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Chapter 29: Feast 2

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Chapter 29 : The feast 2

"Au revoir ! " Galexia shouts at lukes body . Luke gasps for air . "Masr bring me the clothes you found the boy in ! " She shouts . The door opens . A girl walks in : She has silver white hair , Her eyes are deep dark blue and has normal weight . In her hands are lukes dried up clothes . "Here ma'am . " she piped out . "Thank you . " galexia said . Then she turns to Luke who is still gasping for air . Galexia pats Luke on the back really hard . Luke coughs and a piece of ice falls out of his mouth .

"What the hell is ice doing in my throat . " Luke asked as he wiped his eyes . "You were put into a freezer so your body didn't decompose . "Galexia explained . " How long was that ?" Luke asked . "Oh , about 2 weeks ! " Galexia replied . "I was in heaven for that long !"Luke asked . "Yeah , one day on earth is 2 days in heaven . " Galexia explained . "How come I only trained for the last 6 days ? " Luke asked . "Judgment takes about a week ! " galexia explained .
"So , I'm going to guess that I was knocked out while judgment happened on me . " Luke said . "Yup ! " Galexia said . Then she throws Luke the clothes . "Hurry up and get dressed . I'll tell everyone in the village that you have woken and that there's going to be another feast happening . " She informed Luke . She leaves the hut so Luke can have some privacy .
Luke begins to put his clothes on when he notices that gods blades are missing . He begins to search for them around the hut , throwing pillows , pans , and other stuff around the hut . "Where can they be . " He asked himself . "What's going on here ! " A voice piped behind Luke . He turns around to see masr standing in the doorway . "I was just searching for my swords . "Luke told her . "They are on your back ! " Masr pointed .
Luke takes the sheaths off of him . "Oh,thanks ! I was worried for a second there that I left them behind in heaven . " Luke said cheerfully . He lays gods blades carefully on the hard bed where he was reborn on . Then he puts on his shirt and puts his belt around his pants . Finally , he puts gods blades on both his hips .
Luke stretches for a few minutes to get his bones and muscles working again . Galaxia enters the hut . "Masr , aeth needs your help with the cooking . "Galaxia orders . Masr nods and leaves the hut . "She's very quiet and shy . " Luke said . "She's always like that . " Galaxia said . "Is there anyway that I can get back to the united states ? My army of robots and an friend of mine are there and I need to get to them quickly ! " Luke asked . "There is but you should eat first before you leave ! "Galaxia demanded . "That sounds great ! By the way , where am I ? " Luke asked . " We are in middle of the Bermuda triangle ! All those mysterious disappearances were cause by gods barriers of time ! He put them up so the gods and goddesses of planets can live here . I'm galaxia , the goddess of the milky way galaxy . Masr is the goddess of mars . There's only 10 of us living on this island . 2 of them left with hero to northern Africa to fight Hitler . "Galaxia explained . "Of all the planets in this galaxy , why are you in this one ? " Luke asked .
"I'm on this one because I'm trying to escape devil . You see , he has conquered most of the milky way galaxy . He also has captured this planet system ! " Galaxia informed Luke . "So he has taken over earth too ! " Luke said shockingly . "No , not yet ! He made earth hell ! " Galaxia said . "So , is there still a chance to save earth ? " Luke asked . "Yes , but the chances are very slim . " Galaxia replied .
"That's the only chances I need . " Luke grinned . "Now , enough questions ! I'll like you to follow me so you could meet all the rest of the gods and goddesses . " Galaxia ordered . Luke follows her out the hut . There were nine other house that made a circle around a huge fire . There was a long table being set up by 3 hooded figures . Galaxia began to walk towards them . Luke follows her . She stops at the nearest hooded figure . "This one , his name is called jeputir . He's the god of jupiter . "Galaxia informed . Jeputir takes off the hood : He has a huge mo-hawk , his face was muscular and his skin was tan . He has dark brown eyes . "Jeputir , this is Luke ! " Galaxia announced . "Good to meet you Luke ! " Jeputir greeted Luke . His voice was very deep . Luke just nods . Jeputir turns back around and continues to set up the table .
Galaxia walks up to the next hooded figure . "This one is sutan , the god of saturn . "Galaxia said . Sutan takes off his hood . His face is heavily scarred , like he's been tortured . His eyes are gray . His hair is also gray but very short . He just stares at Luke . Luke stares back at him . Both of their eyes locked each other until galaxia drags Luke away by the collar of lukes shirt .
Jeputir walks up to sutan . "What's wrong ? " He asked . "I sense hope in him ! " Sutan said mysteriously . His voice was dark . Galaxia stops at the last hooded figure . " His name is unus , the god of Uranus . "She told Luke . Unus takes off the hood : His hair is light blue and is wavy . He is normal height . His eyes are light blue . "How do you do ! " unus said lightly . His voice was light as a feather and soothing as a birds chirping .
"Unus , have you seen naten and pulten anywhere ? " Galaxia asked. "They went into the forest to get some more wood . " Unus replied . "OK . " Galaxia said . Then she begins to walk towards the fire . Luke follows her . The fires heat reaches him and warms up his body . The fire was 7 feet tall . When Luke got closer he could see rabbits , chicken and deer being cooked . He sees masr and some guy whose hair was grass green and his skin was dirt colored . "That's aeth , god of earth . Masr is his fiancee ! " She told Luke . "No wonder both of them look so happy ! " Luke said . Masr waves at galaxia and Luke . Luke waves back . "Stay right here , I'll be right back . " Galaxia said . Luke watches her go inside a hut .
Masr walks up to Luke with aeth holding hands . "This is the boy that I told you about ! " She told aeth . "Hi my names Luke ! " Luke said . "Hello Luke , the names aeth ! " aeth said politely . His voice is very cheerful . "So , what's to eat ?" Luke asked . "Fried chicken , rabbit and deer . "aeth replied . "You hungry ? " masr asked . "Oh yeah ! " Luke replied hungrily .
"The feast will be soon so you would have to wait !" aeth said . "Oh okay . " Luke said . He notices galaxia walking back with the millennium chain . "Luke , here's your chain back ! " Galaxia said handing the chain over to Luke . Luke puts the chain around his neck . The chains power surrounds Luke . "Look , there'ss naten and pulten ! " masr points out .
Luke turns around . A set of twins was walking up to them . They stop in front of Luke . "Luke , the guys name is pulten . The girls name is naten . Naten is the goddess of Neptune while pulten is god of Pluto . "Galaxia said . Naten has dark blue hair , her eyes are navy blue and her skin is blue . Pulten is bald and short , he has a huge beard growing from ear to ear , his skin is white , and his eyes are also white .
"That's enough of introduction ! It's time to eat ! " Galaxia announced . "Finally . " Luke mumbles to himself .

Luke at like a pig . Everyone watched him eat . When Luke noticed that everyone was watching him , he looked up and said , " What ! I'm hungry ! " . Everyone laughed . After everyone was done eating , aeth told some jokes that Luke didn't understand . After that , everyone said goodnight aeth and masr made out .
The next morning Luke wakes up and gets ready to leave .
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