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Just snapshots of Albert and Jet's volatile, and sometimes cool, relationship all the way from the start of the series through 'Legend of the Super Galaxy.' They are in random order. 004/002

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Title: Waves
Fandom: Cyborg 009
Pairing: Albert Heinrich x Jet Link
Theme set: Gamma
Rating: R (some sexual situations and one swear word)
Date: 7/21/2010
Notes: Slash pairing. #37 is from an un-posted story I wrote as a crossover with 'Gatchaman.' #7 is special for my hubby.
Summary: Just snapshots of Albert and Jet's volatile, and sometimes cool, relationship all the way from the start of the series through 'Legend of the Super Galaxy.' They are in random order. Thanks to my beta-reader, my loving husband, WingedPanther73.

#01 – Ring
It was that damn, mysterious, plain, gold ring that had save his and Albert's lives; one day, but not just today, Jet resolved to ask him about it.

#02 – Hero
“I want to make sure Jimmy makes the right choices, unlike I did when I was his age,” Jet explained; Albert smiled at the flushed redhead and patted his shoulder in admiration.

#03 – Memory
Jet looked across the living-room on a cold, rainy evening and noticed Albert's distant expression; Jet knew he was thinking of her.

#04 – Box
“Now you're teaching Jimmy boxing, of all things?” Albert asked, with a quirked eyebrow at Jet's new, red boxing gloves.

#05 – Run
“Race you back to Kozumi's house... won't use my accelerator... much...” Jet said, smiling slyly, but Albert shot him an annoyed expression.

#06 – Hurricane
“Now you're taking a job on 'Hurricane' Joe's racing team?” Albert murmured, burying his nose in a book.

#07 – Wings
Albert slowly trailed his cool, metallic hand down Jet's back, causing Jet to shiver and give him a baffled look; Albert replied, “Just picturing you with wings... black leathery ones... certainly not white and feathery.”

#08 – Cold
Jet gasped and stifled his shout, jolted from his early morning sleep; he looked over to see Albert's metallic arm had brushed against his bare hip.

#09 – Red
“What can I say, I have a thing for redheads,” Albert explained to GB, who chuckled before pointing out the stereotype of redheads coming with extra doses of temper.

#10 – Drink
Albert shook his head, put his arm around Jet's waist, and guided him out of the Biergarten; inviting the New Yorker to Oktoberfest was not the smartest thing Albert had done in his life.

#11 – Midnight
The digital clock on the dim deck of the Dolphin told Albert it was midnight; he looked over at Jet and was glad to see he was still alert.

#12 – Temptation
Albert glanced across the den where Chang, Joe, Pyunma, and GB were playing Bridge during the rainy afternoon, but it was Jet dozing on the sofa that kept drawing his eyes.

#13 – View
“We were just too different to make it work, too different in how we see things,” Jet explained through clenched teeth, while helping Joe tighten the bolts on a tire.

#14 – Music
“Music is still important to me, even though I can no longer play,” Albert admitted to Jet, flexing his metallic hand as he stood up from the piano bench.

#15 – Silk
“He can be smooth as silk when he wants to be,” Jet claimed to Joe, who shook his head in disbelief at his best friend's statement about the brooding, German cyborg.

#16 – Cover
Jet had no fear as he flew towards the Black Ghost robots; Albert was coving him.

#17 – Promise
His scowl slowly turned to a smirk, he glanced over at Albert, and said, “You have to come back too, not just my heart regulator I'm loaning Frances.”

#18 – Dream
Albert jolted awake; Jet stirred beside him, sat up, and asked, “Bad dreams again?”

#19 – Candle
“That's not funny,” Albert snarled, glaring at Jet as he wheeled out a huge birthday cake with over ninety candles blazing; Chang, who had baked it, was laughing hysterically with the others.

#20 – Talent
“You certainly are talented,” Albert murmured, sweaty and spent; Jet crawled back beside Albert on his bed, a smug, satisfied expression on his face.

#21 – Silence
Albert lunged at Jet in mid-rant and pressed a kiss on him; he leaned back and was dismayed to hear Jet wouldn't let silence reign, so he repeated the motion until Jet submitted.

#22 – Journey
“Can you believe we made this big trip to the center of the fucking galaxy, and now we can't get close to Zoa's base,” Jet snarled over to Albert; but his lover was giving the pulsar a thoughtful look.

#23 – Fire
“Will you leave the cooking to me already?” Albert asked, hoisting open the windows to let out the billowing, black smoke.

#24 – Strength
“Hey, Junior...” Jet called out, but Albert cut him off with a dirty look and said, “Stop using him as a car lift.”

#25 – Mask
“Drop your tough guy act for once,” Albert ordered; Jet's tense posture slowly eased, but that wounded expression still remained.

#26 – Ice
“He runs just as icy as he does hot,” Albert confided to GB and Chang.

#27 – Fall
Albert's heart stopped as he watched Jet fall from the night sky.

#28 – Forgotten
“I accept that she's not forgotten, but her memories aren't stopping us from being happy anymore; your fear over losing me is,” Jet said, causing Albert to flinch back slightly from the recrimination.

#29 – Dance
“Will you... stop doing... that... we promised to see Frances... stop... perform...” Albert said, trying his hardest to ignore what Jet's hand was doing.

#30 – Body
“No, I don't care 'bout it 'cause I never knew you any other way,” Jet said solemnly.

#31 – Sacred
He was careful for many years to treat the subject of Hilda as sacred, but gradually the taboo faded away.

#32 – Farewells
“No more 'good byes,' not now... or ever again,” Albert whispered, leaning his forehead against Jet's.

#33 – World
“These Greek cyborgs are causing havoc all over the world,” Albert answered Jet's question as to why he had to leave New York behind once again.

#34 – Formal
Jet felt a deep sting at Albert's stiff and aloof behavior after their clandestine, one night stand.

#35 – Fever
Jet's emotions were in turmoil; the man refused to acknowledged what they did behind closed doors, but the way he was being touched right now sent a fever through him.

#36 – Laugh
Albert noticed the more years that he spent with Jet, the more laughter flavored their relationship.

#37 – Lies
Albert felt a twinge of jealousy when Jet came home late from a bar called the Snack J; he couldn't shake the feeling Jet was keeping something from him.

#38 – Forever
“It's not like we don't have forever,” Jet said with a bright smile at Albert.

#39 – Overwhelmed
From time to time, Jet overwhelmed him, and he needed space; those were the times he recharged alone in Berlin, but loneliness drove him back to New York.

#40 – Whisper
They were both so paranoid Frances would overhear them from downstairs; they didn't whisper to each other when locked in a heated embrace.

#41 – Wait
“I'm not waiting around,” Jet said hotly, beating Albert to the punch for the breakup.

#42 – Talk
“I wonder what they talk about anyway, because they certainly don't have anything in common,” GB said after Albert and Jet left for the weekend.

#43 – Search
“Can you tell me where he is?” Albert pleaded with Cathy; her green eyes were so hateful.

#44 – Hope
“I hope their nonsense is finally worked out,” Frances said, agreeing with Joe when he broke the news about Jet and Albert getting back together again for the third time.

#45 – Eclipse
Jet sought the danger of bullfighting in hopes of eclipsing his harsh feelings towards his failed relationship with Albert.

#46 – Gravity
Jet felt a sensation like gravity draw him back towards Albert; it didn't matter how much distance he put between them.

#47 – Highway
“I love this road trip to Junior's ranch; we really needed to get away,” Jet said, smiling as Albert drove their rented car across the New Mexico- Arizona boarder.

#48 – Unknown
“They haven't bickered in two weeks,” Frances mused to Joe; he only shrugged, but wouldn't reveal what Jet had told had told him in confidence yesterday.

#49 – Lock
Jet's hand fumbled back towards the lock of the garage, not wanting to break the passionate kiss with Albert.

#50 - Breathe
Jet found his breathe stopped, not because of the wild kisses they shared, but because of the one, tender kiss Albert gave him before leading him to the bedroom.

End of Set Gamma

(more on the way)
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