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Chapter 31: The President Pleas For Help

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The president invites Luke to the white house and asks him for help.

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Chapter 31 : The presidents plea for help

The heavily armored helicopters land . Luke walks closer to one of them . One of the doors slide open and an soldier jumps out wearing heavy armor and an AK 47 . "You must come with us at once ! It is by the order of the president himself ! " the soldier declared . Luke turns around and walks up to Samantha and the captain . "I want you guys to stay here until I come back and create more soldiers as possible . " Luke ordered . Samantha nods and the captain walks inside one of the blue planes . Luke turns around and crawls into the helicopter.
The three helicopters rise into the air and fly away .

Somewhere in north Africa : Inside the building :
The doors slams open . Hero walks in followed by Merc and Vin . They begin to hear voices . "All of my soldiers are there capturing people and land ? " A German voice asked . "Yes sir ! " another voice replied . The two voices began to get louder . "They must be coming this way ! " Merc whispered . The three of them run to a very dark shadow and hide there .
The doors open and two men walk out ; one was Hitler , the other was an unknown black man . "Shit , it's Hitler ! " Vin whispered . "What do we do ? " Merc asked hero . "Nothing but continue walk deeper into this base ! "hero replied back .

At the white house :
The three helicopters land and the doors slide open . Soldiers began to jump out and form a circle around the helicopter that contained Luke inside. Luke jumps out of the chopper and looks around . The soldiers separate to form a road . At the end of the road stood a man whom had a business suit on and holding what seemed to look like folders full of papers .
Luke walks up to him . "You must be Luke ! I'm the presidents assistant . " The man said . Luke shakes his hand and the both of them began to walk to the white house . They reach the front doors . The guards open the white door . Luke and the assistant walk in. "This is the entrance hall ! " the assistant explained . "Now if you could follow me to the right ! " . They turn right into a dead end corridor . The assistant knocks on the wall . The wall opens up into the chairman s room .
"Sit here and wait for the president . "The assistant said and walks back out . Luke looks around the room . "This must be a dream ! " He said to himself . The door opens and the president walks in wearing the same clothes as the assistant . "Thank god we finally found you ! " he said .
"It is a pleasure to meet you sir ! " Luke said . "Now now , playtime is over ! I'll get to the point ! The world is in a worldwide turmoil ! The United Nations has asked me to find you and ask for your help ! "The president explained as he walked around the desk to sit down .
"I see , but I don't get how you found out about me ! " Luke said . "That battle in the city where the demons attacked people . In the end you won that battle and the news crews from the country fled to the scene . When it reached the televisions and radios , the world began to know about you . My sources told me that you had another battle after that one . " President explained .
"The second battle I lost sir ! Now I would like to know what's been going on around the world while I was gone ! " Luke asked . The president seemed to look aback at the things Luke just said . "What do you mean by ' you were gone '?" President asked . "That I can't answer . "Luke replied again . "While you were gone , the demons began to take over Europe . The Chinese have gone mental and attacked japan and both north and south Korea . Meanwhile the Russians had to make war with the Chinese to stop them from advancing and so far they got that situation under control . The middle east have gone to war with each other to take control of more territories and to get rid of Israel . In the south America , rebellions have sprang up in ever state . The U.S have became scared and people began to panic killing innocent for food and shelter . Now I ask you to help the world go back on it's feet like before ! " president explained .
"I'll do my best sir and I think I'll need the U.N to help me . I want at least some kind of army to stop the growth of the demon empire in Europe 'til me and my troops get there . I'll also leave soldiers here to defend the Americas and I'll send troops to help out the Russians . " Luke told the president . "Thank you Luke! You're the worlds last hope of freedom and survival ! " President said . They both shook hands . Luke leaves the white house and crawls back into the helicopter and flies away .
Meanwhile , the president picks up the red phone and says " He's willing to help out the world ! "

About 2 hours later :
The helicopter lands . Luke jumps out . Milliards of soldiers stand before him . The captain walks up to Luke . "Sir , we are ready to got to war ! " He said . "Get them into the blue airplanes ! We are departing for war ! " Luke orders .
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