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Flood Land

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Jet and Albert decide to seduce Frances while she's working at Chang's; this is when Joe looses interest in her.

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Author: Sybil Rowan
Title: Flood Land
Fandom: Cyborg 009
Pairing: Jet Link x Frances Arnoul x Albert Heinrich
Theme set: Five
Rating: R
Date: 9/5/2010
Notes: bisexuality, and sexual situations between 002/003/004
Summary: Jet and Albert decide to seduce Frances while she's working at Chang's; this is when Joe looses interest in her.
Beta: none on these, I'm afraid. Just be a little more forgiving. Named after a Sister's of Mercy song. I'm sorry to come to the end of these. They were a fun experiment.

“...and she's actually gotten so up tight... about... you know what...” Joe complained to Jet, casting a look back over his shoulder at the empty garage; Jet fought to not role his eyes at Joe's own prudish reference.

Jet leaned against the front of Joe's Maserati with a smug expression and thought, 'You just haven't found her kinky side yet, and even I have that figured out.'

When they got to Kozumi's front yard Joe softly confessed he had been seeing another girl over the last month; Jet kept his composure while lighting a cigarette, all the while, desperately wanting to punch him.

Jet shifted from foot to foot listening to Joe's excuses, which centered on Frances being sexually repressed, but as soon as he could, Jet made a hasty retreat to the room he shared with Albert.

“...and this whole time she's been loyal...” Jet mumbled to Albert; to which, his long-term lover replied, “Length of time doesn't guarantee someone will return that loyalty.”

“I know it's rougher on you about our agreement with girls... and I'm surprised I'm the one asking 'cause I thought it'd be you first... but you wouldn't mind if I indulged and showed Frannie what Joe's doing wrong?” Jet asked, giving Albert the most disarming and devious smile.

“Once you start down that road, you could loose a friend,” Albert pointed out, then his expression slowly grew from dour to crafty, “but if you're certain, I'd like to help.”

“Oh, I'd like to take this journey alright 'cause I think I know what trips her trigger; hadn't you noticed the way she sneaks looks at us and then that blush?” Jet noted, giving Albert the same crafty smile.

“Okay, let's see if we can persuade her together,” Albert agreed, but Jet's face grew sour; the New Yorker then said, “...but without that hero Joe knowing.”

Jet felt like a bit of a villain, sitting in Chang's restaurant, secretly leering at Frances behind the menu, all the while, his long term lover sat right beside him; he felt better seeing Albert sneak glances too.

She clasped her hands in front of chest, her tight, silk, crimson dress accentuated all the right parts for Albert's taste; he quickly came around when she asked, “So what can I get you two?”

Frances was too busy getting Albert and Jet's orders together to noticed someone behind her until she felt the hands around her waist; she whirled around expecting GB, but was shocked to see Jet's sly expression.

“Sorry, you were just too beautiful to resist,” Jet whispered, stepping closer to the petite woman; all she could do was stammer, “But Albert is...”

“I'm right here, and I am enjoying what I see,” Albert said, as if guarding the kitchen entrance while he leaned again the door frame; she imagined the scene could turn very ugly if Chang or GB needed something for the bustling restaurant.

“But you're both together... and I'm with Joe... what about the others coming in...” Frances murmured, as Jet pressed her up against a table and started laying deep kisses along her neck, her mind grew intoxicated.

“Joe really hasn't figured out how to get you passionate, but we know you watch us,” Albert said, not taking his eyes from the dinning room, “and that is a turn on to us.”

“No, please... I'd never... abuse my powers like that...” she whined, face flush as she tried haplessly to pull away from Jet's roving hands.

“You're both making me feel so cheep, and I'm not like that,” Frances insisted; moister coming to her eyes, but the flesh between her inner tights tingled to the point of aching, betraying her prim facade.

“Come on, be a dirty girl and let me make out with you, and then you can watch me and Albert go at it,” Jet said; then Albert gently added, “No one needs to know.”

There was a moment when Albert remembered a cleaner part of his life, being a husband to Hilda, but it was another life; all he wanted to do now was feel a touch of carnal humanity through Jet's randy inclinations towards Frances.

Jet's hands drifted to Frances's shapely buttock when Albert snapped, “Chang is coming... and Joe just came in too.”

“This is certainly warped... how did you ever get Jet and Albert to wash those potatoes, Frances?” Chang asked, ambling around the kitchen as she stared at her feet and tried to straiten her hair.

“This is Emma Black... the girl Doctor Gilmore said needed help,” Joe said, introducing Frances to the girl sitting beside him in a booth of Chang's Magic Pan; Frances fought hard to quell her rage because Joe did look blameworthy.

She handed Chang the ticket with the order from Joe and Emma's table, wishing she could sink into the Black Hole of Calcutta; she was jolted when she noticed Jet and Albert stood beside the sink, watching her with genuine concern.

She escaped for her fifteen minute brake to Chang's small, cluttered office; she wasn't surprised Jet and Albert snuck in behind her, Albert locking the door.

Frances didn't have time to register anything except the blaze of Jet's bright hair as he pulled her down on his lap after he sat in the rickety, desk chair.

Jet caressed her wrists with his thoumbs as Albert knelt in front of them; he said, “I'm sorry there is no candlelight and soft music, but don't doubt our sincere affection for you.”

Her trepidation faded slightly, and her body relaxed against Jet's wiry frame; at that moment Albert pressed a gentle kiss against her lips.

She felt too faint to fight as Jet's lanky legs nudged hers apart; she gasped, realizing she how vulnerable and wanton she really was.

The pressure to let them have their way increased as Jet's hands brushed her bare, inner thighs, all the while she Albert traded kisses; the knowledge of their relationship together only heightened the sensations running though her.

She got her head about her when she hear Chang bellow from the kitchen; Jet backed off and let Albert help her up.

She had two aches she dealt with the rest of her shift: one was seeing Joe and a strange girl wrapped in deep conversation, the other was the unsatisfied physical longing her fellow first generation companions had elicited.

Frances tried to mend her feelings towards Joe and satisfy her lust by luring him into the kitchen when Chang was busy, but it was no use; he had several excuses why he needed to stay at Emma's side, so Frances let him go, now feeling numb.

That didn't solve the itch created by Jet and Albert, Joe's rejection only increased it.

She was surprised to see Albert and Jet waiting by their car at the end of her shift, offering to take her home since Joe was gone; she shivered at the idea, but had no other options.

She stifled a scream as Pyunma ambled down the hallway, he passed the three of them with casual greetings; when he was out of sight, Jet pulled her in their room rather than letting her go to hers.

She bit her finger to keep from crying out as Albert nuzzled her neck because she could hear several others roaming around downstairs; Jet took her free hand and guided it down towards his stomach, that only made her bite harder.

Jet moaned and collapsed on Frances; he looked over to the left side of the bed, slightly worried about his steady relationship, but Albert gave him a lopsided grin visible in the moonlight.

“I hear Joe and that...” Frances whispered, as two people come through the front door, her body suddenly brimming in tension; Jet finished for her with the word, “...bitch?”

“Please... I really shouldn't be here...” Frances begged, pulling on her clothing with shaking hands.

Frances, Jet, and Albert all crept to the bedroom door, but she stopped Albert from opening the door when Joe's voice carried from downstairs, “...and I'll visit you sometime during the night... she'll be asleep so don't worry about it.”

She went to go sit on Jet and Albert's bed again as it hit her, bright as day, Joe was bored with her.

She never could have pictured this happening just an afternoon ago, being intimate with her two fellow compatriots.

“You know, it's almost midnight, and if Joe's too preoccupied...” Jet whispered; to which, Albert added, “We wouldn't mind if you stayed.”

“I guess it's the twilight of my relationship with him, and that's fine; virtual immortality is more of a reality to the three of us than to him, so tomorrow I'll set him free,” Frances said, then taking a deep sigh in an effort to shrug off her sadness.

“You've always wanted to create a normal family, but we can't have normal relationships anymore, Frances, no matter how hard we try,” Albert said very gentle; she could tell from his eyes there was painful knowledge of that fact.

“Hey, his loss, our gain,” Jet murmured, reaching up to massage the tension out of her shoulders.

“I'm willing to see if this flowers into something new for us, but I know you've been together for a while,” Frances said, casting uncertain looks at her fellow first generation cyborgs.

“I like guys, don't get me wrong, but the smell of a little perfume is nice too,” Jet said; Frances smiled at him and was pleased to see Albert nod his agreement.

“Well, let's start with a promise to never keep feelings bottled up; I think that's what doomed Joe and me,” Frances said, winding her arms around Albert and Jet's shoulders.
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