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Can't Make Love

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These are random 'what if' sentences under the assumption that Jet, Frances, and Albert develop a relationship.

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Author: Sybil Rowan
Title: Can't Make Love
Fandom: Cyborg 009
Pairing: Jet Link x Frances Arnoul x Albert Heinrich
Theme set: Four
Rating: R
Date: 9/3/2010
Notes: bisexuality, and sexual situations between 002/003/004
Summary: These are random 'what if' sentences under the assumption that Jet, Frances, and Albert develop a sexual relationship. There is no real plot gluing them together until after #11. Also, has some glimpses of Cathy and Joe in it.
Beta: none on these, I'm afraid. Just be a little more forgiving. Wanted to knock these out in time for my birthday on the seventh... I failed, but at least it's done. Titled after my favorite Wall of Voodoo song.

The lies to coax the Parisian girl into the trap worked, but the Black Ghost agents had to work hard to give her older brother the slip.

There was a harsh truth to the streets of New York the young man knew, never trust anyone; his desperation lead him to trust the two men in black suits.

All of his promises of a new life with Hilda in West Berlin were broken by his nervous run for the boarder.

Ivan could sense the other three when they came to Ghost Island, and a mild clairvoyant prod told him their destinies were sealed together.

Jet though he had met his divine maker when he saw the man in the white lab coat, but he would learn this man was actually a monster.

Albert was so high on medication that he placidly watched two men in white lab coats remove his crushed right arm.

Frances shivered as she watched what was left of her inner ears just tossed away; no longer able to hear, she experienced a true terror only heightened when they wheeled a chart over.

The three strangers now lay in the recovery wing of some sort of hospital; all shared the same fear and uncertainty as the days blurred into months.

“We can't be chicken... we have to escape,” Jet prodded the man and the girl sitting beside him on the cell floor.

Albert stared at his new, metallic fingers, bitterness rose at the reminder he was now cut off from humanity; then again, he had to remind himself there were the two teenagers suffering his same plight.

Everything had glittered like jewels in her eyes after her surgery, now she was able to tolerate her new eyesight better, her companions too.

After changing into her ballet costume, Frances fastened the crystal encrusted headdress on her blond hair and glanced over her shoulder at Jet's whistle.

Albert didn't stop Jet from touching the wedding ring dangling from the gold chain, but the German quickly grasped it close after Jet's curiosity drifted away.

“Joe's too cheep to buy her that rock,” Jet said, pointing Albert to the engagement ring in the jeweler's case.

“When a man decides to give a woman a ring, it's very serious business,” Albert said, “but Frances certainly deserves one.”

“I never thought any of our dreams could have fulfillment any more,” Frances said, flashing her new engagement ring to Jet and Albert, both appeared flabbergasted.

Frances wasn't surprised to find out Jet had a very kind heart under his hardened street persona; she also understood his appeal to Albert because of this.

Albert felt it was a cruel twist of fate to loose his wife and then be tempted by two who were so much younger than him and delighted in constantly bickering with one another.

Albert hoped Frances would fade from his awareness, and he and Jet could seal their relationship; it was dashed when Joe took up with Helen.

Frances's faith in love never dwindled, nor her hopes in having in having a family.

The respect they had for one another was hard forged during their time with the Black Ghost; it waxed and waned at times, but the three of them never lost it.

It had been a point of honor for Albert to physically protect Frances and Jet from the Black Ghost, but he was lost on what to do to protect their hearts from Joe and Cathy.

“I swear you three have some code you developed before we came along,” GB said, in amazement as he watched Albert, Frances, and Jet assist Chang in the kitchen with no words passing between them.

“I know what's going on between you two...” Frances confessed softly over coffee; Jet and Albert paled, so she was quick to say, “...and I'll never tell anyone else.”

“Privacy is important, and we'll keep your secret too, Frances,” Albert firmly insisted, patting her hand.

France had the nagging fear Jet or Albert would reveal to Joe, not deliberately, but inadvertently, that she'd been molested decades ago by Doctor Uranus.

“He's long on courage, but short on critical thinking,” Albert complained as he and Frances watched Jet fly across the sky towards the Black Ghost rocket.

“I wished Albert wouldn't be so chauvinistic,” Frances complained to Jet, after he marched off to face Van Bogart alone, even in an extremely weakened state.

“Frances has lots of strengths, but her feelings towards Joe are starting to make her look foolish,” Albert complained to Jet after she left for her date.

Albert admitted to himself he was too nervous to even whisper to Jet as they ravenously pulled at each others uniforms in Albert's quarters on the Dolphin; then again, there was a thrill at the thought of sweet, innocent Frances listening in.

“So confess the dirtiest thing you want to do to me,” Jet whispered, pulling Albert's belt off and slapping the thick leather against his palm.

“Spanking you would be fun, but I had something a little more sinful in mind,” Albert said, keeping a smirk off his face.

“You need to forgive yourself and go on with life, or you and Jet will never work out,” Frances said to Albert as they strolled down the Parisian streets in early autumn.

“Have mercy,” Jet mumbled, unable to peel his eyes away from Frances's bikini-clad body; his words caused Albert to look up from his newspaper and glance.

“I killed someone before, I never want that to happen again,” Jet confessed to his two cell mates in the middle of the night.

“Where do we go for justice anyway,” Albert asked after struggling with his humanity; he was utterly left drained.

“I won't loose sight of getting our liberty back, and neither should you two,” Frances said, starting to pace around the cell.

Albert couldn't find freedom from the pain of loosing Hilda, so he kept his heart locked away as he embarked on a secret affair with Frances, and then a not-so-secret affair with Jet.

The peace between the first and second generation cyborgs was torn apart by Joe's philandering with Helen.

Frances's ears rang painfully before she collapse at Albert's feet on the deck of the Dolphin; all he could hear was a slight jangling from a set of bells.

His mocking tone was cut short by Albert's smug expression.

Jet flew high through the air, his eyes were scanning the peach orchard below; there he glimpsed Albert stealing a secret kiss from Frances.

She sang softly as she prepared the early morning bottle for Ivan; she wasn't pleased when Jet came in for cold pizza, but it was Albert's appearance that sparked the three-way argument.

Albert plucked out a tune on the piano as he absently watched his two lovers in a vicious argument; Jet wanted them to move to New York, but Frances wanted to stay in Paris.

Albert found his lovers were complete opposites when it came to sex; Jet like to get rough treatment, but Frances always wanted them to be soft with her.

Frances found something her two lovers had in common: hard heads.

It was absolute heaven for Jet back in New York and dating Cathy, but he was always cautious to avoid his previous sexual escapades with Frances and Albert; he knew the woman wouldn't let him visit his pair of European ex-lovers if it came to light.

It was going to be hell on his two young lovers, but Albert knew he had to self-detonate to give them a chance at escaping Zoa's deathtrap.

Frances's hands trembled as she slipped the robe off her creamy shoulders and stood before them, naked.

“The Black Ghost thought they could play god with our lives, but that doesn't mean we can't take control and find some happiness in our lives,” Jet whispered in Frances's ear, while Albert's metallic hand caressed her lower back.
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