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Chapter 18- Who We Really Are

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It’s hard to describe what happened next, for most of it was a blur. Link and I were transported to the Chamber of Sages and landed right in the middle, where the golden Triforce was. I was dead in the middle of the Triforce and Link was on one of the triangles beside me. In front of us were Saria and the flower that I had followed and they were standing on what looked like a green medallion. I presumed that the medallion they were on was going to be the medallion that Link and I received next.
“Long time no see,” Saria said softly. She had her hands behind her back and a shy look on her face; like she had never met us before. “Welcome to the Chamber of Sages, I guess.”
“We’ve been here before,” I muttered. I just wanted to get this over with, you know? All we needed were four more of these medallions and I could go back to being a kid again, and maybe get back to the Mushroom kingdom, so I could figure out what I was actually needed for. Hyrule was nice and all, but I certainly didn’t want to be there forever, and the quicker I took down Ganondorf, the better it would be for the citizens of Hyrule and for myself.
Saria ignored my statement and continued, saying: “Even though I will miss the real world, I think I may like it here.” She crouched down and skimmed her small hand over the water. “It’s so peaceful here and the water is beautiful.”
There was silence and I could hear the water dripping and the small waterfalls, which did fall from the dark abyss above us, and could hear it hitting a surface, even though there was another dark abyss below us. Suddenly, Link said, “I’m sorry that you had to die…if I wasn’t gone for seven years, I could have saved you.”
“No, no,” Saria said and a stern look appeared on her face. “Link, don’t blame yourself. If you two wouldn’t have pulled those Master Swords, I wouldn’t have been awakened to my destiny and it would be too late for Hyrule. This was supposed to happen, and it was beyond everyone’s control.”
I raised my hand suddenly, not wanting to interrupt and Saria looked at me with a smile. Since she smiled, I felt more comfortable and said, “So, I have a question that may not be relevant to what is and will happen, but that flower there. What does it have to do with this whole thing?”
“That flower is a Pokemon that is known as a Vileplume,” Saria said. “Everyone, no matter who you are, has a partner that is of another species. Vileplume here was once a Gloom that I had befriended shortly after you two went out on your adventure. It was fate, even though we were both unaware of it at the time.”
“So, it was fate,” I said, “but how? I mean, what was with that girl having that stone?”
“You mean, you?” Link said and I was hit by a rush of mixed feelings.
“Oh, that wasn’t her,” Saria said. “That person, or rather ghost, was a phantom and it killed me. When it took my life however, it was in the form of you, Link. That was all an act, trying to scare you, Ashley.”
The feelings inside me melted away and Saria continued on with my question, “Anyway, the stone is a way to awaken the powers of my friend here and through that my true powers are awakened and my life is reawakened. Those powers I will lend to you in the form of a medallion so you can take down Ganondorf, the ultimate power. You just need the power of us six sages to make it easier to talk down the ultimate evil.”
“So, for every sage, we will need to find a Pokemon and a stone for them?” I asked.
“Precisely,” Saria said, “and the stones that will be used will have some sort of connection to the sage that you need to reawaken. The next, I assume, is someone that will have connection to the Firestone.”
“Wait!” I said suddenly. “So, you have grass powers, like Vileplume, right?” And Saria nodded so I said, “My Raichu here was turned into a Raichu with a Thunderstone and from that Thunderstone, I ended up receiving powers of electricity. Am I…a sage?”
“That, I cannot tell you,” Saria said, “and not because I have the answer, but rather because I do not know the answer. You will have to figure that out for yourself.”
I became a bit disheartened. Things were fishy, like how I was standing in the middle of that damn Triforce and how I had a Master Sword waiting for me. I was supposed to be an add on; someone that was just there to help the Hero of Time become the Hero of Time. The word hero wasn’t plural unless it was heroes…could it have been a typo by the Goddesses or something, or was I set up for a little more than I thought I was?
“So, there is a purpose for the medallions we are getting?” Link asked.
“Yes,” Saria said. “With all these questions, I forgot that I needed to hand over mine. It’s a pretty thing, and I will hate parting from it,” and she pulled out the medallion and continued, “but I have to do it, even though I just received it. But, it’s going in good hands, so I feel good giving it to you guys.”
Saria held out her head and I took the medallion. I gave it to Link, who was carrying the Light medallion anyway and we faced Saria and her Pokemon for possibly the last time.
“You two can still call me on your ocarinas, you know,” Saria said. “If you ever need guidance, I will be here. Now, I need to send you off, alright?”
I nodded and I felt myself floating and the last thing I could hear was Saria saying a soft “Goodbye,” to Link and I.

We landed in front of the dead Great Deku Tree for some reason. I was confused and just looked around as Link walked up to the Great Deku Tree.
“What a shame,” Link said, “but he’s still standing tall, you know?”
I was going to comment, but something incredible happened before I could say a word. The first thing that I was aware of was the fact that Link had shot back and landed hard on the ground and then I heard some giggling. I mean, of course I started to laugh once I realized that Link was alright, but in front of me was a weird looking, huge onion thing with a face. It was rooted in the ground however, so while it wiggled as it laugh, it wouldn’t be able to come out of the ground or anything.
“Ha, did I startle you?” the onion asked as Link recovered.
“Yeah, just a little,” Link said and he began to rub dirt off of his tunic.
“I was just waiting for someone to stand right above me so I could scare them,” the onion said and it chuckled and wiggled. “Anyway, you two must be the Heroes of Time, seeing that you both have Master Swords.”
“Who are you?” Link asked a bit harshly, which was probably because the onion made his first impression on Link by catapulting him into the air as a joke.
“I am the Great Deku Tree Sprout,” the onion said. “It’s a mouthful-“
“So can we call you Onion?” I interrupted.
The sprout looked at me with a smile and giggled again. “How about the Great Onion?” he suggested.
“Yeah, there we go,” I said with a smile as the Great Onion giggled and jiggled.
“Anyway,” said the Great Onion, “I am the successor for the big guy behind me. I mean, it took seven years, but I am a late bloomer so to speak.”
“So one day you’ll grow to be as big as the old Great Deku Tree?” I asked.
“Why yes I will,” he said. “I am now the protector of this forest. In all seriousness, the only reason I couldn’t bloom seven years ago was because of the curse Ganondorf had laid upon me. Thanks to you two, that curse is gone and I can flourish.”
“So, how exactly do you, um, protect the forest, Onion?” I asked. “I mean, won’t you be rooted there forever?”
“Don’t question how I work?” Onion said with a stern face, but then he began to laugh. “I can’t tell ya that one. It’s a company secret. But, I have the fairies in this forest help me oversee every child. Right now they’re helping heal the wounded Kokiri children. They took quite a beating with this whole war thing.”
I suddenly remembered that Max and Navi split from Link and I to go and gather other fairies and children, and all that stuff. I did miss Navi’s nagging voice and Max’s insane anxiety, but only by a tad bit.
“Speaking of Kokiri children,” Link said suddenly, “I have a question for you.”
“Well, what is it, Mr. Link?” the Great Onion asked.
“This might seem dumb,” Link said with a small sigh, “but here goes…When Ash and I pulled the Master Swords, we were asleep for seven years. From what I understood, being a member of the Kokiri children meant that I was going to stay a Kokiri child forever. I mean, did the Master Sword eliminate that whole deal, or what?”
The smile that was on the Great Onion faded for the first time. He sighed and looked at the ground for a little bit, then looked straight at Link. “No, the Master Sword did not eliminate that factor,” Onion said. “Link, it’s time that you knew who you really are.”
“Who I really am?” Link said. “But, I was born and raised here by the Great Deku Tree. There must be a mistake or something.” I could see the panic in Link’s eyes as he sifted around nervously. I could only assume that he had a thousand possibly outcomes for why he didn’t stay young swimming in his head; drowning out the truth. There was only one possible reason for why Link grew up, and I knew that the Great Onion was about to tell him the news.
“Link,” the Onion began, “from the memories of my predecessor, I have gathered as much of your story as I could. Do you want me to tell you?”
Link was silent, so I said, “Yes, he needs to know.” Link shot a glare at me, but I looked straight at the Onion and tried my best to ignore his gaze.
“Alright,” Onion began, “it all started about nineteen years ago, when you, Link, were just a newborn baby. There was a terrible civil war going on in Hyrule over the Triforce. All of the races, excluding the Kokiri children, were fighting to get this item, so they could rule supreme over Hyrule. It’s only assumed that your father was in this war, Link, but your father was able to escape it.
“Your mother found refuge in this forest. Mido was in charge of escorting your mother to the Great Deku Tree so that she could ask for shelter. That was when Mido realized that your mother was carrying a newborn baby and he didn’t take too kindly to the situation and tried to boot you and your mother out, only because he didn’t want a newborn baby plaguing the forever youthful Kokiris with dreams of growing up. Saria however, convinced Mido to let you and your mother stay and helped him take you both to the Deku Tree.
“Your mother had been covered in cuts, bruises, and terrible wounds. Despite the pain though, she waged passed the civil war lines to get you to safety, and she explained this to the Great Deku Tree. He was worried more so about your mother, who was getting deathly ill and could barely stand in front of him. Saria was given the job of housing you and the Know-It-All Brothers were asked to heal and feed your mother. Being escorted by Saria and Mido with you in Saria’s arms, your mother didn’t even make it to the Know-It-All Brother’s home and died on the forest floor and in the rain.
“The Great Deku Tree trusted Saria with you to look after you like a mother. To mix you up as you got older, the Deku Tree had you moved from child to child to be handled, so that you wouldn’t remember a mother or father figure in your life. This whole village raised you into thinking that you were born in this forest, telling you that you sprouted from the bud of a flower one day, like all Kokiris which, of course, was a lie.
“The reason the Great Deku Tree never told you anything about your roots is because he knew you were destined for some sort of greatness. He waited to assign you a fairy and waited until you were fit to leave the forest. Once you were, the Great Deku Tree contacted Princess Peach of the Mushroom Kingdom, who then did that hat drawing, which is when Ashley here came into play. But, there you have it, Link. Do you have any questions?”
Link was silent, like I knew he would be. He was usually pretty quiet anyway, but this was a bit overwhelming for him, or at least that is what I thought. I thought it was peculiar that he grew up when we pulled the Master Swords, but that was how it worked. I wondered if the Onion had a background story for me, but I was very shy to ask.
“So, I have been living a lie?” Link said and he gritted his teeth.
“Well…yes,” the Onion said with a complexion full of regret. “But, you were made to be a great hero, alongside Ashley, and that’s why we kept you safe bother physically and mentally. We didn’t want you to know this until the right age, and I would say that nineteen is the best age, since you skipped the last seven.”
Link started to walk away and neither I nor the Great Onion said anything. We both just watched him go slowly and Lux looked up at me with a concerned look on his little face.
“Ash,” I heard the Great Onion say and I looked towards him. “Aren’t you wondering what your background is?”
“You’ve read my mind,” I said with a small smile, but the Onion wasn’t smiling at all, so I stood up straight and tried to be serious. “What’s my background?”
“The whole part with you being born and all that, you already know,” the Onion said, “for I don’t, seeing as you lived in a whole other dimension. However, I know why you’re here and who you really are. I will tell you that it is no accident that your name was drawn from that hat. It was fate, because you have strong links here in Hyrule and even if you leave, they will always be here. Now, I suppose you have noticed that on your hand, a Triforce sometimes begins to glow. The part that glows the most should be the middle, which should also tell you why your sword pedestal was in the middle of the Triforce on the floor in the Temple of Time.
“You, Ashley, are the holder of the fourth, most sought after piece of the Triforce. The three outside pieces are called the Triforce of Wisdom, Courage, and Power. The one in the middle, which sometimes appears on relics with a crack in the middle, is the Triforce of Balance. You have a balance of all three, which also means that you have a streak of evil in you. You must never let that streak of evil take over the courage and wise balance that you possess; otherwise you may turn power hungry, like Ganondorf, and go through everything to get the Triforce pieces that you don’t have.
“The crack in the middle is actually a lightning bolt, so don’t think the crack is a sign of wear and tear. The power of electricity is a strong, quick, and overwhelming power and only true masters can handle it. It is strong like the courageous, quick like the wise, and overwhelming with its power. Never use it for evil; only use it to relinquish evil. You have a much bigger part in this legend than what you think you have, and I haven’t even told you the half of it.”
I became filled with pride and nervousness. If I let my Triforce of Balance become unbalanced, things could go terribly wrong, but I had to do it. I now knew that I had more of a part of this than I was told which was exciting and nerve wracking at the same time. I would make it, though, I had to.
“Now, I need you to keep your eyes on Ganondorf,” the Great Onion said. “Don’t lose focus on what Hyrule needs you for, and definitely don’t lose focus on what your destiny is.”
“I won’t, sir,” I said.
“Good, now go make Hyrule proud,” the Onion said and I nodded and began to walk away until I heard the Onion speak again. “Oh, and give him hell, kid,” he said with a smile on his face.
I smiled as my head was swimming with questions. I didn’t get my full story, which was understandable, but I wanted to know exactly why I was here in Hyrule and why my name being pulled out of the hat wasn’t just a coincidence.

This was now a journey to discover who I really was…
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