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Takes place after 'Legend of the Super Galaxy.' Emotions boil over after Joe is caught cheating with reincarnated Tammara. Frances seeks comfort from Albert and Jet.

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Author: Sybil Rowan
Title: Control
Fandom: Cyborg 009
Pairing: Jet Link x Frances Arnoul x Albert Heinrich
Theme set: Three
Rating: R (most graphic, so far- goes into some sex)
Date: 7/15/2010
Notes: bisexuality, and sexual situations between 002/003/004, Joe cheats on Frances, and Frances cheats on Joe.
Summary: Takes place after 'Legend of the Super Galaxy.' Emotions boil over after Joe is caught cheating with reincarnated Tammara. Frances seeks comfort from Albert and Jet.

“...and then I came home and found him with that witch,” Frances said, pacing back and forth in Albert's apartment; she was grateful Jet wasn't visiting from New York.

Albert knew she was hunting for some sympathy from someone, anyone, but he was anxious at watching her weep on his sofa.

“Are you sure he's guilty,” Albert asked, to which, Frances nodded emphatically.

Albert was about to judge Joe in his mind, but Frances' old-fashioned, lilac perfume elicited his interest; he'd have to get rid of her before Jet flew in day after tomorrow.

“Just like Chang, GB, and Pyunma said... I don't know where she is, and I wouldn't tell ya' 'til you learn to keep it in your pants,” Jet snarled before slamming his telephone receiver down.

“Well, you're off with that self-satisfied look,” Cathy said, dropping Jet off at JFK, to which, he replied, “I finally have him where I want him.”

Albert marched over to his ringing phone, but let the answering machine pick it up; he was grateful he didn't answer it when he heard Joe's pleading voice.

He was about to drive her to a hotel because his apartment was so small; madness stuck when she pressed a friendly, tender kiss next to his lips, he returned a less friendly version.

Jet tossed aside the comic book he was reading, impatient to get to Berlin.

After Albert had finished booking the room for Frances, she fled upstairs with a deep blush and wouldn't meet his eyes.

Albert doubted Jet would have a sense of humor about the impulsive kiss he gave Frances, so he kept it to himself after he greeted the redhead at the airport.

“Yeah, it's such a shame that Tamara actually showed back up on earth, but I guess she had nowhere else to go now that her planet is trashed; still, Joe is married to Frances... wonder where she is by the way,” Jet asked, to get a shrug from Albert.

“I'd rather talk about our romance than theirs,” Albert said after closing the door to his apartment.

Albert lost himself in Jet's fierce kisses, but nagging guilt kept piercing the illusion.

“Now who could that...” Jet asked annoyed as a knock came from Albert's front door; the German cyborg hopped up from the sofa and was horrified to see Frances at his door with a tear stained face.

It was torture when she came in to apologize for disrupting Albert, but it was worse seeing Jet's brandy-eyes glare deepen and deepen as she went on.

After he and Jet walked out of Frances' earshot, Jet said, with a troubled expression, “I know you still like women too, but promise me you won't act like a smutty porn addict like Joe.”

“I'll be honest and tell you that I've learned to take pleasure where I find it,” Albert insisted before guiding Jet back to his apartment.

“I don't care, GB; he can have her,” Frances said, slamming the phone down just as Albert and Jet came back from their walk.

Jet took pity at Frances' hurt and relented to her sleeping on Albert's sofa.

Jet found himself in a better mood the next morning and attempted to cook what he called, a 'comfort food breakfast,' however, the experiment turned into a disaster.

Jet felt a slight jolt when Frances gave him a sweet, warm kiss of appreciation for his efforts; to his amazement, Albert smiled rather than raising an eyebrow.

Jet fingers trembled slightly as he caressed Frances' soft, bare arms; he found it so different from Albert's masculine, artificial flesh and metal.

It was watching his lover in that one sensual act with Frances that brought Albert to his feet; he pulled them both, wordlessly, to his bedroom.

Frances, still was a modest, proper girl who felt slightly uncomfortable with Albert watching her from the corner; she dragged a pillow over her eyes when Jet started nibbling at her inner thighs on Albert's direction.

She had no idea what it would be like to watch Albert take Jet, but she found the experience as rich and as decadent as chocolate.

By that afternoon, they had coved every part of Frances' sensitive body in kisses.

While Albert and Jet slept, Frances quietly threw on her clothing and left; as she aimlessly walked, wrestling with dozens of emotions, she found a street vendor and made a dinner of tart, out-of-season strawberries.

“Oh boy... I could kick myself... what the hell am I going to tell Joe when we race next month,” Jet said anxiously to Albert as he set down two hot cups of tea.

By the next morning, Albert had soothed Jet's worries over coffee, but they both agreed they needed to redouble their efforts to find Frances.

She found herself unable to eat anything in spite of her growling stomach; she had almost talked herself into going back to Joe.

“So... would you want to do it again,” Jet asked timidly as they walked the Berlin streets; to which, Albert replied in a sly whisper, “You didn't object to going down on her.”

They found her wandering a park with uncharacteristic tousled hair; she ran over, grabbed them around the necks and sobbed.

When they got back to Albert's apartment there was an answering machine message from Joe demanding Albert help him find Frances; Jet was tickled when his long term lover rolled his eyes, locked his arms around Frances' waist, and gave her a long passionate kiss.

Frances felt a monstrous wave of shame as she kissed Albert; she could feel Jet behind her, slowly removing her jacket and blouse.

This led back to Albert's bedroom where she gave herself over to their whims; the thoughts of doing this out of revenge against Joe fled when her body shivered in release.

In the early morning hours, when the three of them were in a drowsy tangle, Jet wondered what Joe would do if he could see a video of what just took place; he doubted they'd remain race car driving partners.

“I don't want to play games with him anymore,” Frances said over breakfast.

“It'll be a carnival if we go over there, but we'll go with you if you want,” Albert offered.

“I'm not going to let him make a fool of me any longer, so it's time for me to confront him and be honest,” Frances said.

Before she left Albert's apartment, he warned her that her marriage to Joe could be broken beyond repair.

Her heart thudded in her throat as she walked into her Parisian apartment; her fear wasn't realized, there was only Joe waiting and no trace of Tammara.

“We can fix this, Frances... we could go help Tammara rebuild her planet... Just forgive me... please,” Joe begged; Frances couldn't believe the utter, naivety of the suggestion.

“You want to move us... to your lover's planet... to heal our relationship...” Frances murmured as she rested her forehead on the mantle, the galling situation made her dizzy and nauseous; she shook her head slightly and said, “...I've done something you need to know about... I think you'll feel differently.”

“You've broken the Galaxy Legion into pieces... how could you do it when I apologized what I did with Tammara and promised to not do it again... and now you were with Jet... my friend... and Albert...” Joe shouted at her, getting in her shame-filled face.

“Why not GB and Chang... Pyunma... while you're at it...” Joe shouted after Frances as she ran down the crowded Parisian street, the wind chilling the tears rolling down her flaming cheeks.

It was a cold, rainy day when she met Joe at the Galaxy Legion base to sign devoice papers a month after she confessed her tryst with Albert and Jet.

Jet watched Joe trudge through mud puddles towards the parking lot of the Galaxy Legion; he had let Joe get in a few good punches, he wasn't interested in going another round, especially, now that the second generation cyborgs had shunned the first generation cyborgs across the board.

Frances watched the spaceship rise into the dusk, like a bolt of lightning; she didn't realize she was crying until Albert offered her his linen handkerchief.

Her heart was too sore right now to take them up on their offer; but she promised to return to them when the aching had eased; she still desired the comfort and the passion they offered, but it was too soon after Joe.

End Set Three

(Two more with be on their way)
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