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Chapter 17- Forest Wars

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I followed that weird flower thing all the way to the Sacred Forest. I was extremely surprised that thing ugly, smelly creature knew exactly where this hidden place was in the Lost Woods. It might sound impossible, but this thing knew exactly where the Sacred Forest was and led us to the entrance of the maze. Of course I knew that if I fell behind this flower, all I would have to do was smell to find it. Lux and Coffee Bean made sure I stayed conscience however, so I had no worries about falling behind too far.
The gate that Link and I unlocked to the maze in the Sacred Forest seven years ago was still unlocked, so going through this maze would be a breeze. I started to make my way to the entrance when that flower stopped me in my tracks. The flower had on a worried expression despite the fact that it was still drooling. It shook its whole body, but I ignored it.
I almost stepped through the entrance when this huge, muscular dog thing walked right in front of me and it just stood for a second. He had this huge spear thing and held it tightly with his human looking hands. His hands were huge and looked like they could wrap around my thin neck and snap it. It stood up straight and like a stone and I was just petrified. I started to breathe harder from being nervous, which caught this monster’s attention. His bulldog like face scrunched up and his big, brown blood shot eyes stared at me for a split second. He let out this roar and charged towards me.
Despite my fading conscious, I was able to jump out of the way from this monster’s huge spear. Lux and Coffee Bean wasted no time and began to surround it of a heated mix of electricity and fire. The monster yelped in pain and burst into a light green flame and was gone. I wasn’t sure how we were going to get through the maze, but that thought left when I heard a bunch of cheering.
“’ey ey ey,” I heard this voice say and I turned around and looked up. On top of one of the maze walls were the two scarecrows that were down at Lake Hylia seven years ago, just a couple hours before Link and I pulled our Master Swords.
“Steve, is it?” I asked.
“Steve, she knows our name!” the scarecrow on the left said and he was the forever anxious scarecrow named Larry. I was a bit relieved to see them for they seemed to be the only things that hadn’t changed in seven years.
“I know yours too, Larry,” I said with a small smile.
Larry began to shake and yell and Steve looked right at me. “Who do ya think you are?” he said with a stern face.
“Well, seven years ago, when I was little, you two helped me find the Zora Princess because she was buried in the ground,” I said to them and after a few seconds, Steve said:
“Oh yes, I remember ya! You have some two mighty friends there, but I wuldda really enjoyed seein’ ya whup that things ass there.” He let out a deep laugh, but I suddenly felt really bad and grabbed my upper torso. I was losing sight on what I needed to do, which was to get to that fountain and then get to work on finding and awakening Saria. With the flower in my way, those dog guards, and now the scarecrows, I was way off to getting better.
“Oh lass,” Steve said, “what happen to yor shoulder there?”
“I had a sword stabbed into shoulder is all,” I said.
“Oh jeez, Steve!” Larry shouted. “She’s dying!”
“I’m just fine, Larry,” I said, “I just need to get to the fairy fountain that is supposed to be on the other side of this maze.”
“Hmm,” Steve said and he looked towards the sky, which I assumed was him thinking thoroughly. He paused like this for a second and then said, “Welp, I have an idear. There exists some sorta device called a-uh…um…a book rock? Or maybe it was a shook lock…maybe…”
I remembered the device that Link had given me and said, “Do you mean the Hookshot?”
“Yeah, that is what that thing-a-ma-jig is called,” Steve said. “Anyway, point that bugger at Larry over here and it should help you up here, so you can hop the walls of this Goddamn maze and get to that fountain quicker.”
“What!?!” Larry shouted and he began to shake. “Point what at me! What’s the Hookshot! Steve!”
“Eh, shut the hell up,” Steve said harshly. “Now, my girl, aim that thing at Larry and you’ll be shot right up ‘ere with the big dogs.”
While Larry was yelling a bunch of babble, I took out the Hookshot and held it as still as possible with my right hand. My left had become numb and cold, at least the upper area, and I didn’t want to strain it any farther. I closed my right eye tightly so I could aim perfectly and pulled back the small trigger found inside the handle of the Hookshot. Before I released trigger, I felt a small tug on my boot. At my feet was the flower thing, and it had a look of dismay on its face. I assumed it wanted help to get on the wall, so I wrapped my thin arm around the round, plushy body of this flower and aimed the Hookshot at Larry again. In a split second, there was a sharp sound and a rather short chain propelled out and hooked right on to Larry’s straw belly.
“Ack!” Larry shouted as I pulled the trigger again, which shot me up to them. Since Lux and Coffee Bean were rather stealthy, they were able to jump up shortly after I landed. I needed to hurry, so I took the Hookshot and hung it back on my belt and smiled at Steve.
“There’s no time to thank us, lass,” Steve said. “Hurry and get to that fountain, and make sure you don’t fall down in the maze anywhere. If the fall don’t get ya, the dogs will. Good luck to ya.”
I nodded sternly and jumped over to the other wall of the maze. I tripped a little bit, but the flower, who was still in the comforts of my right arm, cheered me on as Lux and Coffee Bean got on both sides of me as a support. I was losing consciousness quickly, especially now that I was jumping and becoming breathless. The dogs with their spears below didn’t help me too much, either, as my nerves were on end.
I reach the end and saw a hollow opening and down there in the middle was a hole in the ground. I walked around to where the ladder down was and set down the flower. I was getting ready to make my way down the ladder when I heard a sound and I turned around quickly, but it was too late. On a set of stairs in the distance, there stood Ganondorf with his arm forward and his palm out, but the only reason I had seen that was because this long, purple and black beam had absorbed into my body and shot me backwards. The fall seemed a lot farther than I expected and I opened my eyes painfully as my head ached. A shot of pain hit my head as my eyes saw this beam of bright light. I was dead, and Hyrule was doomed…

I was out for a long time. What woke me up was Lux trying to shock me back to life and Coffee Bean watching with her head down. Since Lux’s electricity didn’t affect me anyway, it was no help to me and to bringing back my conscious, but poor Lux didn’t know that. I couldn’t move, but I could still see that beam of light, which turned out to just be the light that hovered us out of these underground areas.
I turned over, which made Lux stop and Coffee Bean’s head lift. I was a little concerned because I couldn’t see the flower, but what I could see was a soft, blue light in the distance. It looked like a fairy fountain, but one that I could walk into. I dreamed of feeling that cold water hit and replenish my worn body and maybe help the open wound on my upper shoulder. I had to get to the fountain, but I didn’t think Lux and Coffee Bean alone could help, so I dug my slim fingers in the sand and began to drag my body as I pulled my whole weight forward.
Coffee Bean put her head under my left arm as I came to the concrete path that I couldn’t dig into. Lux took my right underarm and began to push. I put the ends of my leather boots into any creases I could feel and pushed dragged my body against the hard, cold floor, which the cold didn’t bother me at all.
The stairs in this fairy fountain went down rather than up, so I just needed to crawl slowly down the stairs and I felt the cool, crystal blue water hit my face. Above the center of this circular fountain were about twenty pink fairies. All I had to do was get in the middle of this fountain and I would be cured of all my ailments and wounds, so with the help of Lux and Coffee Bean, I was able to get my whole body into the water and all of the fairies flew around my body.
Pink lights went all around me and I was lifted up slowly. All of my fatigue and pain disappeared from my body and I felt refreshed as my feet gently touched the water below. The last fairy disappeared in thin area as I stood up tall. I looked over at Lux and Coffee Bean who were thrilled and shocked to see my strength back. I didn’t feel wobbly or weak or anything and the wound in my arm had become a round, disgusting scar. I had been in the water, as you know, but surprisingly, I wasn’t wet. I felt refreshed and cool, but none of my clothes were damp at all.
With the sudden burst of energy, I unsheathed my sword and said to Lux and Coffee Bean, “Let’s take down Ganondorf once and for all.”
We walked quickly but confidently to the beam of light that slowly lifted us out of the hole and once my feet touched the soft, plushy grass, I headed for the wooden ladder in front of us. I wasn’t sure how long I had been out, but I would find out soon enough.
I went up the stairs and saw a huge club just sitting there and a huge helmet. All I could guess was that either Ganondorf took out a monster or Link did, and my mind just hoped that it was Link. If Ganondorf had gotten in that temple, things would be difficult on a whole new level.
There was another set of stairs and then the opening. The temple entrance was too high for me to climb to, but a tree branch above it would provide as a target for my Hookshot, so I took it off my belt and aimed for it. Once the hook was in, I pulled the trigger again and was pulled forward. Lux and Coffee Bean, again, were nimble and were able to jump to the entrance, but barely. There had been evidence of stairs that once led to this entrance, but they had been broken off, even seven years ago.
I walked in as confident as I could and the temple was very dark. Lying on the ground were Kokiri children that had wooden swords and shields. Unfortunately, there were some casualties, but I had to move on. It was when I got to the other side of the room that I was given the shock of my life.
Slouched and shaking by the door was Mido, who had an actual steel sword and a nice shield. The blade had blood stains on it and there were some on the sword, but there were also bruises and cuts on Mido and he was breathing heavily. I rushed towards him as Lux kept his distance. I crouched down to where Mido was and wiped off some of the blood that was running down his cheek. He looked up with his tired eyes and whispered, “Ash?”
“Yeah, this is me,” I said. “What happened?”
“This big, green guy and his army took us down,” Mido said, “of course we gave ‘em a hard time and Link asked me to protect the temple. He’s inside now dealing with that guy, but he’s been in there for a while, so I’m a bit worried. You need to get in there right now.”
“But,” I said, “do you think I’m ready? I mean, I barely have any weapons and-“
“I have something that belongs to me,” Mido said. “There were these two bows carved for me and Saria. I gave Link Saria’s and I want you to have mine. It’s called the fairy bow.” And with that, he pulled a bow along with a quiver out from behind him. There were arrows in the quiver and the bow appeared to be a tad used, but I could deal with it.
“Thank you,” I said, and I put the quiver behind my sword and tied it to my body and the bow I tucked neatly behind that.
“Now, go,” Mido said, “we’re all counting on you.”
I stood up and nodded to him and opened the door he was slouched beside. I entered a short hallway to another door and went in that, which opened me to a huge lobby and there were four torches. In the middle was an elevator looking thing, so I walked down the stairs and onto this elevator with Lux and Coffee Bean and we watched as it descended.
This floor, which seemed to be the basement, had a wall that actually looked moveable, but that was the least of my problems. In front of me was another hallway, which actually had a long blue carpet and at the end was a balcony and a huge door. I assumed it was an important door, seeing that it was huge and even had its own; drawn out carpet leading up to it.
I walked as slow as I could to this door and I started to sweat. It seemed that the horde that Ganondorf had was nowhere to be found, but you never knew where they would end up. If behind that door was a thousand members of Ganondorf’s horde, I was screwed, but I still needed to be as strong as possible, so I pulled the lever on the door when I reached it and the door went up into the wall. I let Lux and Coffee Bean enter first and then I entered, which caused the whole door to slam behind me. There was no lever or knob on that side, so I knew I was trapped. The only thing to my left was red ropes and to my right was a staircase that seemed to curve up to a platform.
I climbed up the curved stairs and began to see what looked like an art gallery of some sort. The platform that the stairs led to was round and once I got into the middle with Lux and Coffee Bean, I turned around and began to see the same painting over and over again. It made me dizzy and also made me wonder why the hell someone would have a painting gallery with only one kind of painting in it.
Soon enough, I heard a sharp sound and noticed that the exit to this platform was sealed by a small gate, which had spears at the top. I knew something was wrong, but I didn’t quite know yet, and I thought deeply as I watched Coffee Bean and Lux rush towards the gate to find the problem. They were in a state of panic and I desperately wanted to join them, but those painting on the wall weren’t there for entertainment or the beauty of art, but rather for something bad to come of them.
I walked closer towards one of the paintings and examined it. The painting was dark and it looked like a path through a forest and to a mansion or castle of some sort. It was set during nighttime and I assumed that it was created to scare the ones that would set their eyes upon it. The building in the distance was all pointy and was pitch black, so I couldn’t tell what it served for, but there was one window with a small light.
After closer observation, I realized that something was moving in this painting and it was running towards me. It looked like this thing was carrying an object of some sort and then another image appeared; a bigger, darker image. The first image got closer and I suddenly realized that this person was no one other than Link and he was carrying that stupid flower. Behind him, the dark image kept getting closer. I began to hear Link’s cries and a horse trotting and that’s when I realized that the bigger image was on a horse. They both got closer and I identified the bigger image to be Ganondorf.
I didn’t know what to do to help Link, but I wouldn’t have to do anything. Ganondorf had this huge staff thing and waved it right before he crashed into Link and a purple portal showed up in the painting. Link crawled out as Ganondorf and his horse floated in the middle of the platform. In his hand was some sort of stone and he was tossing it up and down in the air.
“Humph, I thought my daughter took care of you, you rat,” Ganondorf said to me.
“Ah well, you know me,” I said with a small smirk. “I always find a way to get back into your life.”
“Whatever,” he said. “I’m just so glad to be reunited with my two favorite people. My have you grown, even. Too bad you probably won’t get any older after I’m done with you.”
And once he said that, he used his staff to shoot electricity, which came down upon Link and I. As I have said, I am immune to electricity, so it didn’t affect me, but man, did it affect Link. He ended up dropping the flower who scurried over beside me and pointed upward at the stone Ganondorf had.
I had a small hunch that that stone was important and there was a reason why Ganondorf was flaunting the damn thing. I just had to figure out why, which would be hard, for Ganondorf quickly moved into another painting. I was clueless on what would happen next, but I moved to the middle and saw that Ganondorf was coming out of two pictures at once. The painting I focused on though, was the one that Ganondorf turned around on and beside that one, that purple portal showed back up and his horse leapt out and Ganondorf once again let out a bolt of lightning which hit Link.
“Link,” I said quickly, “get in the middle and get out your bow.”
“Why?” Link said as he limped over to me and still followed my orders.
“He’s tricking us. He appears to come at us through two paintings, but he really only comes out of one. If we can work together and follow one of the two images, one of us will have full aim at the real Ganondorf, then we’ll shoot our arrows and weaken him.”
“What about this electricity?” Link asked as an image appeared at one of my paintings and one at his.
“I’ll figure that out somehow,” I said, but I was completely distracted from my job of shooting my painting if it was Ganondorf.
Link however, got the first hit and I could hear a painful moan from Ganondorf. We just had to keep this up and it would all be fine. It only took five hits and Link and I had trapped him. To our surprise, Ganondorf retreated from the paintings and dismounted his horse and hovered in the air with that stupid staff of his. I had never seen it before, but I had also never seen Ganondorf wield a weapon of any kind, so this must have been his most comfortable weapon.
Out of this staff came electricity, which was what I could handle, so I had Link move out of the way. I unsheathed my sword and decided to play a little game of baseball with him. The electricity he threw out at us was in a perfect ball shape anyway, so why not have some fun? The more back and forth hits we had, the faster the power went, but I knew that I could make that power my own if I became overwhelmed and then I could give Ganondorf a nice whooping.
One of the balls engulfed his body and he fell to the ground, so Link saw that as his opportunity to swing his Master Sword at the fiend. I sat back and waited for Ganondorf to rise again, for he always did. I mean, I had fought the guy head to head in Gerudo Fortress, so I knew he was good at recovering. All I needed to do was get that stupid stone that the flower was freaking out about.
We thought it was over after getting him about five times, but he suddenly unsheathed a sword that was at his side. This sword was a bit bizarre in a way, for the blade looked like a phantom because it was black and transparent. I wasn’t going to test whether or not it was an actual, solid blade, but something seemed odd about this whole thing.
Ganondorf charged at me with a lot of force and his phantom blade hit mine and they clashed together. Lux and Coffee Bean stood by to help as Link rushed in and the battle ensued. Unfortunately for Link, he wasn’t immune to electricity at all, so I kept a close eye on him to make sure he wouldn’t get hit by any of Ganondorf’s powers.
Ganondorf decided to make things different, so he shot electricity out of his hands, but I thought fast and did the same. Out beams of electricity hit each other and there was a balance of power, but I tried to push myself another one hundred percent and started to sweat as a stronger electrical current shot through my body. For some reason, Ganondorf wasn’t pushing back, so my power reached him and there was an awkward explosion that threw me back, along with everyone else.
I landed roughly on the ground and pain swelled throughout my body. I was lying on my back and looked behind me to see Link hunched against the wall; right below a painting. Right in arms reach was the stone that Ganondorf had been tossing around. From what I could see, it was a tan stone, unlike the Thunderstone, which was a glassy blue color.
The stone was smooth when I picked it up and I noticed that there was a green leaf carved into it. It seemed strange, but it had to be used for something. I had no time to think when Ganondorf landed on top of my body and held me there. He just stared at me with a smirk on his face.
“Comfy?” he asked.
“Get off me,” I snapped and I began to squirm around.
“Well, maybe if you give me that stone there,” Ganondorf said, but I spit in his face.
“In your dreams pal,” I said as my spit dripped off that big honker of his. He smacked me in the face however, and did so several times. My mouth stung with pain as blood went down my cheek.
“Hah, you look pathetic,” Ganondorf said. “You know, if you joined my side, you could be a lot more powerful. You could be appreciated and part of a bigger, better team of people. You could rule with an iron fist under the great Ganondorf.”
“Don’t flatter yourself,” I muttered.
“Humph, who ever said I was Ganondorf?” he said and reach for his face and somehow, this green skin started to peel off this guy’s face and underneath was my own face, except there was an evil glare in her eyes. This guy, or girl, pushed off me and lifted me up with her electricity powers.
“See my face!” she thundered. “You could be just like me. You could be more powerful!” She took her powers and slammed me against a painting, but picked me back up again. “And you can be a tyrant.” Bam! against another wall. “You could be loved by some and feared by most!” Bam! “You could have anything you’ve ever wanted!”
Bam! Right into a painting, too. Even through all of this, I still held on to that stone, and I didn’t even know why I did. This bitch would’ve kept going too, if it wasn’t for Link, who said softly, “That’s enough.”
That girl turned around and looked at Link, so she had her back turned to me. I looked around quickly at what I could do to help, but the flower thing rushed over to me. It had a serious expression on its face and it began to point at the stone I had in my hand. I didn’t know what to do, but I handed the stone to it, which caused a bright light to appear, but it wasn’t bright enough to distract the girl, for she had Link up by his neck; chocking him.
The flower turned into this huge flower, like one of the stinky flowers we had back at home. I mean, I had never come into contact with them, but I had read and seen pictures of them. Anyway, this flower started to yelled: “Vileplume!” and really for no reason at all, so I became a bit puzzle. All of a sudden, right above the middle, a green light appeared and Saria was revealed; floating overhead of us. She looked down at Link, who was being choked to death, and released this huge power of what seemed like leaves. They hit the girl and she began to hold her head as she was engulfed by light blue flames.
Link fell to the ground as Saria stopped her powers and smiled at me. She and the flower then disappeared and all was calm. That girl was gone, so there was no longer a threat, and right in the middle, a blue ring appeared.
I got up slowly and walked over to Link, who was gasping for air. I helped him up as Lux and Coffee Bean woke up from the explosion that had knocked us all backwards. Coffee Bean looked a little rough, so I took a Pokeball out of my pocket and had her return. Lux just walked over and looked up at me with a hurt expression. He was tired.
“You okay?” I asked Link and he nodded. On his face was a bunch of dirt from being in that painting. The path looked like dirt, so he must have had a rough way to go. “Well, let’s get out of here.”
We walked to the middle, all three of us, and the blue ring became a diamond and inside that diamond, all seemed tranquil as our bodies and minds were being slipped away into the unknown.

And honestly…I didn’t care.
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