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Part Three. The Present.

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Another gift.

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A few hours later, Gerard had woken without even knowing he had ever fallen asleep. He came to groggily in the dimness, with his face pressed to the bottom corner of the door, lusting for some light. The constant blank gloom was disorientating. Suddenly the kitchen flickered with light and Gerard realized it must be night time because the illumination was unnatural. Slowly he pressed his face to the crack under the door, impatiently brushing a spider away when it crawled over his hungry stomach. He hadn't eaten since Frank had locked him down here, and he hadn't been eating properly beforehand because of his worry. His stomach ached and itched.

"Gerard?" The too-familiar voice echoed down from the kitchen as the thick door creaked open. Gerard wondered why he would even call. Who else would be down here?
"Gee..." Frank closed the door tightly, locking it and bounded down the steps wwith excitement. "I have a present for you," he said formally, holding both hands behind his back as a slow smile spread across his face.
"A present?" Gerard asked quietly. His skin felt clammy and sweaty suddenly.
Frank nodded, his lips pressed against each other. He winked and held out something in his tanned hand. Gerard watched in shock as his own hand crept out and took it.

Gerard opened the white cardboard box, his thumb twitched like it always did when he was anxious. "What is it it?" he asked, not really expecting an answer.
"Open it and find out," Frank said, the corners of his mouth turning up as he bounced on his toes excitedly. Gerard did. He swallowed back a cry that itched and burned in his tight throat. There was a finger in the box. It was pink at the nail and pale with what looked like soft, purple and blue threads at the knuckle. Strangely, Gerard felt like he could have handled this, if it hadn't been for the glob of ripped skin at the base. For some reason, the skin impressed upon him that this hand come from the hand of a person.
"Oh God," Gerard heard his own voice choke out. He hadn't realised he said anything, only the faint scratch of his dry throat warning him. His eyes brushed over the skin at the base again and he dropped the box just in time to vomit onto the basement floor. It was watery and thin with a pink streak of blood dashing down the side.
"Why-Who's?" He gasped, bile spilling down his chin. He slapped his hand at his chin, the tickle of the liquid on his face reminding him of blood.
"You said he was mean to you."
"I...w-what?" Gerard whispered, pushing himself away from his vomit and kneeling.
"You said he was mean to you," Frank repeated as though Gerard simply hadn't heard him.
Gerard noticed his own breaths were too deep and irregular.
"Who?" He repeated.
"You said you hated when he was mean to you. He shouldn't have been mean to you." Frank said, shaking his head, apparently confused by Gerard's reaction.
"Oh God," Gerard said faintly. Then his voice strengthened and he exhaled hard. "Who?"
"Ray." Frank said, nodding.
Gerard paled and he sank onto the dirty floor, broken thoughts of his poor musical friend flitting through his disturbed mind.
The only thing Gerard could think was; "He's a guitarist. How could you even...Now he can't play. Are you happy? Now he can never play his guitar." The words trickled from Gerard's mouth without thoughts or progression.
Frank's arched brows furrowed and he looked angry at how his gift was being treated.
"No Gee." He said, shaking the greasy hair from his eyes. "You don't get it. He was mean to you. But I wouldn't leave him like that." Frank protested, as thought the idea was insulting to his very character.
Gerard exhaled. He was lying. To scare him. The finger wasn't Ray's. Maybe it wasn't even real. As Gerard looked again, he noticed how the finger was thick and looked swollen. Surely that wouldn't happen with a real finger.
"I killed him," Frank said, looking at Gerard with hope, his head bobbing a little. "I let him go, I wouldn't leave him like that Gee, a guitarist missing his finger. That's just cruel."

All of a sudden, it felt like all the blood in his body rushed to Gerard's head and he felt dizzy and nauseous.

"How would you even...You're half his size." Gerard mumbled, shaking his head.
Frank smiled and crossed his legs, relaxing on the last step of the stairs.
"Mercury is not a good poison," Frank said thoughtfully, whispering and leaning forward, his chin on his hands which were rested on his knees. "Not unless you use Mercury Chloride. That's a salt. If you ingest it, you'll immediately taste it on your tongue," Frank whispered, drawing his fingertip down Gerard's face, from his forehead to his lower lip. "It tastes like metal. Then you feel your stomach burning. Soon after, you start to vomit blood." He smiled, tickling under Gerard's chin. "I was told then that you bleed from every orifice. I don't know if it's true, but the colours would be so pretty." Gerard nodded, too afraid to do anything but agree as Frank cold finger traced his throat. Gerard swallowed dryly. "Then your kidneys stop working and you can't urinate anymore. Death is slow but inevitable." Frank leaned forward even more, his too-warm hand on the back of Gerard's neck, as he whispered. "I have some." A slow, happy smile spread across his face. "I haven't used any yet, but I want to. I used boring old Digitalis on Ray. I brewed it and made it into tea. Digitalis really fucks your heart up, you know. It causes either," Frank straightened up a little and announced, as though he was reading it, "tachycardia or bradycardia. New Jersey is the pharmaceutical centre of America." He smiled shyly. He sounded worried then. "I didn't know what to do with his body when I was done with it. So I put it with the other one in the basement." he frowned a little. "I hope they don't find them."
"The other one?" Gerard croaked, too scared to ask about what Frank meant when he said he 'was done' with the body.
Frankie nodded and sounding a little ashamed when he said, "He wasn't for you. He was for me. I was jealous. I'm sorry." He said, sounding earnest, leaning forward.
Gerard stilled. "No."
"Mikey. I'm sorry."
"I'm sorry."
" No." Gerard screamed. "No, no, no, no, no NO!"
Frank looked ashamed. "You spend too much time with him. I was jealous."
"He's my little brother." Gerard wheezed.
"I'm sorry." Frank repeated and stood up. "But you don't have to spend time with him anymore, you can spend time with me. You can just have me." Frank said, a little too brightly.
"I don't want to spend time with you." Gerard croaked. "I want Mikey and Ray back."
Frank's smile didn't falter. "But I'm Frankie. I'm your Frankie. Gee, I'm your Frankie."
Gerard choked. "Fine. Fine," he mumbled and sank back down, the anger leaving him like a gust of wind.

"Frank," Gerard started before the words fell away as he realized it was pointless. It was useless trying to explain to Frank that you weren't supposed to just go kill people because they had a bad day once and said a few sharp words to their friend. Gerard had never held a grudge against Ray for snapping at him when he had had a tough day. Obviously Frank did.
"Thank you then. F-for that." Gerard felt the need to say. Frank relaxed and the tension seemed to leave the air as Frank inhaled. Gerard told himself he didn't notice how Frank had loosened the grip of his gun.
Before he could react, Frank was standing and and pressing his too-warm, wet lips against Gerard's mouth. He didn't react, too afraid to do anything in case it was wrong. He neither encouraged nor discouraged him.
"It's ok, Gee. I'd do anything for you," Frank breathed out onto the smudge of dirt gone unnoticed by both on Gerard's cheek.
Gerard nodded. His neck felt stiff. "Then would you maybe let me go? Just for a little while?" He croaked. Frank was shaking his head before he finished the sentence and Gerard's voice rose in desperation.

"No, Gee," Frank said softly. "The world doesn't appreciate you like I can, it doesn't get you. I do, And I can make you happy Gee. " Frank said slowly, savouring the words as they finally bubbled up his throat. "They make into what you're not, fill your ego to the highest extent. It's not you Gee," Frank placed his hot palm on Gerard's chest, over his heart. "But I can see the badness they put in you and fill you with and I'm the only one who can save you. I can clean you. I can get rid of your filthy pride and make you clean Gerard." Frank finished his speech with another chaste kiss to Gerard's forehead. He stood, and leaving Ray's finger on the dirty floor, Frank left.
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