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AU on how the X-men came to be. Major Scott/Jean and Kurt/Kitty. Scott, Jean, Kurt, Kitty, Evan, and Rogue have all had horrible lives. See how they ban together and become the future X-men with th...

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X-men: Evolution of the Heart
Chapter 6: Rogue

AN: This chapter takes place a few months after the last one. The ages are all the same as before. They are as follows: Scott and Jean are both 17 years old in this part and Kitty is 14 and Kurt is 15 and Evan is 13 and Rogue is 16.


"Is anybody out there? Anybody? Somebody please...Help me...Tell me. Who am I? What am I?"

A young 16-year-old girl jolted up from her sleep once again. She just had another nightmare. Tired, she tried to catch her breath. But, these dreams seemed to haunt her whether she was sleeping or not. Some of these dreams weren't even hers, but that only scared her more. This girl...Didn't have a name in a normal sense. This girl...Was very different. She didn't know who she was; she didn't know who her real parents were; she didn't even know her real name. She was so confused and distraught. However, she did go by one name...Rogue.

The teenage girl looked out the window of the speeding train she had been riding for the last few hours. She watched the landscape speed by her. Where it was going...She didn't care. She had just been hopping trains for the last few weeks just to get away. Nobody sat near her, because of how she looked. It was easy to sense the fear other people had when they looked at her. It still pained her to see their expressions. She was pale...Very pale. She wore strange, dirty clothes. They were of a gothic nature and it fit her rather well. She also had a distinguishing white streak of hair.

Even thought she didn't know who she was, Rogue did know a little bit about where she came from. Originally, she was from the Deep South. She had lived there for as long as she could remember. She also remembered that it hadn't been the happiest of places to live. As this thought crossed her mind she tried not to think about it. She had some painful memories about where she came from. This was made worse by the fact that she didn't know if some of these memories were even hers to begin with. That's part of the reason why she ran away, because it became too hard for her to deal with such thoughts. Now she was on a train heading north with little money and nothing but the clothes on her back.

The teenage girl simply sighed as she continued to watch the landscape of New York speed by. She didn't really care where she was going, just as long as it wasn't back to where she came from. As Rogue became lost in the sight of the land, the event of what happened a week ago started to replay in her mind once again.


The music was blaring and the happy sounds of carefree teenagers could be heard. The night sky was crystal clear and the waters of the swamp stood eerily still. Most people would relish this night, but for one teenage girl it was completely the opposite.

Rogue stood out looking over the calm waters by herself as the rest of her schoolmates were in the nearby dance hall having a good time. She was never one who liked social events and this was no exception. The only reason she had come was to get out of her house, which was sometimes worse than school. Most of the kids at school weren't very nice to her at all. That could be easily attributed to her appearance, but it also stemmed from her quiet, anti-social behavior. Girls like her were easy victims in a ridged place like the Deep South. More than once, Rogue had been assaulted by violent groups and beaten severely. She was beaten so bad she was nearly killed on two occasions. These were memories she hated to think about, but couldn't help it no matter how hard she tried. As Rogue stood outside lost in thought, she didn't notice two boys approaching her from behind.

"Come on Cody! A bet's a bet!" said one of the boys.

"Shawn...I know it's fifty bucks and all, but HER?! Man, I tell ya, this may be outta my league," said the boy known as Cody.

"Cody, you're the star quarterback, you should have no problem!" coaxed Shawn to his friend.

"That ain't got nothin' to do with it and you know it! I wouldn't be caught dead with ol goth girl! Besides, ain't she the one we've been pokin' fun at since elementary school?"

"The one and only, that's why they chose her."

"Yeah, but do you know what ma parents say about her? Do you know what everybody in this whole damn school says about her?" exclaimed Cody.

"Yeah, yeah...We know. She's some sort of satanic goth or something, but that doesn't mean you can weasel yourself outta this. Like I said before, a bet's a bet."

Cody then let out a sigh, "Okay man...Let's do this."

Cody then walked up to the quiet girl known only as Rogue. As he walked up beside her, she seemed not to take notice of her presence at all.

"Hey..." he said innocently.

Rogue didn't respond at first.

"Nice night huh?" said Cody as he tried to hide his frustration over having to do this out of a fifty dollar bet from his football buddies.

"What do you want?" said Rogue finally in an aggravated tone.

"Hey, hey..." said Cody holding his hands up innocently, "Can't I enjoy the scenery too?"

"Well, can't ya enjoy it somewhere else?" replied Rogue in her thick southern accent.

"Maybe I don't want to," replied Cody trying to sound innocently. He could tell some of his football friends were watching this and thoroughly enjoying it.

Rogue didn't say anything for brief moment. Then, she turned around to leave.

"Hey, where are you goin?" asked Cody as she stopped.

"Like you would care...Ain't you one of those guys who use to trip me all the time and make fun of me back in elementary school?" said Rogue starting to sound hostile.

"Oh that...Come on it was a long time ago. Can't I make amends?" said Cody with a false smile. Rogue looked back at him skeptically. "Look, you wanna dance?"

"I don't dance," replied Rogue.

"Aww come on...At least try," said Cody putting on his legendary football star charm.

Rogue couldn't help but get suckered in to Cody's charm. After all, he was one of the most popular boys in school and here he was...Asking her...The outcast goth to dance.

"Fine...If it'll shut ya up," said Rogue in defeat.

A smirk grew across Cody's face and unknown to her, so did the rest of Cody's football crew. Wearily, Rogue walked in to the dance hall through the blaring lights and loud music. It was all so overwhelming to her since she wasn't use to being around so many people. However, she had taken a chance and she wanted to at least see it through. Maybe it could help her.

As she tried to dance, Cody was already in to it. Rogue, ever the shy one, struggled to follow.

"You see that's it...Just let it out," coaxed Cody with another false smile.

Rogue started to loosen up a bit, but she was still nervous. Maybe this wasn't for her after all. She still couldn't fight this nagging feeling in the back of her mind that she had made a big mistake. As she tried to forget this, a group of Cody's buddies began to sneak up behind her. She didn't sense them, for she was too busy trying to fit in to her new surroundings. Then, she saw a wide grin spread across Cody's face. It looked almost...Mischievous. Suddenly, Rogue heard laughing behind her. She turned around, but as soon as she did she immediately wished she hadn't. Before she could react, a group of jocks and a few cheerleaders dumped a huge cooler of cold water mixed with ice on to the unsuspecting girl's head.

Immediately, the whole hall erupted in to laughter as Rogue stood humiliated before them. Cody, Shawn, and the rest of the football players laughed the loudest. Rogue tried not to cry, but she couldn't help it. She felt so stupid and embarrassed.

"You owe me fifty bucks Shawn!" said Cody through the laughter. "I told you all that nobody can resist the ol Cody Hawkins charm!"

Rogue's make up began to run as she tried to block out the laughing that seemed to singe her mind. It wasn't as if something like this had happened before, however. Rogue had been hazed, beaten up, and humiliated many times before over the years. But this had to have been one of the worst ever.

As Cody looked back at her he struggled to suppress another laugh. "Come on ROGUE! It's just a joke, lighten up!"

Rogue was about to turn away and leave, but then she saw Cody reach for her arm.

"It was just a..."

"LEAVE ME ALONE!" yelled Rogue as she grabbed his hand, but then something happened.

A strange feeling came over her...It was like getting shocked by electricity. Suddenly, pictures went zooming through her head so fast she almost passed out. Cody too was looking like something was happening to him. He looked like he had just been struck by lightning. Rogue finally let go of his hand and Cody then collapsed on to the floor, unmoving. Rogue struggled to keep her balance as she grabbed her head in pain. A large group of people encircled Cody and tried to wake him up. Laughter had turned to shock as everybody began to look back at Rogue in fear.

"Oh ma God! Is he okay?" said one girl.

"I don't know. He's out cold," said one of the other jocks.

Shawn looked down at Cody, then turned his attention to Rogue.

"What'd you do!?" demanded Shawn in an angry voice.

"I...I..." said Rogue, but she couldn't get any words out. Her head was still spinning.


He started to walk towards her, but before he got close she shoved him out of the way with surprising strength and ran to the door.

"Max, stop her!" yelled Shawn.

A big, oversized guy blocked the door. He was one of the linemen on the football team, but that didn't cause Rogue to slow down in the slightest. With lightning fast reflexes, she passed the oversized jock and kept running.

"Whoa...I thought only Cody had moves like that."

She ran and she ran. Where...She didn't know.

"Who am I...What just happened?" said Rogue to herself as she stopped along the vacant road.

Everything was so fuzzy now. Her head wouldn't stop spinning for some reason. She had all these thoughts, but they didn't feel like hers. She couldn't remember where she lived, what her name was, or anything else of the sort. She started walking down the road and kept trying to remember. But she couldn't no matter how hard she tried. It was all just one big blur. She grew scared, afraid, and anxious. As she walked down the road, none of it looked very familiar. The images and thoughts in her head still ran through her mind, but she couldn't stop them. For what seemed like hours she wandered the narrow, country road. She stayed on it until she finally came to a house that looked familiar. She didn't know why or how, but something told her this was the house she was from. It was not a very big house at all. It looked dirty and grimy and the land around it didn't look that much batter. The memories in her head had begun to fade over the last few hours, but she still couldn't remember fully. Slowly, she made her way in to the house.

She looked around and it looked familiar, but it was still very fuzzy in her head. She walked up to the front door and found that it was open. The confused young girl walked wearily in to the house and tried to remember. The layout looked familiar, but she still couldn't recall anything. She then felt her head throb in pain. She closed her eyes and clutched her head, trying to make it go away. She fell to her knees as the pain increased.

"Stop...Make it stop," said Rogue in a weak voice.

Then she heard a sound coming from the other room. Her head jerked up and she struggled to her feet. Slowly, the pain in her head began to alleviate. Rogue entered the other room and flipped on the light.

"Turn that off!" yelled a voice.

Instinctively, Rogue obeyed as she immediately turned the lights back off. The woman who had said those words belonged to an old, grumpy looking lady. Then, some of her memories returned to Rogue...But she immediately wished they hadn't.

"What do you want?" said the old lady in an overly annoyed tone. There were numerous cigarette packs and empty bottles of gin and whisky all over the floor. It didn't take long for Rogue to put all this together.

This lady's name was Agnis...Rogue's foster mother. Why she ever adopted Rogue was beyond anything she could contemplate. The main reason was probably for the child support money the state paid her. No doubt that's were she was able to get all the liquor and cigarettes.

Rogue's memories became clearer as she looked at the old lady. However, she wished they hadn't. She remembered how this woman had neglected her for years. She would disappear for weeks at a time and leave her all alone to nearly starve to death. She wouldn't help her when the kids at school beat her up and picked on her. She would even forget she was there at times and just insult her in anger when she did remember. Sometimes her anger was so great she'd take it all out on Rogue and just assault her in every way imaginable verbally, physically, and sometimes even sexually. Agnis rarely fed her, rarely protected her, or even so much as acknowledge her. She just made Rogue's life a living hell and that's it.

As these memories returned to her, Rogue started to feel faint and short of breath. Agnis then got up, annoyed by Rogue's prescience.

"Are you just gonna stand there Rogue? Huh?" said Agnis growing angrier. Rogue still didn't respond. "ANSWER ME!" yelled the old lady finally as she grabbed her hand violently.

However, the same thing that happened to Cody, happened to her. Rogue once again felt as if she was being electrocuted by the contact between her and Agnis. After Rogue let go, the old lady collapsed to the floor. Rogue once again grew dazed and confused. Now she had new images in her head even when the old ones hadn't left her. She felt the pain in her head once again and fled to her room. As soon as she walked in to the cramped, dirty room she collapsed on to the bed...And cried.

She couldn't stop crying. The images and thoughts in her head now seemed to belong to Agnis. They were all dark, full of hate, and directed largely towards her. She truly didn't love her...She didn't even like her.

'She hates me...' thought Rogue through her tears. 'Everyone hates me...Nobody cares...Nobody...'

She continued to cry as feelings of despair overwhelmed her. She couldn't stay here anymore; she couldn't stand it. No love...No hope. This was no life. Slowly, Rogue got up and started to gather whatever food, money, and clothes she could. There wasn't very much to gather, but she grabbed what she could. As soon as she was done, she ran out the door and never looked back.


Since that one fateful night she had been hopping trains. She didn't care where they went; she just took them to get away. The one she was on now was stopping at Rochester, New York. She would get off there and find yet another means to get away. Where she would stop...She didn't know. For now, she just wanted to run. She wanted to run away from all the pain within herself. But no matter where she went it was still there. After she left, she also started to wear gloves at all times. She couldn't touch anyone...It just caused more pain. Not just to herself, but to others as well and that was much worse.

As she watched the sunset in the sky, she felt the train finally slow down. It was at the last stop and she would have to get off. As the rush of people made their way off, Rogue took her time and didn't leave in that much of a hurry. When she walked out, she felt the crisp evening air blow across her. The sunset had left the city in a calm, orange glow. With too little money for a train ticket, she would have to roam the streets for now. It wasn't something she hadn't done before, but that didn't make it any less painful to do. With nowhere to go she just walked the busy streets of the city.

The streets were fairly crowded and rush hour had set in. Rogue tried her best to keep her distance, but in such city streets that was next to impossible. Soon, she felt her head start to hurt again and she slowed down. These headaches weren't as bad as they were a week ago, but they were still painful. Disoriented, Rogue soon found a bench along the street to sit on as she waited for the pain to pass her by. She took a few deep breaths, hoping that would help. The sun continued to set and the sky grew ever more dark. However, Rogue didn't care. It was all the same to her. Nobody stopped to help; nobody showed any concern. Who could for someone who looked like her? As she was lost in thought, she heard something through the city noise. It was something different. It was something...Soothing.

'That music...' thought Rogue, 'Where's it comin' from?'

She looked through the crowd and saw the source from a nearby street corner. She moved to another bench to get a closer look. Rogue found that the music was coming from a boy...A boy that looked only a year or so older than her. He was sitting casually on the corner with an empty bucket to his side. There was also a small sign above it saying "Homeless...Please help."

Ever so often somebody would put a little loose change in, but it wasn't much. Rogue thought it should have been more. The soothing music the boy played on the old, dirty guitar was beautiful to her. As Rogue sat, mesmerized by the soft tune, she took notice of the boy's appearance. He was tall and very thin. From the looks of it, he hadn't had a decent meal in some time. His clothes were dirty and raggedy, just like hers. He also had a mysterious blindfold covering his eyes, but Rogue didn't think too much of it. However, this boy wasn't alone. Leaning up against his side was a redheaded girl, who looked about his age. When they boy stopped singing, she took over so the music didn't have to stop. The boy and the girl appeared close...Real close, in more ways than one. Rogue stayed and listened to this music long after he headache was gone. The soothing tune seemed to help her forget about all the pain that plagued her. For what seemed like hours, she just sat and listened. She listened until finally, she got up and walked over. She dug in to her pocket and fished out one of her last few dollars and put it in the bucket with the rest of the change.

"Thank you," said the girl as the boy continued playing.

Rogue managed to smile ever so briefly. She was about to leave, but that music just wouldn't let her. Slowly, she made her way back to the bench and kept on listening. She stayed there until the sky was dark and the stars came out. Rogue just watched the stars as they appeared while the music calmed her tortured soul. She didn't know what would happen next...She didn't have the slightest clue. But for now she tried not to think about it. She just tried to relax and listen to the soft music.

For what seemed like hours after the sun had set, the music kept on playing. Even when the voices of both the girl and the boy sounded raspy and tired, they kept playing. As the crowd of people grew less, the music became clearer. Rogue remained on the bench, still staring at the stars.

"You've been listening for quite while now haven't you?" said a voice.

Rogue looked over at the boy with the blindfold. He was looking in her direction...Could he see her?

"Are you talkin' to me?" replied Rogue.

"Well, you're the only one who hasn't moved in the last few hours so...Yeah, I guess I am," said the boy.

Rogue got up and slowly walked over.

"How'd ya know I was listening?" asked Rogue.

"Just because I'm blind, it doesn't mean I don't have eyes," replied the boy referring to the redheaded girl next to him. She smiled at Rogue for some reason, as if her appearance didn't matter to her at all.

"Oh...Well, I thought it was real good and...I really don't have anywhere to be. So I stayed," replied Rogue as her words stuttered.

"Well thank you," said the boy as he stood up. "That means a lot to me."

Rogue couldn't help but smile.

"You're welcome," she said.

There was a brief pause between them.

"You're not from around here are you?" said the girl.

Rogue shook her head, "No...I ain't. I'm from the south."

"The south huh?" said the boy, "So what brings you to New York?" replied the redheaded girl.

Rogue didn't want to answer that. She didn't want anybody to know. Besides, why would she care? Why would anybody care? But still...

"I...Don't wanna talk about it," replied Rogue after an awkward silence.

She saw a strange look of understanding come across both their faces. It was strange...As if they knew what she meant.

"Well, then you don't have to," said the boy with a reassuring look, "I'm Scott by the way. And this is Jean."

"It's nice to meet you...I'm Rogue."

"Rogue?" said Jean with a bit of intrigue, "That's a neat name."

"Uh...Thanks," replied Rogue.

She didn't know what to say after that. Nobody had ever spoken to her this long without playing a prank on her. They obviously seemed sincere. It was strange to Rogue because she had never met anybody out there that acted this way towards her. It was a welcome, yet unfamiliar feeling.

"Are you hungry Rogue? I thought I heard your stomach growl a minute ago," said the blindfolded Scott.

"Uh...Yeah. I guess I am," replied Rogue who was slightly surprised by the blind boy's keen senses.

The two just smiled at her.

"Well, why don't we get you something to eat then?"


Scott and Jean took their new friend and bought some hotdogs with the money that playing the guitar had accumulated. Rogue couldn't help but feel guilty at accepting food from these people who looked more famished then she did. But they wouldn't take no for an answer. It was almost surreal, for Rogue actually felt she could fit in with these two. And she had never fit in with anybody her whole life. As the hours wore on the trio just sat around and talked about this and that. It wasn't long before Rogue learned that they too were runaways. They both came from terrible broken homes and had been on the streets for years. It didn't raise Rogue's hopes very much, but she never considered for a second going back.

"Well, thanks fer yer help you two, but I better get goin," said Rogue as she finished up her hotdog.

"Where will you go?" asked Jean.

Rogue paused for a moment.

"I don't know...I just..." she stopped there, unable to go any further.

"Well, why don't you come with us? We stay in an old, vacant building a few blocks from here. We can help you," said Scott.

"No...I couldn't accept that. It's dangerous to be around me...And I don't wanna hurt you," said Rogue.

"What do you mean?" asked Jean.

"Well...Let's just say. I ain't wearin' as much makeup as it seems," replied Rogue as she got up and started to walk away.

"Wait...I understand," said Scott. Rogue stopped and just looked at him quizzically. "This blindfold covers more than just my eyes you know."

Rogue turned around. She didn't know what to make of those words, but they made sense to her in some way. She just didn't know what. There was something about them that just kept urging her to stick around. Rogue contemplated this briefly, but it wasn't long before she made a decision.

"Okay...I'll stay."

"Great," said Jean with a smile, "Let's go. I'll show you where we stay."

Rogue slowly followed them as they made their way through the dark streets of the city. She noticed Jean holding on to Scott's arm...As if she was guiding him. Maybe that's what Scott meant when he said just because he was blind that doesn't mean he didn't have eyes. It was strange...As if Jean needed him for protection and he Scott needed her for sight. Before she could ponder this any more, they arrived at an old, abandoned apartment building. They lead her around the back to a door in the alley where they entered. They made their way down to the basement where Rogue was met with three, unfamiliar figures.

"Hey Scott! How'd you do today?" said a voice from the corner.

"Not bad...Just enough for a couple of hotdogs," replied Scott.

Then the three strangers took notice of Rogue. She nervously watched as they approached her, but they didn't seem too hostile. One was a thin, African-American boy that looked a few years younger than her, the other was a brown-haired girl that looked a bit older than him, and the other was a very strange looking boy she couldn't quite make out. As he stepped out of the shadows his appearance became visible. Rogue looked wearily as his features came in to focus. He was blue, he had fur, and he had a tail as well. Rogue looked at the blue boy with a sense of panic, but he seemed to pick up on this.

"It's all right...I von't hurt you," said the boy calmly in a thick German accent.

Rogue calmed down slightly at his soft words. His expression was non-threatening and his seemed more afraid of her than she was of him.

"Rogue...This is Evan, Kitty, and Kurt," said Scott as he sensed her sudden anxiety. "Everybody, this is Rogue. She has nowhere to go...And she needs somewhere to stay."

Rogue was surprised to see them all smile back at her. Gradually, she felt herself calm down.

"Rogue huh?" said Kitty, "Cool name. Come on, you look tired."

It was strange, but they seemed very sincere. They weren't afraid of her. Just like Scott and Jean, they treated her kindly and she couldn't help but smile. They were all very much alike. Rogue noticed they all looked dirty and famished, just like Scott and Jean. She learned they were all runaways too. Even thought they weren't too willing to talk about it, Rogue finally didn't feel so alone. But she had yet to tell him about her other little secret...

"Look, you all have been real nice to me...But I can't stay," said Rogue.

"Vhat? Vhy not?" said Kurt who had taken an immediate fondness to her upon getting to know her.

"It's not you...I just...Have a problem. If I were to touch you...I'd probably put you in to a coma. It's one of the reasons why I ran away in the first place. I...I touched this boy...And as soon as I did he passed out. He didn't die, but he was out cold. And after that it seemed like...Everything he knew, I knew. And everything he could do, I could do. I can't explain it, but whenever someone touches me...I hurt them." Rogue couldn't help but choke on her words. She didn't like reliving the painful memories that bought this on. However, she was surprised to see that her new friends didn't seem all that scared.

"So...When you touch somebody...You absorb them?" asked Jean.

"Yeah...It doesn't last, but it still makes me feel...I don't know...Weird," said Rogue as she struggled to find the right words. "I don't blame ya if you want me to leave now."

Scott just shook his head, "We don't want you to leave Rogue, in fact we'd be glad if you stayed. You see...You're not the only one with strange abilities."

Rogue looked at him in confusion. Then, she watched as each one of them demonstrated a strange ability. Scott shot lasers from his eyes, Jean made several small boxes float in to mid air, Kitty passed right through a solid wall and back, Evan made strange bony extensions come out of his skin, and Kurt vanished from one end of the room to the other and back. Rogue was amazed...These feats were impossible...Weren't they?

"You're not alone Rogue," said Kurt as he reappeared. "Ve all have strange powers. That's vhy ve stick together."

"But...Aren't you all scared that I might hurt you if ya touch me?" said Rogue.

"Let us worry about that," reassured Scott, "The thing is...We can help you and you can help us. We all have nothing...We're all runaways...But that doesn't mean that we have to be alone."

There was a long period of silence. They could tell Rogue was contemplating. She didn't know what to do. These people didn't even know her, but they were willing to help her. She didn't know people like that even existed. They weren't afraid of her and she didn't have any reason to be afraid of them. After a while, a slow smile spread across her face. The others soon followed and smiled as well.

"I'll stay," said Rogue.

"Thank you," said Jean with a smile.

"No...Thank you."

As the night wore on, fatigue overcame the group. They were all lost souls, beaten and abused to no end. And now they had found each other. Each one of them suffered from hunger, poverty, and despair. But that didn't mean they had to be lonely. Certain kids in the group formed a deep bond with another. But there remained a single feeling of comradery that permeated to each one of them. They helped each other when they couldn't help themselves. They became like a family in every way except blood. In a way, that was all they needed. The future didn't seem too bright at all for them. They were to face hunger, pain, and just plain sadness. They had nothing and they were all alone in a hostile world. They didn't know what they were and they were still scared about what they were becoming. However, for now they had what they needed to survive...Each other.

As everybody in the group fell asleep, Scott stayed awake. Jean was silently resting on his shoulder...Simply enjoying his warmth. Scott smiled down at the redheaded girl even though he couldn't see her. But maybe...He didn't have to. As he looked at Jean and the rest of his friends he picked up his guitar and started to play. The tune helped sooth the tortured souls of the friends around him. For now, they could feel at peace...Even if it was only briefly.

Baby's black balloon makes her fly
I almost fell in to that hole in your life
And you're not thinking about tomorrow
'Cause you were the same as me
But on your knees...

A thousand other boys could never reach you
How could I have been the one
I saw the world spin beneath you
And scatter like ice from the spoon
That was your womb...

Comin' down the world turned over
And angels fall without you there
And I go on as you get colder
Or are you someone's prayer?

You know the lies they always told you
And the love you never knew
What's the things they never showed you?
That swallowed the light from the sun
Inside your room...

Comin' down the world turned over
And angels fall without you there
And I go on as you get colder

And there's no time left for losin'
When you stand they fall

Comin' down the world turned over
And angels fall without you there
And I go on as you grow colder
All because I'm...

Comin' down the years turn over
And angels fall without you there
And I'll go on to bring home
All because I'm...All because I'm
And I'll become...What you became to me.


AN: Well, there's the last intro character. Sorry this chapter ran long, but I just couldn't help it. That song, by the way, was "Black Balloon" by the Goo Goo Dolls. They own it, I don't, nuff said. The next chapter will get in to how these rag tag mutant live day by day and the first mention of Professor Xavier. Stay tuned if you want to see more romance, drama, and angst! Remember to review! Go and post them on or send them to me at Thanks again and best wishes to you all!

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