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Just snapshots of Albert and Jet's volatile, and sometimes cool, relationship all the way from the start of the series through 'Legend of the Super Galaxy.' 004/002

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Author: Sybil Rowan
Title: Clouds
Fandom: Cyborg 009
Pairing: Albert Heinrich x Jet Link
Theme set: Alpha
Rating: PG-13
Date: 7/3/2010
Notes: This is a slash piece. This is my first shot at doing this so I think I've abused the heck out of some semicolons and ellipsis. (These are things I always castigate people on when I beta... oh well... they can come and pick on me.)
Summary: Just snapshots of Albert and Jet's volatile, and sometimes cool, relationship all the way from the start of the series through 'Legend of the Super Galaxy.' Written for the livejournal "1sentence": community.

#01 – Comfort
“It shouldn't come as any surprise two such damaged people find a little comfort together,” GB finished off his little bit of gossip about Jet and Albert while Chang gave him a nod of agreement.

#02 – Kiss
The kiss was hasty, yet deep; Jet wasn't expecting it, but wanted more of them.

#03 – Soft
Jet was amazed Albert's left hand was like flesh: warm, pliable, and, best of all, soft.

#04 – Pain
Ghost pains kept Albert sleepless, but he found a more disquieting distraction seeing Jet standing at the open refrigerator.

#05 – Potatoes
“The potatoes were Jet's idea for supper... something about you being homesick,” Chang said, not understanding Albert's chagrined expression.

#06 – Rain
The gentle, cool rain that fell on Albert and Jet had been started by 0011; it did nothing to quench Jet's fury at Albert's insistence that there was a man still inside that mechanical spider.

#07 – Chocolate
“I'm glad you got me to visit Berlin; the chocolate was worth it,” Jet said, before taking another bite of a liquor filled bon-bon.

#08 – Happiness
He hoped the third time would be the charm at finding happiness in love: first Hilda, then Venus, now Jet.

#09 – Telephone
Jet didn't want to appear too anxious at answering the overseas call, so he let the phone ring five times before answering it.

#10 – Ears
“Are your ears for decoration?” Albert snarled, as Jet hobbled back to the control center of the Dolphin after facing down a Black Ghost airship on his own.

#11 – Name
They were among the first of the nine cyborgs to drop their Double Zero numbers and address each other by first name.

#12 – Sensual
Jet shivered as Albert nuzzled his chin upwards; he then placed more, slow, sensual kisses on Jet's neck.

#13 – Death
It baffled Jet how Albert had come back from the dead, a flesh and blood man again, and was choosing to become a cyborg once more.

#14 – Sex
Sex, at first, had been awkward and desperate, but their boundaries slowly melted and left them in perfect synchronization.

#15 – Touch
Jet was aggravated when Albert subconsciously jerked his metallic, right hand away before he could touch it, causing Jet to wonder if there was still a lack of trust.

#16 – Weakness
Jet's life on the streets had taught him that a show of weakness could be dangerous, even deadly; Albert knew he had his work cut out for him teaching Jet a new lesson.

#17 – Tears
Jet shed more tears at Albert's graveside; he was so angry Albert put him through this loss, the same kind he had put Albert through one year earlier.

#18 – Speed
He ran from Albert, finding more and more dangerous jobs to occupy his mind, but no amount of speed helped him escape.

#19 – Wind
Jet laughed as wind rushed around him; he drifted high in the air above Albert as he scowled and shook his fist.

#20 – Freedom
There was never any freedom with the Black Ghost in close pursuit, but it helped create bonds of trust between them that, otherwise, wouldn't have happened.

#21 – Life
Albert still hadn't resolved his pre-cybornization life with his present one; it was a constant irritation to Jet, keeping him at a distance from the German man.

#22 – Jealousy
Albert went to the annual memorial ceremony for the tearing down of the Berlin Wall; Jet wasn't there when he returned to their apartment.

#23 – Hands
The cold and warm difference between Albert's right and left hands, as they brushed across Jet's bare back, took his breath away.

#24 – Taste
For some reason Jet's kisses always reminded Albert of bubble gum.

#25 – Devotion
“I thought you two were just as devoted to each other as me and Frances, so why'd ya' break up with him?” Joe asked, annoyed with the hostile New Yorker, to which Jet replied, “Hypocrite!”

#26 – Forever
“You promised you'd come back to me... you promised forever,” Jet said, clutching Albert's yellow scarf after Joe told him of Albert's self detonation.

#27 – Blood
The fluid gushing from Jet's destroyed cybernetic leg appeared too much like blood for Albert's liking.

#28 – Sickness
Albert admitted he liked it when Jet was sick; the New Yorker allowed himself to rely on Albert in those rare moments.

#29 – Melody
Albert plucked a melody on the keys of a piano; he refused to tell Jet its origins.

#30 – Star
“First star... make a wish before we go beat that goon Zoa,” Jet said lightly, but Albert seemed too somber to continue their conversation.

#31 – Home
They just couldn't agree; Jet's heart was in New York, and Albert still had unfinished business in Berlin.

#32 – Confusion
Joe was confused when his best friend started spending more time with Albert, him being so stodgy, then it slowly dawned on him there was more behind Jet and Albert's bickering.

#33 – Fear
The fear of loss kept Albert cool and distant towards the lanky New Yorker.

#34 – Lightning/Thunder
Albert slammed the door shut, knowing that fool would be flying through lightning and thunder just to spite him.

#35 – Bonds
One October day, Jet noticed Albert no longer wore Hilda's gold band on a chain around his neck.

#36 – Market
Albert was surprised to see Jet sitting on the steps to his Berlin apartment; he shifted the plastic bag to his gloved, right hand and realized he'd have to go back to the market.

#37 – Technology
Albert's body had a lot of machine integrated into it, but Jet knew the man still had a compassionate, human heart underneath the circuits and metal.

#38 – Gift
Albert read the return address and was pleasantly surprised to see it was from New York, just in time for his birthday.

#39 – Smile
Jet started getting suspicious; Albert was wearing that smug smile.

#40 – Innocence
“I'm not some babe in the woods, you know,” Jet responded to Albert's question.

#41 – Completion
Now that the Black Ghost was defeated and Jet was brought back from the brink of death, Albert felt a sense of completion, then he had an emptiness he suddenly needed to fill.

#42 – Clouds
Albert looked up at the sky and was startled when Jet asked him if he'd like to see the clouds a little closer.

#43 – Sky
There were two things that made Jet's forced cybornization less painful: the sky and Albert.

#44 – Heaven
Jet had a decision to make; he couldn't let his best friend, Joe, face down the Black Ghost alone, so he took off towards the heavens, knowing Albert would understand.

#45 – Hell
It was like purgatory, being so deep under the earth and seeing Venus throw herself at Albert.

#46 – Sun
The rain cleared and bright sunlight shone throughout the rundown castle soon after Albert beat his doppelgänger; he now confirmed he was still a man and not a machine.

#47 – Moon
Chasing dinosaurs by the light of the moon with Joe and Junior was certainly fun, but it didn't distract him from wondering why Albert declined the invitation to come along.

#48 – Waves
All Jet wanted to do was watch the waves crash on the beach as he and the other cyborgs waited to go into space to face down Zoa; he wasn't surprised, or irritated, when Albert joined him on the terrace, even after their messy break up last year.

#49 – Hair
It was Jet's hair, wild and fiery, that first caught Albert's attention and kept it.

#50 – Supernova
Albert's heart stopped at seeing the bright explosion in the night sky, knowing Jet wasn't designed to fly that high out of the atmosphere; then a pair of glowing streaks headed back towards the ocean where he and Frances drifted.

End of Alpha Set
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