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Atem is gone and Yugi is depressed. In order to get him out of it, Joey and the gang get him to join the schools play. What happens when the play is The Phantom of the Opera? YYxY Puzzleshipping!

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Angel of Music


The auditions lasted for three days and then afterwards Mr. Takara and Miss Bosela would discuss who got what parts. There would be a list posted up for all to see. But that wouldn’t be until tomorrow. Two out of the three audition days had passed already, and Yugi wasn’t in any better of a mood. He still missed Ya…Atem dearly. There would be days where he would cry himself to sleep, he missed him that much. Yugi sighed. He was currently in his room moping. He doubted that he’d get a part in the play anyways, so he decided just to spend his time thinking of his other self. How he missed him. It was right after the whole situation with Marik that he realized that he was in love with his other half. He didn’t know how it happened or when exactly it was that his feelings had changed to more than friends. All he knew was he looked at Atem in a different light after that duel with Marik. Hell, he didn’t even know he was bi until he fell for the ancient Pharaoh. It was easy to ignore the feelings while Atem was see-through. When they were in the memory world, it took all Yugi had not to jump him right then and there. It really was hard not to. I mean, the way he was dressed, it was almost as if the Gods were teasing him. More than once, Yugi’s thoughts wandered to whether or not the Pharaoh was wearing anything under that kilt. It made him blush just remembering the scantily clad Pharaoh. He wanted so bad to tell Atem his feelings, but when he saw the happiness in Atem’s eyes when he defeated the Pharaoh, he knew he couldn’t. He choked back his sadness and wished his other half off to the afterlife, knowing that he’d never see him again.
He was fine for a few weeks after he left, but then he crashed. The familiar warmth that seeped into his mind when Atem was with him was gone. He cried that night when he realized that Atem wasn’t going to be there ever again. He fell asleep that night with pain in his heart, and tears in his eyes. Slowly, he came to regret not telling his other half about his feelings. It made him even sadder to think that he would never be able to see if Atem cared for him like that or not. Though he doubted that he would have cared about him that way. More than likely, Atem would gently let him down and tell him that he just wanted to be friends. Still, rejection looked better at this point, than an eternity of longing. He could have moved on, and possibly found someone else to love. Even if he never loved another like he loved Atem, at least he’d have a chance of moving on.
Now there was no hope of finding someone else. Yugi’s heart had been broken before he met Atem, repaired after he met him, and then broken again when he left. He sighed again for the hundredth time and turned his gaze back out the window. It was raining and it matched his feelings completely. He couldn’t cry without his grandfather questioning why his eyes were red at dinner, so he let the rain be his tears. He rested his head against the cool glass and let his mind wander back to the Pharaoh.
“Yugi! Dinner!”
“Coming!” he replied.
He stood up and walked slowly to the door. He paused before leaving the room. He shot one last look into the room. A dozen memories of them flew through in his mind before he sighed and turned the light out, closing the door softly behind him.

Two days later, after school
“Do you think we got a part?” Joey asked.
“I don’t know, Joey, we’ll find out when we get there,” Yugi said.
The two were making their way to the auditorium to see if the list was posted. It was bound to be posted either that day or the day after. As they neared the board where the list would be posted, they noticed a small crowd around it.
“I guess that answers our question on if it’s up yet,” Yugi murmured. He wasn’t looking forward to finding out if he got a part or not. So far, he hadn’t heard of anyone else who had to sing both parts, not that he was asking. It wasn’t exactly something he wanted people knowing. It was kind of embarrassing to have a voice that was able to reach the girls parts.
“Yugi! There you are!” Tea said from inside the crowd. She helped him through the crowd up to the board.
“You got a part!” she said excitedly.
“Really, what part?” he asked.
“Well…” she said hesitantly.
“You might want to look for yourself,” she said.
Yugi quickly made his way up to the board and scanned the list for his name.
Yugi shrieked when he saw what part he had gotten.
Mutou Yugi- Christine Da’ae.
“No, no, no. There’s no way...” he muttered, “I need to talk to Miss Bosela.”
He made his way back through the crowd, Joey and Tea following him. He fled down the halls to the music room, where Miss Bosela’s office was. He knocked on the door and waited.
“Come in,”
“Miss Bosela?” he asked.
“Ah, Yugi, what can I do for you?” she asked as she set her pen down.
“About the part in the play…” he began.
“You’re wondering why I gave you that part, and wondering if I won’t change it,” she guessed.
“Yeah,” he admitted.
“Well, as for changing it, I’m not going to…” she said.
“The reason why,” she interrupted, “Is because of the reason why I gave it to you in the first place. You were the only one that could sing that part perfectly. None of the other girls could sing that part as good as you could. You were perfect when you sang it. I won’t change that, so you’re going to have to deal with it. On a better note, Joey is the Phantom, so you’ll be working with him.”
Joey smiled sheepishly at Yugi.
“I don’t like it, but are you sure there’s no one else?” he asked.
“I’m positive,” she said.
Yugi sighed. This was all too much. First he had to deal with loosing the only one who he had ever loved, and now he had to act like a girl. What else could possibly go wrong?
“Fine, I’ll do it,” Yugi said.
“Good, because no one else is going to. Tea will be your understudy in case anything happens,” Miss Bosela said.
Yugi nodded and the three of them walked away.
“Come on, Yug, it’s not that bad,” Joey said.
“It is too! I’m playing a girl!” Yugi exclaimed as he threw up his hands.
“It could be worse,” Tea said.
“How could it get worse?” Yugi said sarcastically.
“Well… it could…” she said.
“It can’t, can it?” Yugi asked quietly.
“Yeah, it could. Ushio could be the phantom, instead of me,” Joey filled in for Tea.
Yugi shuddered. The student in question beat up Yugi at every turn, so having him as the phantom would make things horrid. Absolutely horrid.
“Okay, so it could be worse, but what am I going to do guys?” he asked.
“You’re going to play the part, and have fun,” Tea said firmly.
Yugi sighed again. Why him? Why did he have to get the girls part? Not only was it a girl’s part, but it was the lead girls part! As if that wasn’t bad enough. Yugi nodded absently and barely listened to Tea and Joey’s conversation. He was still dreading how it rehearsal would go now that everyone knew he played the part. He was surely going to get picked on…
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