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Chapter 28: The journey back to earth

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Chapter 28 : The journey back to earth !

Next morning : "Luke wake up ! It's time for you to leave heaven ! " Michael said . "Give me five more minutes . " Luke said grumpily . Michael grabs the mattress and throws it over the side of the bed making Luke fall to the ground . "What the hell man ! " Luke shouts .
"I told you to get up ! " Michael shouts back . "Yeah yeah yeah . " Luke said . The double doors close right behind them as they walk to the bridge that goes over the universe . "I guess it's going to be a while till we see each other again . " Luke said . "Yeah , I'll be watching from up here . If you die again I'm going to beat you up . " Michael warned . Luke grins . They finally arrive at the bridge . Jesus and god were awaiting lukes arrival . "Luke , it's time to go back to earth . " Jesus informed . "Why are we here ? " Luke asked .
Jesus points down below the bridge . Luke looks over the edge . "It's got bigger since last time I saw the universe ! " Luke said . "It keeps on growing forever and ever . " God informed . "I still don't get why we're here ! " Luke said as he scratched his head . "You're going to jump off the ledge and light speed your way back to earth . "Jesus said . "I GOT TO DO WHAT ! "

Back on earth : In South America : Devil walks near a demon-plane .
"Time to visit the friends in the north ! "He said as he begins to laugh maliciously. Then he walks into the demon-plane . The plane begins to rise into the air .
Near devils castle : Krum reaches the landing where Samantha and others were . "What the fuck ! They left ! Noah's going to be pissed at this ! " He said to himself . He puts the sword back into its sheath that is tied to his spiky belt and turns around . He begins to walk back into the castle disappointingly .
At the shores in north Africa . Hero , vin and merc finally reach land . "Now where do we go ? " Merc asked . "Into the jungle up ahead ! " Hero pointed . They begin to walk into the dense jungle .

Back in heaven : "Oh no ! I'm not jumping down there and die ! " Luke shouts disobediently . "You won't die ! You're a spirit right now ! " Jesus said convincingly . "I don't care ! I'm not jumping ! " Luke shouts . "Michael ! " God shouts . Michael grabs Luke by the hips and tries to toss Luke across the edge . Luke grabs a nearby pole and holds on tightly . "You ain't going to make me go across the ledge ! " Luke shouted . "Jesus go and help Michael ! " God orders Jesus . Michael grabs the left leg and Jesus grabs the right leg . Both of them try to throw Luke off the ledge but Luke holds tightly to the pole .
About 10 minutes later : Jesus and Michael are tired . Luke is still holding tightly to the pole which bended a little . "I guess I have to do all the work ! " God mumbled to himself . He walks up to Luke and with just one flick of his index finger he send Luke flying into the universe . Luke screams follow back to heaven . "That was too rude ! " Jesus said . "He made too much ruckus ! " God said as he sighed . As Luke flies in a speed of light across the universe he continues to scream.
He continues to pass by unknown galaxies and giant stars . Then he finally reaches the milky way and into the planet system . He passes by Pluto . He almost crashed into Jupiter cause of Jupiter gravity . Then he takes a good look at mars . Finally the earths gravity sucks him in . Before he knew where he was , his soul was back in his body .
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