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Chapter 30: The general comes back

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Chapter 30 : The general comes back

It is very early in the morning . The sun begins to rise into the sky . The birds begin to chirp as the morning mist begins to dissipate . Luke walks out of a hut . He begins to stretch . Then he rubs his eyes and walks back in . He ties the gods blades onto his belt and walks back out .
He begins to walk to the beach where there was a boat ready for him . Naten and pulten were waiting for him next to the boat . "Galaxia told us to take you across the sea . " Pulten told Luke . Naten crawls into the boat . Luke and pulten push the boat into the sea and climb into the boat .
"So how long will this take ? " Luke asked . "We created these boat that will sail where you wish for them to sail to . They can go very fast . The ship already knows where your friends are . So we are headed there right now . " Pulten explained . "You still didn't say how long it will last to get there . " Luke said . "We should get there before lunch . " Naten said .

In the jungles of north Africa : Merc , vin , and hero reach a clearing in the middle of the jungle . Hero draws out his sword . He stabs into the ground . An electric shock bursts from the ground and an strange device explodes into pieces . In front of them an huge base appears . "The base seems to lead into the ground ! " Merc said . "You two , take out your swords and be on guard . " Hero ordered . Merc and vin draw out their swords . They begin to walk inside the base . Marik watches them closely behind a tree . When there was no sign of anyone coming out , he rushes inside the base .

In the middle of the sea : Luke looks around and notices land . "I see land ! " He shouts . The boat turns and drives parallel to the beach . "I guess we ain't there yet ! " Luke said disappointingly and sits back down again .
Fish begin to jump everywhere . "Heads up ! " Pulten shouts as lots of fish jump over the boat . "This must be a fisherman's dream! " Luke shouts . "It probably is , but I don't see any ships around here ! " Naten shouted back as she looked around . A fish slaps Luke in the face . "Great ! Now I smell like fish ! " Luke shouted . The fish stop jumping out of water . "Finally it's - " Luke gets interrupted by an amazing sight . A huge whale blocked out the morning sun and dives back into the sea just a few yards away . "Heads up ! " Pulten shouts again as a huge wave heads for them .
The boat picks up speed as the wave nears them . The wave misses them by couple of yards . "That was a close one ! " Luke shouted over the wind . All of a sudden , the boat turns to the river that sliced the beach in half . "Almost there ! " Pulten said to Luke .
After and hour of turning left and right on the river , the boat stops . Luke looks around . In the distance he can see the blue planes . He hops off the boat and turns around . "Thank you guys ! Tell galaxia that I tank her for reviving me back into my body . "Luke said . "We'll meet again Luke . " Naten said . Luke pushes the boat offshore and waves them goodbye .
Then he begins to walk across the field of grass . As Luke was walking across the field , Samantha walks out of one of the blue planes in her night gown . She yawns and begins to stretch . Luke begins to run . He shouts out her name . Samantha rubs her eyes . Then she notices Luke running towards her . "OH MY GOD ! " She shouts and runs back in .
"Captain , he's back ! He's back ! " Samantha shouts as she points out the window . The captain looks out the window and sees Luke running toward the blue plane . Samantha runs back outside . Captain follows her . She runs towards Luke . They both hug each other for about 5 minutes . The captain walks up to Luke grinning . "Sir glad you're back ! " He said gladly .
Just then , lot's of helicopters appear in the air . "Dear mister Luke and company ! The president asks for you to come to the white house immediately ! "
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