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Atem is gone and Yugi is depressed. In order to get him out of it, Joey and the gang get him to join the schools play. What happens when the play is The Phantom of the Opera? YYxY Puzzleshipping!

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Angel of music
A week had gone by since the Yugi sang in front of his classmates. Now, instead of snickers, he had people telling him how good he sounded. More often than not, Yugi would walk into a class with a heavy blush on his face. That did not mean that he did not hear the snickers or comments anymore. There were still some people who seemed to hate the fact that he got the main part. That included his ex-friend, Tea. It had only become worse since that day…

It had stated out as a normal practice. Yugi and another girl, named Miho, were practicing a scene. It was one of the beginning scenes that showed where Carlotta (Who Miho played) was singing and she lost her voice. (Not without any help from the Phantom of course.) Miho was a sweet girl in real life. A little clueless, but a sweet girl, nonetheless. She had such a nice singing voice too, but for some reason (unbeknownst to the rest of the cast) she was picked to be Carlotta. She had tried to make her voice really harsh and annoying, with some degree of success. That day, everything went wrong. Miho moved to go forward when she slipped on stage.
“Miho! Are you okay?” Yugi asked as he ran up to her.
“Ouch! I hurt my ankle,” she said through gritted teeth.
Miss Bosela came over and gently touched Miho’s ankle, who cried out in pain at the gentle touch.
“I think you broke it,” Miss Bosela said, “You’re going to have to go to the nurse and she’ll see that you go to the hospital. Tristan, can you help her?”
“Yes, Miss Bosela,” he said.
He helped Miho up and the two hobbled to the infirmary. The rest of the group slowly walked away, talking amongst themselves about what happened. Only Yugi, Joey and Miss Bosela stayed on the stage.
Yugi ran his finger across the floor, “Grease. There’s grease on the stage.”
“You don’t think…” Joey asked as he felt the floor.
“No. It’s impossible. After all, you are the phantom,” Yugi said.
Miss Bosela brought one of her fingers up to her nose, “Butter, to be exact. Boys, only you will know about this. For now, I’m considering it an act of sabotage by someone from the cast. I’ll be keeping a close eye on everyone; do you think you could help?”
The two nodded, “Sure.”
“Good, now,” she said as she turned to the whole group, “Since Miho will no longer be able to play Carlotta, Tea will now take that spot.”
“Are you sure, Miss Bosela?” Tea asked.
“Yes, you are our only understudy. You are going to have to play the part,” Miss Bosela said.
“I understand.”

End of Flashback

And that is when Yugi lost Tea as a friend. She started to be mean to him. Of course, she would claim that she was only acting for the sake of the play, but Yugi knew better. He knew that she was doing purely out of spite, and Joey was starting to think that too. The two of them had been talking a lot about her and what she had been doing lately.
“Hey Yuge,” Joey said.
“How’s it going, Joey?” he asked.
The two were in their history class. It was the only other class besides gym that the two had together, and Yugi was rather thankful for that. This class often made him think about Atem, and it hurt to think about him. Joey would provide a nice distraction for Yugi whenever he got thinking about his darker half. Yugi knew that he was doing it on purpose, and he was eternally grateful to the blonde for trying to cheer him up. He had needed it lately, since loosing Tea as a friend, despite the fact that he knew it was bound to happen sooner or later, still hurt deeply.
“How are you doing?” Joey asked.
“I knew it was bound to happen, Joey,” he said, “I mean, I saw the way she had feelings for him. I know she would have stopped him without hesitation. And I know she hates me for not trying.”
“She doesn’t hate you, Yugi,” Joey said.
Yugi gave him a disbelieving look, “Come on, Joey. You’ve seen the things she’s been doing lately. The way she’s been acting. She claims to be doing it so she can get into her part, but the anger and ridicule has gone far beyond mere acting.”
“I don’t know. It’s just hard to believe that she would hate you. You used to be good friends,” Joey said.
“I know. I find it hard to believe too. You’re right; we used to be great friends. Not anymore,” he whispered, “Not anymore.”
“What are you going to do?” Joey asked.
“I don’t know,” he said as he shook his head, “I just don’t know.”

A few days had passed since Yugi’s conversation with Joey. He still had no idea what he was supposed to do about Tea. Frankly, he hoped he wouldn’t have to deal with her, but it seemed that fate did not like him.
“Well, look who it is, it’s Christine, I mean Yugi. Wait, aren’t they one and the same?” A blonde haired girl asked.
“I do believe so, Jenna,” Tea said.
“Must be a sissy boy to play a girl,” Jenna said.
The group laughed. Yugi, who was trying to keep his temper in check, whirled around and walked straight up to Tea.
“Tea, can we talk?” he asked.
“Sure, talk, she asked.
She scoffed and rolled her eyes at her friends, “Fine.”
The two left the group and walked into a deserted classroom. Yugi held the door open for her and then closed it behind him. He studied her for a moment before finally walking away and looking out the window.
“You hate me.”
It wasn’t so much of a question as it was a statement. He already knew the answer anyways.
“Because you didn’t stop him,” she replied with a shrug.
“How could I? He lost and he was no longer needed here. I had to let him go,” he said.
She walked over to a desk and sat down, “I would have begged him to stay. I would have given him a chance at life! I would have lost!”
“You don’t think I didn’t want to? I wanted to so bad, but I couldn’t. He seemed so proud when I lost. And happy when he realized that he would be able to see his family again. Please understand, I had to let him go,” he said.
“What about what I wanted? I wanted him to stay! I loved him! I wanted us to be together forever, but you had to go and win and show off,” she shouted as she stood up and walked over to him.
“I didn’t win because I wanted to! I won because I had to! It was his time to go, don’t you see? He doesn’t belong here. He belongs with those he loves!” He whirled around.
“I loved him!” She shouted grabbing his throat.
“Let go of me. I loved him too,” he said.
“What?! You loved him? That’s just wrong! It’s gross!” She said as she tightened her grip, “I’ll never let you have him!”
“He’s gone, Tea. There’s no having him. Now let me go,” he growled.
“Don’t test my patience, Tea,” he said. His eyes flashed crimson and she felt the shadows tremble, almost as if they were excited. She released her hold on him and stared with wide eyes.
He smirked and walked over to the door, “Just because he’s gone, doesn’t mean he’s left me completely, Tea. Watch yourself.”
“Is that a threat?” she hissed.
“No, it’s a promise.”

The next day.
Yugi could hear and see them. The whispers and the looks. He wasn’t going to let it get to him. He knew what she had done. How could he not? He walked down the hallway with his head held up high. He didn’t care, he was who he was and if she thought that he was going to regret that, then she was sadly mistaken. He didn’t care what they thought. He walked into his history class and sat down.
“Hey Yugi,” Joey said.
“I’m surprised you’re still talking to me,” Yugi said.
“Why wouldn’t I be?” he asked.
“Surely you’ve heard the rumors by now?” he asked in return.
“What, that you’re gay? So what? I don’t really care about that,” Joey said.
“You don’t?”
“Nope. Why would I?” Joey asked.
Yugi looked down at his desk, “I just thought that you’d listen to the rest of them.”
“Yugi, listen to me. I don’t care. I know who you are and if you prefer guys over girls, I’m not going to judge you on that alone. I know you better than that,” Joey said.
Yugi smiled, “Thanks Joey.”
“It was her, wasn’t it?” he asked.
Yugi nodded, “Yes. She found out that I loved Atem.”
“And she got jealous?”
“So it would seem. Hence the rumors. Such as the one about how now it’s no surprise that I got the female part,” he said.
“You know what I say? To hell with them, if they’re too blind to see the real you, then who cares?” Joey said.
“Yeah, you’re right,” Yugi said. He smiled brightly at Joey, who smiled back.
“So what are you going to do?”
“Whatever I can to get back at her,” Yugi replied.
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