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Lord Snape

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HG/SS Based on Marriage Law Challenge

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Chapter 2 - Lord Snape


As the fire spat them out she was only kept from falling by the strong arms that held her. As she stepped back there was a voice that was very like the professors.

"What the hell are you going here?! Get out! I told you before I don't want Death Eater scum in my home!"

Hermione whirled around to face the older version of Snape, and stated heatedly
"Mr. Snape! You are not making a very good first impression."

The Lord Snape was slightly taken aback by this tiny woman with bushy brown hair who was so vehemently defending his son. He glanced at Severus, who had his face carefully neutral except the slightly raised eyebrow a sure sign that he was amused. He looked back at the woman no she was just a girl, and sneered "And just why should I wish to impress my son's strumpet?"

Hermione felt Severus stiffen behind her and with a light laugh replied "You did request to meet at my 'earliest convenience' Mr. Snape."

Severus said in a very tightly controlled voice "Father, if I may introduce, Miss Hermione Granger. Miss Granger my father Lord Setian Snape."

Hermione chirped, "charmed, I'm sure", while noticing the differences between the professor and his father. The Lord Snape had gray eyes and his hair was that shade of brown that is almost black but not quite, he also has just the slightest of gray at his temples. At the moment he was looking a bit embarrassed.

Lord Snape said to Severus "your mother always said that given half a chance I would make a ass of myself." And to Hermione "I do hope you will forgive me. My son and I have not been on what anyone would call good terms for a long time."

Severus muttered "indeed".

"Severus, you are excused, you may leave" Snapped Lord Snape.

Hermione placed her hand on the Professors arm "the Professor will stay."

Lord Snape replied with a slight bow "as you wish". He then offered Hermione a seat and summoned an elf to bring tea.

When the tea arrived, Hermione ask if he could pour out and prepared three cups one with two sugars and nothing else, one with honey and milk and looked to Lord Snape as to how he liked his.

Severus was amazed that she knew how he took his tea; of course, he was surprised that there was honey on the tray, but then the elves would know it was his preferred sweetener. He moved to the window looking out at the gardens while listening to the conversation between Hermione and his father and thinking that his father was up to something that he was sure he would not like.
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