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Just snapshots of Albert and Jet's volatile, and sometimes cool, relationship all the way from the start of the series through 'Legend of the Super Galaxy.' They are in random order. 004/002

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Title: Snow
Fandom: Cyborg 009
Pairing: Albert Heinrich x Jet Link
Theme set: Beta
Rating: PG-13
Date: 7/15/2010
Notes: Slash pairing.
Summary: Just snapshots of Albert and Jet's volatile, and sometimes cool, relationship all the way from the start of the series through 'Legend of the Super Galaxy.' They are in random order. Thanks to my beta-reader, my loving husband, WingedPanther73.

#01 – Walking
“Why walk when you can fly,” Jet asked with an irrepressible smirk, eliciting rolled eyes from Albert.

#02 – Waltz
“It's called An der schönen blauen Donau by Strauss, and it's very popular,” Albert said, furrowing his brow, while Jet shook his head in annoyance.

#03 – Wishes
It hit Albert hard, one snowy afternoon, that no amount of wishing was going to correct the mounting problems between him the redheaded New Yorker.

#04 – Wonder
Jet opened the door with a sneer and said, “I wonder why you bothered showing up at all,” but all Albert did was stand there and look grim, a light powdery snow was melting on his green, jager hat.

#05 – Worry
Albert clenched his metallic fist as Jet rocketed off into the dark, snowy night; he didn't bother calling after Jet again, knowing he wasn't listening, anyway.

#06 – Whimsy
“Wow... come on, Al, I want to go make snow angels and have a snowball fight,” Jet said, jumping out of bed; he didn't miss the aggravated, not yet awake expression on his jet-lagged lover.

#07 – Waste/Wasteland
“It's been four and a half decades since I've felt this way, and I'm uncertain I'm ready for another relationship,” Albert confessed to GB right before the balding actor saw him to his New York flight at London's Heathrow Airport.

#08 - Whiskey and rum
Jet cursed his hangover and blamed it on the German man as he stumbled into the kitchen; what irritated him more was seeing Albert cheerfully cooking an American-styled breakfast.

#09 – War
“I mean, this constant fighting with the Black Ghost has kind of energized me and made me value things,” Jet admitted as he strolled by Albert on the snowy Berlin street.

#10 – Weddings
Albert was surprised, afterwards, he hadn't thought of his own wedding to Hilda as he watched Frances and Joe exchange vows; instead his mind was on the redhead beside him and the 'forever' they had promised one another during the fight with Zoa.

#11 – Birthday
“Damn it, I almost forgot,” Jet said, scrambling around the garage after he saw it was September the nineteen on the 1940's pin-up girl calendar.

#12 – Blessing
“002 will make it, but it'll take more time to repair him since he's a first generation and not as durable as 009,” Gilmore announced, coming from hours of surgery; all Albert could do was thank the Heavens above.

#13 – Bias
“You know, I think Gilmore is a pig over what he did to Pyunma,” Jet sneered, to which, Albert replied, “I recall you told me at one time you weren't exactly without your racial hangups, being in a street gang,” this caused Jet to flush a bright fuchsia.

#14 – Burning
All Albert felt was a regret over breaking his promise to Jet; then an incredible burning racked his body, and then his life snuffed out.

#15 – Breathing
It was so hard to draw in breath after Joe had told him of Albert's self-detonation.

#16 – Breaking
Albert accepted Hilda's ghostly kiss on his forehead before breaking through the long gray veil to rejoin the living, to rejoin Jet and fulfill his promise of 'forever.'

#17 – Belief
“You could have stayed with her in the 'great beyond,' but you came back... and now I know... for sure that you're here to stay,” Jet said before taking Albert's hand in his as they strolled on the moonlit beach.

#18 – Balloon
Albert watched Jet rocket upwards towards the sky while his feet were firmly planted on a grassy hill; finally, the New Yorker was so high he looked like he was drifting in Albert's perspective.

#19 – Balcony
Jet marched out on the balcony to give Albert a dressing down about 0011, he was just itching to take out his frustrations on the stoic German man.

#20 – Bane
“I swear he's a bane,” Albert mumbled to GB and Chang as Jet stormed out of Doctor Kozumi's house.

#21 – Quiet
“It's too stinking quiet here, and we've been taste testing all day, Al, so let's go out and make some noise,” Jet shouted irritably from the front door of Chang's restaurant; to which, he received a large plume of fire coming at his face, followed by a hail of bullets.

#22 – Quirks
“I have not one quirk,” Albert Heinrick insisted, a little miffed that Jet Link, of all people, would accuse him; Jet then pointed to the house of cards made of nothing but the spades from seventy-two decks of cards.

#23 – Question
“Time and time again, I've given you space and never really questioned you once, and even let you come and go as you pleased, but not any more,” Jet insisted, surprised how dry his own voice sounded; he saw the shocked look on Albert's face.

#24 – Quarrel
“And let me guess this tired, old plot... once again you had a lover's spat, and now you're on your way to sulk in Berlin; meanwhile, Jet tries to get himself killed doing daredevil stunts for the circus, or some such stupidity... yet again,” GB said and sighed before sipping his afternoon tea at the same time Albert did.

#25 – Quitting
“I'm quitting race-car driving, Joe, and going back to Berlin,” Jet said gleefully; to which, his Japanese best-friend mumbled, “...for now.”

#26 – Jump
“I'm not jumping into a relationship with him ever again,” Albert assured GB, after he broke the news of his and Jet's fifth break up; the actor rolled his eyes and gave him a disbelieving stare.

#27 – Jester
“We just start acting like a couple of clowns, and that's why I'm finished with him,” Jet assured Cathy, while explaining why Albert hadn't shown up for her Christmas party.

#28 – Jousting
“You and Jet are always trying to see who can break who's pride first, and it shouldn't be that way,” Frances lectured Albert in his darken apartment as she tried to straighten up the bachelor-styled mess.

#29 – Jewel
The glittering sea rush below him as he flew just over the gently rolling waves, his eyes franticly searched for Albert among the rough waves.

#30 – Just
“Just in time,” Albert called out after Jet grabbed him by the wrist and flew him upwards out of the sea.

#31 – Smirk
All Jet could think about was that damn smirk of Albert's as he lay wounded in the ice and snow, drowsiness overcoming him.

#32 – Sorrow
A sharp grief cut through Albert's chest as he swept aside the snow from Jet's unconscious, bloodied face; it quelled down as Jet slowly drew a breath.

#33 – Stupidity
Jet shook his head as the cyborg named Apollo marched towards him and Albert; he would never admit his hasty actions had lead the sneering Greek to their hiding place.

#34 – Serenade
“Awe... the sweet sounds of love,” GB said to Chang with a wicked smirk crossed his face; the sounds of Albert castigating Jet came loud and clear from the upstairs guest-rooms at Doctor Kozumi's beach-house.

#35 – Sarcasm
“I think his sarcasm came to bite him back,” Chang theorized about Jet, right before the New Yorker stormed out of the beach-house.

#36 – Sordid
“I'm not some prude, so I can accept you and him, but Jet's been my friend... and he's a father figure for my son... for a long time now... you better stop treating him so dirty, Albert,” Cathy said through clenched teeth.

#37 – Soliloquy
Jet found he had been talking all night long as he and Albert roamed around snow-laden Berlin; he was worried until he noticed Albert's subtle, warm smile, a stark contrast against the winter.

#38 – Sojourn
Albert was sure this visit to the middle of the galaxy was going to be the cyborgs' last; his comfort was Jet by his side.

#39 – Share
Jet wasn't used to someone sharing anything with him, even the offer of part of Albert's apple took him off guard.

#40 – Solitary
Albert lay on the surgery table, all flesh once again, but this time he was willing to give part of his body over to cybornization; he did it for two reasons: a desire to be strong so he could protect humanity and a yearning to stay with Jet.

#41 – Nowhere
“I don't want to go... nowhere... I just want... to stay indoors... with you... before you... go cyborg again,” Jet said between heavy breaths as Albert voraciously trailed kisses down his neck.

#42 – Neutral
“I'm no longer on the fence about us, I'll live wherever you choose,” Albert said earnestly, turning away from the window that held back the afternoon hail storm.

#43 – Nuance
It irritated Jet that his airplane ticket was dated to New York too soon, and the flight was still on in spite of the harsh German weather, but he'd promised to let Jimmy throw him a birthday party on the second of February.

#44 – Near
Albert didn't glance over; he knew it was Jet who joined him on the sofa in the darkened den for the two am movie.

#45 – Natural
He had wondered, for many years, what kind of natural life he could live after the Black Ghost had mutilated him; it wasn't until Albert's first, gentle kisses that tickled his lips like snowflakes when he felt totally natural again.

#46 – Horizon
The bright light on the horizon over the ocean, coming at high speed towards the Dolphin, Albert knew, was Jet; he was relieved the redhead had had success against the Black Ghost flagship.

#47 – Valiant
Jet sat up from the debris and was short of breath; he just looked around stunned at the destruction Albert's hand had caused, then he looked over and saw Albert's smug look as he rested a foot on a fragmented, Black Ghost robot.

#48 – Virtuous
Albert felt beyond reproach this time after they got back to Earth from defeating Zoa; this time he could take Jet as his own with nothing hanging over his head, just freedom.

#49 – Victory
Jet took off his ski-helmet and looked over to Albert, who was already at the bottom of the Swiss hill; he smirked at Albert and was satisfied when he got a thumbs-up in approval of his first, chilly run.

#50 - Defeat
He had nothing but loss for five long decades, a long cryogenic sleep for his soul, but now, finally, Jet had changed that trend; Albert's heart started to warm and beat again, in spite of the constant deprivation that nagged at him.

End of Beta Set.
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