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Guilt is a Useless Emotion

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Takes place near the end of the series, some slight plot twisting.

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Author: Sybil Rowan
Title: Guilt is a Useless Emotion
Fandom: Cyborg 009
Pairing: Jet Link x Frances Arnoul x Albert Heinrich
Theme set: Two
Rating: R
Date: 7/3/2010
Notes: bisexuality, some Joe, Helen, and Venus bashing
Summary: takes place near the end of the series, some slight plot twisting.

Jet leaned over Ivan sleeping in his cradle, and said to Albert, “You don't need to be a mystic to know that Helen dame is nothing but trouble.”

“Sugar Plum... what...” Jet whispered to Albert after he lost track of Frances gliding across the stage while a new set of ballerinas appeared; he glanced over to see Albert shoot him a vexed look.

“Joe had to make his own way, and I understand... but I have some hope now that things have changed,” Frances somberly explained to Jet and Albert across the cozy cafe table; she had always found a safe place for venting with her first generation counterparts.

“Have some pity, Albert; she's having bad dreams about her sisters,” Joe said, eliciting as scowl from both Albert and Frances.

“You must come and over throw the Black Ghost,” Helen explained; Albert crossed his arms, Jet snorted, and Frances rolled her eyes because they had learned over the decades to never trust a hand held out in friendship, especially suspected Black Ghost agents, so easily.

“I'm trying to sort that out, 004,” Joe snapped, using Albert's code name to push him into the distance, “I do care about 003... I mean Frances, but Helen needs my help.”

“Easy enough, then,” Jet interrupted, “let Frances go!”

“Enough is enough... you need to break up with her,” Albert further insisted to Joe; the race car diver now glared at Jet and Albert over their confrontation on Frances's behalf.

“I need more than what you're willing to give me now,” Frances declared before walking off down the beach in the opposite direction Joe was headed; she was grateful to see Albert and Jet sitting on Joe's deck.

“You'll cry a little less now that it's settled between you and Joe,” Jet said, stroking Frances's hair while she sobbed on Albert's left shoulder; he was angry to see such a good friend in so much pain, and he was angrier that another good friend had caused it.

“The situation can't make me run away... I'm still a part of the team, even though we haven't worked together in a long time,” Frances insisted as Jet and Albert walked Frances to her guest room at Joe's high-tech mansion and massive car garage.

“I believe she'll come through this,” Albert said, as he and Jet went to their shared guest room, “but it's a shame that fool doesn't realize what a treasure he has in Frances.”

“Hey, Al, if you still haven't found anyone... me and Cathy didn't work out,” Jet implied, after shutting their room door.

“I haven't... there's just been you... casually... but I don't want casual any more with you... I'd be willing,” Albert replied, sitting on his bed and holding out his mechanical, right hand.

Jet almost forgot his breath several times after he gave himself over to Albert; this was the true, actual love making, not just raw sex, he wanted to avoid with Albert, but was inevitable.

Frances jerked awake, panting because her dream of a jewel-toned snake attacking her thighs was still fresh in her mind; suddenly, Albert making hard, passionate love to Jet came crashing into her enhanced hearing.

“Make sure she doesn't slip us poison,” Albert mumbled to Frances after she asked Helen to help with dinner; this elicited a snicker from Jet.

Frances noticed the crack on Joe's head was the size of an apple; she wanted to comfort him, but he was busy accusing Helen of betrayal.

Soot drifted down like bloodied, black snow on Jet and Albert after blasting the dinosaur sent by what was left of the Black Ghost; they shared a satisfied smile over their victory.

“It's not just white lies Helen tells, so I don't understand why France, you, and I are the only ones that see through her... if only Ivan were awake,” Albert mused as he and Jet walked back to Joe's home; he didn't like how the Double Zero Cyborg team was splitting down the generational line, but he wasn't surprised it was happing because forty years was an incredible divide to cross.

“A new one... a twin... aw great...” Jet whispered over to Albert, not liking the way Frances was eying the Helen.

Joe said the same old thing about being in the mood for a moonlight drive, but when Helen walked in behind him, it was a knife to Frances heart.

“GB and Chang borrowed Indian identities and now they're trapped at Mitsutomo Industries!” Joe shouted, waving at Junior to follow him; Frances overheard this, but didn't bother telling Albert and Jet because there was still a lot of tension running high.

“I'm coming too,” Frances insisted, hopping in the blue car beside Joe, Junior sat in the back.

“Lately, I feel like there is the thin division between us and them and that's why Frannie is starting to hang out with us more...” Jet started whispering, eliciting a curious look from Albert; so Jet sighed and gave him a vex look before answering, “...first generations and second generations.”

Frances felt a stab of guilt at shooting the Helen clone with her ray gun on stun, but it was for her own good.

The misery Frances felt after the battle with Van Bogart was heavy because Joe was wrapped up with concern over the twins, but Jet and Albert were rather cheery; because of their victory, they invited Frances to their room for a drink.

She wasn't sure if it was the wine or jealousy that drove her to Jet and Albert's bed when they gingerly offered; at first she felt shy at doing something she thought of as risqué, but it was wasn't long before they created a total sense of trust, and she was able to give herself in totality to them.

“Do you regret spending the night with us?” Albert asked gently, scrutinizing Frances's anxious expression while Jet rubbed her shoulder in concern.

“I don't understand why you both... invited me... was... pity?” Frances asked, a little angry and embarrassed at herself for crossing a line she had never dreamed she would.

“Because we did want to offer you some comfort, and our lives are so uncertain with the Black Ghost breathing down our necks again... may as well grab what we can,” Jet explained, knowing he sounded unusually sober, so he added, with a wicked smile, “and we're just two smutty guys that like to knock boots with each other and the occasional dame.”

“If you ever want to be with us again, don't hesitate to ask, but we'll keep it our secret in case Joe changes his mind about you,” Albert said before they joined the other cyborgs, the twins, and Doctor Gilmore for breakfast.

Joe wore such a dark expression that it pricked at Frances's guilt; she kept wondering if he suspected she'd been with another man... no two other men at the same time, she corrected herself and felt more heat come to her face as she dimly pictured what her proper, and long deceased, brother would think of her behavior.

The light grew dimmer as they all traveled to the underground world where the twins came from; along with Joe's apathy, it all created a gloom within Frances.

Jet and Albert shook their heads at the fact that Joe was clueless over Frances's anger; after all, he chose to protect Venus and Helen over Frances when the cave in happened.

Jet was careful to not exchange too many glances with Frances even though he'd like to steal her away from Joe and have another night with her and Albert.

The cave in that had separated Frances from Albert and Jet revealed a mountain of gold dust that Chang was currently tossing in the air; she turned to see Joe comforting Helen, it just didn't have the same sting as it once did.

“Don't you know I'm greedy for your attention, 004,” Venus whispered, following Albert; he stiffened at her words, and he noticed Jet was tactfully ignoring her.

Albert was lost and worried, he had no clue where Jet was now, and he didn't really trust Joe to look after Frances.

“Great,” Jet mumbled and sunk to the cell floor beside Pyunma, wondering what that treacherous bitch Venus had done to Albert and if Joe had gotten it through his thick skull that Frances wasn't as durable as the rest of the cyborgs.

Venus sunk to her knees, tears in her eyes, but all Albert could do was shake his head and say, “My bed is already full, and besides, I only sleep with people I can trust.”

“Albert... no!” Jet shouted, seeing his lover tied in the center of an arena being threatened along side that bitch Venus.

Albert calmed himself, putting Jet, Frances, Venus, and everyone else out of his mind; he used logic to figure out Van Bogart's next move, and he made the shot, killing the Black Ghost agent.

Frances didn't need shining lights to see Jet and Albert headed for her; relief hit her, but she admitted she was still worried about Joe.

A flash as bright as the sun illuminate the cavern as Ivan informed France, Jet, and Albert that Joe was on the Black Ghost rocket to space.

Jet felt like a stone was in the pit of his stomach, in spite of Joe behavior lately, Jet still liked the guy; besides, Frances was sobbing so he decided to take off towards the moon to rescue Joe, ignoring Albert's shouts.

Jet fell like a rock from the upper atmosphere, Joe slipped from his arms right before they hit the icy, ocean water; he jerked awake when he felt Albert grab his arms and clench him to his chest in the dark water.

“The galaxy seems so vast,” Albert said, arm around Frances's shoulder as they walked along the nighttime beach; she had been trying to distract him while they waited on word about Jet, and besides, she didn't want to think about Joe's sudden farewell.

“...and he dumped her, hun...” Jet asked, holding Albert's fleshy, left hand; he sighed and shook his head before saying, “ know... I was thinking that Frances is a special girl... and we cyborgs can't just hook up with anybody because we live so long... so we have to milk what we can, when we can, out of life.”

“I promised I'd take Jet to recuperate in Fiji, and we thought it might be a good idea to invite you along the way,” Albert said, holding up three plane tickets after sitting beside Jet on his sickbed; Frances smiled and nodded, a sense of warmth burning away the last of her guilt.

End Set Two.
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