest. His eyes slowly adjusted and he could see a tiny sliver of light emanate from under the basement door. "Frankie..." He took a step forward and fell, tripping over something cold and metal. He pushed the small thing away and it rolled off into the corner. He couldn't see what it was and he kicked the ground in anger and frustration, crawling toward the only light. He edged up the rickety wooden steps and reached the door. He hopelessly looked for the knob. There was none. He pounded on it weakly, sobbing in shock when it didn't open. "Frankie! This... isn't...funny anymore! Frank!" He roared, slamming both hands against the door. No one came. After a time, Gerard lost what little control he had left and he punched at the door, clawing and scratching at it until blood dripped down his cold fingertips. "Frankie....please lemme out. Lemme go Frankie please."
He didn't come. Gerard could see the shifting shadows outside the door. He crouched down and peered under it. He could see Frank pottering about his small kitchen, walking to the cabinet from the sink and back again. "Frank, please," Gerard said hoarsely. "P-please..."

Frank ignored him and Gerard finally collapsed on the top step of the stairs, his legs curled up under him uncomfortably and his palms and nail beds bleeding.

After an indeterminable amount of time later, Gerard woke again. He couldn't know how long he'd been out for, but he still felt exhausted to his core. "Frank," he croaked, his voice dry and painful.
He peered through the crack between the door and the saddle and he couldn't see anyone out there. "Frank! Frank!" He bellowed as loud as he could, his voice ripping up his throat. Suddenly there were footsteps meandering carelessly to the door. "Frank! Lemme out!" The feet paused outside the door. "I-I-I'll....." Gerard stopped shouting and croaked; "I'll wear the outfit Frank. Just let me out, I'll wear the outfit. Please." The feet stepped forward to the door.
Gerard tried to stand defensively but his stiff legs wouldn't let him. He moved himself backwards instead, pushing back to the end of the stairs to the ground in front of it in fear. The door opened, and the bright light from the clean kitchen poured into the gloomy, dirty basement. Frank stepped down the stairs, flicking on the light outside the door before he descended. The dim light bulb swung from the wire on the ceiling. "Hi Gee," Frank said pleasantly, sitting himself comfortably on the last step. "You bastard," Gerard lost control and made a stiff, ungainly lunge at Frank from his spot on the dirty floor. Frank raised his hand and said sharply, "Ah, ah Gerard. Bad boy. Sit back down." Gerard faltered in confusion, and he saw Frank was tapping his own chin with something that gleamed in the dim light. Gun, he thought dully. Course. He crumpled back to the floor and his eyes blinked back pitiful tears.

He changed tactics.
"Frank... Lemme go please. Please. You don't need to do this, you do-I'm sorry I refused your gifts, they were lovely. P-please. I'm sorry...I'll-I'll wear the outfit Frankie please..." He moaned.
Frank was staring at him carefully. "Yeah, you will. But you were bad Gee. Very bad." Frank chastised him. "You ignored my letters. That was mean. Hid my gifts. My gifts..." Frank said steadily, but Gerard could see a gleam of fury in his eyes. Inspiration struck him like a lightning bolt. "That's 'cause I didn't know it was you! That's ...I didn't know it was you, so I refused them because I-"
"Lies." Frank said softly, tapping his chin with the barrel of his gun.
Gerard tensed up and he cried, "N-no Frank....Frankie please have to let me go. Please Frankie. Please let me go I...Frankie..."He finished feebly. Frank ignored his sorry cries and stood up, about to go back up the stairs. Gerard was seized with the sudden terror that if Frank left now, he was never coming back. Not at least, until 'til I'm dead and he can- Gerard gag reflex kicked in and he choked, scrambling to his knees and sobbing. "Frank! It's true! I refused..." He thought furiously and screamed, "I refused them 'cause I thought they were from someone else and I was....I was saving myself for you!"
Frank paused, his head turned back to observe Gerard with a queer look in his eye. "You were what?"
Gerard nodded frantically, tears dripping into his mouth. "Yeah Frankie I was I swear."
Frank moved back down to the last step. He asked softly. "You were saving yourself for me Gee?"
Gerard nodded hopelessly, frantically.
Frank considered this and he moved forward to Gerard, the gun swinging in his hand as a warning. He paused in front of Gerard and...patted him on the top of the head like a dog. "Good boy." Frank cooed sweetly.
Gerard sat there dumbly, too in shock to move, too fearful to protest. He opened his mouth and closed it again.
Frank moved back to the stairs again and Gerard gave a terrified squeak as he moved to leave.
Frank gave him a wide, childish smile. "It's 'kay, Gee. I'll be back soon, if you're good."
Frank left the room. Gerard closed his eyes. He briefly and hopelessly searched his pockets, before remembering he hadn't taken his cell phone or even any money with him. He sniffed, and got on his hands and knees, intent on searching out every little nook and crevice in the small basement for a way out. After running his swollen fingers over every brick in the back wall, his right knee connected with something small that rolled away from him slowly. He squinted at it and reached, picking it up for a closer look. When his finger wrapped around the chilly, thin metal his eyes widened in surprise. It was a spade, the like used for scooping up coal. Gerard knew Frank had a fireplace upstairs in his living room, and maybe...maybe there was a coal chute around here somewhere! Gerard attacked his task with new urgency. A few hours later, Gerard had dejectedly realized there was no chute, not only was there no chute, there was no other possible way out. Gerard sat on his ass, clutching the still-cold spade and he realized the only way he was ever getting out of this alive was through the door at the top of the stairs. Through his best friend.
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