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Chapter 19- A Day at the Races

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After my talk with the Great Onion, I left and went to look for Link. It must have hurt so bad receiving the news that he wasn’t actually a Kokiri child, which was why he grew up. He was raised in the forest, but wasn’t a child of the forest, so I knew it must have been a bit heartbreaking. I had never been in a situation quite like his, but as his friend and co-worker, I needed to help him.
I assumed he was in his house, so I walked to his small tree house and walked up the ladder. Lux followed behind me and got on my shoulder as I climbed the ladder. As soon as I entered, I saw Link gathering up random things. He had an angry look on his face as he shuffled around and he even ignored Max and Navi, who were flying around him furiously; spouting statements that were about Link and why he was leaving.
“Link,” Navi said, “you shouldn’t just give up. Hyrule needs you!”
“I could care less,” Link said and he began to walk towards the exit, but I was standing in his way. “Get out of my way.”
“Get out of your way?” I said. “Where in the world are you going? I mean, Ganondorf has this whole kingdom locked up, so you can’t leave.”
“Who the hell said I was leaving the kingdom?” Link snapped. “I’ve decided to piss on that whole ‘Hero of Time’ junk and just live like a normal person.”
“Then where are you going in Hyrule?” I asked, raising my voice a little.
“I’ve decided to work at Lon Lon Ranch,” Link said.
“Do they know you’re coming?”
“No, they don’t at all. I wanna surprise them you know, with me.”
“But Link,” Max said, “Hyrule has changed! What if Lon Lon Ranch isn’t the place you remember it being?”
“Who cares?” Link said. “I’m the Hero of Time, so I can take on anything.”
“Link, you’re insane,” Navi shouted, but I had a better idea than just arguing with him. I stepped aside so Link and free reign for leaving.
“Ah, guys,” I said to the fairies, “just let him go.”
This remark even left Link looking dumbfounded, which made me doubt that he was planning on leaving the whole time. Everyone was quiet, so I just held out my arm and showed in the door. “So, you gonna leave or what?” I asked.
Link recovered from my statement and said, “Why yes. I am planning on leaving. Navi and Max, you stay with Ash here. She is going to need double the help to save Hyrule, seeing that I am no long helping.” He walked out the exit, but turned around to say, “Hopefully, I’ll never be seeing any of you again.” And there he went, down the ladder and out of our sights.
After a couple of seconds, Navi said, “Now what?”
“We’ll all go to Lon Lon Ranch tomorrow,” I said. “As of right now, since we worked so hard, we should sleep and in the morning, we’ll head out.”
“But what if Link doesn’t come back?” Navi whimpered.
“Oh, I’m sure he will,” I said with a smirk. “As Max said, Hyrule has changed in the last seven years, and for the worst. I have a feeling that Link will be begging us to take him back.”
And with that, I lyed down on his bed and got all comfortable. It was going to be a long night with my mind racing with thoughts and worries, but I needed rest for the next day for I was afraid that Link was going to get into something terrible.

I woke up the next morning and felt refreshed. It had been a long time since I had had a full night sleep and I wondered if Link had the same luck. I mean, we could have been wrong, Link could have found refuge at Lon Lon Ranch and he could have already hung up his sword and shield and started to work under Talon. It always seemed like he had a little crush on her anyway, so he could have been married to her by now even.
I tidied myself up and wielded my weapons. In a small mirror, I looked at myself and how dirty I was and, even after the sleep, I still looked exhausted. I tried my best to make my hair look a little decent, but it just didn’t happen. I put on my floppy hat and sighed. I was a bit nervous to go after Link, seeing as I wasn’t even sure how much Hyrule had changed.
I nudged Lux, who was still asleep, and I poked the two fairies which were asleep in teacups. All of them knew it was time to go and I watched Lux stretch his long body and his long tail. He let out a long yawn and small sparks came out of his cheeks. Once Lux was done recovering from sleep, he hoped off the bed and followed me. Once I was ready to leave, Navi and Max started to hover around me.
I climbed down the ladder and became happy to see that the forest had returned to normal. There were some Kokiri children running around and playing with their fairies. I looked around for Mido, but he had seemed pretty bad wounds when I last saw him, so I knew he’d probably be receiving intense medical attention. I decided to leave the forest be and come back later to see how everyone was doing.
I went through the hollow log that served as the exit after crossing the small bridge and felt a rush of the Hyrule air. It was much clearer than the forest, which smelled like trees, leaves, and moisture. Hyrule field smelled like clear air and no smells were confined in the area, since the area had so much space.
We eventually reached the end of the small forest path in Hyrule field and I saw something I didn’t expect to see. On the ground, which I stepped on, was Link’s floppy green hat. Since my boots were dirty, when I stepped on the hat, some dry mud rubbed on it. I picked it up and Max and Navi hovered around in panic.
“What if he’s dead?” Max shouted in my ear, so I swatted him lightly.
“He’s not dead,” I said sternly. “He dropped this hat to get some sort of attention from us. He’s just being a little bitch.”
Navi looked a bit down, but I knew he was okay. I mean, he was Link. He was a quick thinking swordsman, while I was a smack talking, slow thinking, swords woman who got in trouble. He would stay out of trouble and if he got into it, he would spend no time smack talking and get himself out.
There was a chilling breeze in the air which gave me goose bumps. The chill was coming from the river, which was actually just a dry ditch now. Because of the flood that occurred before Link and I pulled the Master Swords, most of the water supply was gone. I just didn’t understand why a cold breeze was coming from there, however. It would be something I would have to deal with later, I just knew it.
I could see the castle town in the distance and suddenly a bunch of horses left the walls. The horse in the front was covered in dark grey armor and mounted on that horse was Ganondorf himself. Behind him were maybe thirteen horses, all black, with random men on them. I quickly hid behind the wall that was randomly placed in Hyrule field and peeked over the end of the wall, so I could still see where Ganondorf and his horde were going.
They started to ride towards the desert path, but made a sharp turn and went towards Lon Lon Ranch. There was a welcome sign to the ranch right in front of the entrance, but like the ass he was, Ganondorf unsheathed a sword at his side and sliced the sign off the post. Once the whole horde made it in, I started to move.
I was scared for Link, because I wasn’t sure if Ganondorf was just going to Lon Lon Ranch on a random day, or that he was informed about Link trying to find work there. He seemed to have a rather rowdy group of people with so I knew that something was going down.
I wasn’t quite sure how to approach the issue of sneaking in without Ganondorf noticing, but I had the fairies hide in my hat and Lux go first. Seeing how nimble and quick he was, I knew he was more skilled in hiding and could reach heights that I could never reach. Or at least heights I could never reach without causing a distraction.
I waited a minute or so before I went through the entrance, but I stayed on my toes. If Lux did slip up, someone needed to save him. I walked up the entrance quietly and press my body against the side of the farm house. I peeked over to see really no one. The only person I could see was a scrawny man wearing an expensive looking outfit and a clown color of some sort. I wasn’t sure who he was, but I wouldn’t take a chance, so I stuck out my finger and released a little bit of electricity; just enough to give them a shock, so they would turn around.
I heard a small yelp and a grumble of some sort, but I was able to see the person. That person was no other than Ingo, the worker at Lon Lon Ranch before Link and I pulled the swords. What I wanted to know was where Malon and Talon were. I also wouldn’t mind finding Link.
I waited for Ingo to turn back around and I quickly snuck over to the stables. As quietly as possible, I opened the door and checked for noise. There was none, so I crept inside. To my surprise, standing there with a pitchfork and bucket was Malon. Her face was sunken and distraught, but when she saw me, her face lit up.
“Are you Ashley!” she said.
“Yeah,” I said back and she dropped her things and started to cry.
“Ganondorf has turned this place over to Ingo,” she explained without me asking. “He comes here all the time now and rides all of the horses. He kills them if he doesn’t see the horse as fit. I can’t work here anymore, and Link showed up yesterday…he’s the reason Ganondorf is here…”
I knew it. I couldn’t waste any time in the stable. I had to go and find Link before something bad happened. I started to walk away when Malon said something else.
“And Ash,” she said to get my attention, “Ganondorf is planning on riding your horse, Lightning, and has already put the armor on him…”
I was pissed off, reader, so I burst through the door and unsheathed my sword. I didn’t care about being noticed because I was going to kick the shit out of every one of those Goddamn men that were dragged here and then Ganondorf was mine. Lux was on the roof of the stable, watching something on the other side, so I walked right passed Ingo and saw that the group was in the horse ring and they were harassing Link by poking him with swords and once Ganondorf used his powers to throw Link back, I lost my patience.
“Ganondorf!” I thundered and it caught their attention. Link was sprawled out under a small overhang and looked a bit out of it, so I didn’t expect him to help much. I walked quickly to the ring entrance and stood there and glared at Ganondorf and his friends. I wasn’t thinking much, but I against thirteen to fourteen other people wasn’t a realistic battle. Lux must have hopped off the stable roof, for he was beside me.
The group with Ganondorf began to chuckle at how pathetic I must have looked. Some had these huge looking weapons and I had a sword and a tiny shrew thing.
“So, you wanna play then?” Ganondorf said. “Men, get her right now.”
These guys charged at me, but I held out my left hand and swiped it across my body, releasing a huge wave of electricity. This wave threw these men backwards and they became paralyzed from the blast. That just left Ganondorf and I to deck it out.
“Wait, wait my lord,” I heard a voice shout and hobbling over in a quick jog was Ingo. “This property isn’t really the best place to hold a battle in.”
“And why is that?” Ganondorf snapped.
“Uh, well,” Ingo said hesitantly. He had reached Ganondorf and looked up at him. Ingo was three times shorter than he was and all I could think about at that moment was how disgusting it was to look up Ganondorf’s schnoze and see all his boogers.
“Well,” Ganondorf said, and he seemed impatient with Ingo’s nervous mumbling.
“Lord Dragmire,” Ingo began, “you did, or rather I did, a lot of work from the permission you gave me to better the ranch. I mean, you gave me Rupees and horses and advertised and everything, sire. Anyway, what I mean to say is, do you really think you should fight on a land that you built yourself. It shall be destroyed.”
“I built it, therefore why can’t I fight on it?” Ganondorf boomed.
“Because you didn’t build it, you stupid idiot,” I snapped. “Talon built it, you just added fancy signs, clothes, horses, and a stupid gate.”
Ganondorf shot ball of evil energy towards me and I quickly took my sword and batted it out of the way. The ball went haywire and hit a part of the ring gate, which made a small part fall over.
“My lord!” Ingo said and ran over to the fence with tears in his eyes.
“See,” I said with a smirk, “that cheap bastard is right. This place will fall apart.”
Ganondorf glared at me and then said, “Then how else will I kill you, you rat?”
“Perhaps,” said Ingo with a dark tone, “you two can have a duel out in Hyrule field, but on horseback.”
I had never fought on horseback, and I didn’t want Ganondorf to be my rival for my first experience, but that was something I couldn’t control.
“Lord Dragmire,” Ingo said, “shall I get out your new steed?”
“Yes,” Ganondorf said with a grin. “I would like to use him.”
Ingo walked over to Link and kicked him hard, which brought him to his feet. “Link,” Ingo said harshly, “get Lord Dragmire his steed, now.”
I felt extremely sorry for Link. He had dirt on his face and was dressed in rags. I saw him flash to me an apologetic gaze as he stood up to go to get Ganondorf’s new horse, which I expected to be Lightning. Link went to a tall, brick building and started to pull out a horse clad in dark armor. The only way I could tell that it was not Ganondorf’s horse was that its mane was not yet a red color. The mane was white, which led me to believe that it was my horse.
Once in the ring, Link brought the horse in, but was tripped by Ingo before he could hand the reins to Ganondorf.
“You little shit,” Ingo said and he spit in Link’s face. However, when Ingo took the reins, the horse began to kick and demand to be let go. Ingo was sent for a ride and held on to the reins as the horse rode around wildly. Ganondorf and some of his men, who had recovered from paralysis, started to laugh. I saw the perfect opportunity and I pulled out my ocarina and played the song Malon had taught Link and I long ago. I mean, thankfully I had remembered it; otherwise I would be in trouble.
Suddenly, the horse shook off Ingo and trotted towards me. As soon as it reached me, I knew that the horse was Lightning. As soon as I could, I began to tear the evil armor off of him and I rubbed the white, lightning bolt shaped spot on him. He was much bigger now, since he used to be a pony and I a small girl, but he still remembered who I was.
“Sorry Ganondorf,” I said smartly.
“No matter,” he said deeply and he whistled, which beckoned his horse. He jumped on it quickly and started off for the field. “See you there, my dear.” His little posse also got on their horses and followed him out, except for two men, who were actually paralyzed at the moment.
I walked over to Link and brought Lightning along. Lux had settled nicely on the saddle of Lightning. “How you holding up?” I asked Link.
“Well,” Link said quietly, “not exactly the best…but you know that.”
“It’s alright buddy,” I said, “we all make mistakes. I’ll get you out of this one.”
Link smiled, but I could see the sadness in his eyes. I had Lux scoot back and then I mounted Lightning which, since he was so big, took a little bit more effort than it used to. Once I was securely on top, I had him gallop towards the exit and we passed Ingo, who was hobbling ferociously to get to the field.

Once outside of the ranch, Ganondorf and his posse were waiting for me at the side, where that random stone wall was. The posse had all dismounted their horses to cheer their friend on, while Ganondorf sat straight, tall, and proud on his horse. I had Lightning trot lightly over to the group and I paraded past them and set myself right across from Ganondorf by about twenty feet.
It took about five minutes for Ingo to reach the group for something was wrong with his legs or something…but whatever, he still thought he was a hotshot, successful ranch owner.
“Now, there are a couple of rules for this duel,” Ingo said once he reached the middle of Ganondorf and I. “There will be no magic of any kind. There will also be no partners, so girl, get rid of that disgusting, rat thing. You two can go anywhere around this field, but nowhere else. If you do, you will automatically be the loser.”
“What do we get if we win?” I asked.
“Well, my dear,” Ganondorf said, “if you win, you shall get the horse, but if you lose, I shall take your life.”
“That seems like a fair compromise,” I muttered sarcastically. I looked back at Lux and motioned him to just sit on the wall while the duel went on.
“Swords and bows are the only weapons to be used, dear,” Ganondorf said with a sly smile.
“That’s fine with me,” I said and shrugged. “Anyway, can we just get this over with? I sort of have a kingdom to save, you know.”
“Alright, to start this off, girl, you will go over by the entrance of Lake Hylia,” Ingo instructed. “Lord Dragmire, you will start over by the entrance to the Zora River. When you hear me yell, that is when your battle will begin. As said before, you have free rein of the whole field. Now, go to your respective spots, please.”
This was going to be interesting, I thought as I was shaking. I had never done a horseback battle and I was scared shitless. However, I needed to conquer my fear and be as courageous as possible, so I gave Ganondorf a little wink and went on my way to my side. I wasn’t sure though if Ingo’s yell would be that loud.
Surprisingly, about twenty seconds after I got to my spot, I heard this loud, but mildly annoying yell that must have been Ingo. I unsheathed my sword and started off, but rather slowly. My pulse was beating faster and faster each second as I listened for the gallops of Ganondorf’s horse. Out of all the battles I had had in Hyrule, this was the one I was the most worried about.
Of course, I heard the booming gallops of Ganondorf’s horse rather quickly and over the small hill, I saw his horse jump over a gate with ease while he had out his sword. On his face was a huge smile as I knew I must have looked pathetic. My eyes were wide with fear and I was trembling nervously, but I kicked Lightning in the sides and he went faster.
When our swords clashed, the force almost knocked me off Lightning. Ganondorf was a strong guy and I was a small twelve year old who only weighed one hundred ten pounds. With a couple of clashes, Ganondorf started the opposite way of me and took off. He did this to pick up speed and hit me again, for he must have seen how much of a shock our first encounter was to me.
I thought quickly however, and took out my bow and also took an arrow out of my quiver. I took the arrow and put the end on my bow string, and then I pulled it back and aimed as carefully as possible. Ganondorf might have been able to deflect it with his sword’s blade, but I needed to think of something to throw him off. I assumed that I would get weaker much more quickly than he did, so I needed to think fast.
Of course, my arrow didn’t fly that fast, but I got Ganondorf right on. The arrow was sticking in his shoulder, but I couldn’t see any winces of pain. Ganondorf just pulled out the damn thing and kept coming at me. I put my bow back and unsheathed my sword again. Lightning stood solid below me as I anticipated Ganondorf’s next blow.
Our swords clashed with so much force, but I stayed strong.
“Don’t you ever give up?” Ganondorf snapped after many hits.
“Nah,” I said smartly, which caused Ganondorf to get angry, so he used his powers and threw me off my horse. This caused me to go so far backwards that I hit a tree and hurt my head. It was hard to see anything because my head hurt so badly, but I could see Ganondorf charging at me. I was in some sort of shock, so I didn’t move or anything.
All of a sudden, a blur came from my right. This blur was a brown horse and on top of that horse was Link. He was clothed in his green tunic and had his sword and shield on his back, but his sword was in his hand. He caused Ganondorf quite a stir, but it didn’t bother Ganon that much, for they went after each other furiously.
It was weird just sitting there and watching the two fight, but heartwarming to see Link back to his old self. Ganondorf took off one way and I expected Link to take off the opposite way, but instead he and Epona galloped towards me. Link held out his hand and helped me up. With my Master Sword still in my right hand, I used my left hand and sat behind Link on Epona and Link took off. I assumed it was against the rules for anyone to interfere in me and Ganondorf’s duel, but he had broken the rules already, so I could care less.
“Ashley,” Link said, “I’m going to drop you off by the stone wall and I’ll take care of Ganon.”
“No,” I said. “I have a better idea. Link, let me stay.”
I couldn’t see Link’s face expression, but he nodded his head. I held on to his body as Epona took off towards Ganondorf. I sheathed my sword as soon as I could and watched Ganondorf carefully. At the perfect time, I let go of Link and began to try and stand up. Epona was really fast, about as fast as Lightning, and we were going down a small slope, so my legs began to wobble as I began to try and stand up straight.
Link looked back twice, and shouted, “Ashley, what the hell are you doing?”
“Just hold on,” I said. “Keep going; I know what I’m doing!” I think…I thought.
When I found the right time, I stood as high as I could and jumped on Ganondorf’s horse. I grabbed his red hair and began to pull it and I pulled on his face. I eventually grabbed his hand and disarmed him. The asshole decided to then elbow me in the face, but I was holding on to his hair firm enough that I wasn’t knocked backwards, but my nose hurt like hell and started to bleed.
I moved my head left and right as Ganondorf kept trying to elbow me in the face more. I had to do something before he ended up knocking my face off or something. I unsheathed my sword with my right hand and took the hilt of my sword and began to hit Ganondorf on the head with it. Of course I knew he wouldn’t pass out, but I needed to do something to slow him down at least.
Link was there to save the day, as he and Epona pulled up beside us and started to attack Ganondorf. With both of us, he didn’t stand a chance…but of course I was wrong.
Suddenly, Ganondorf let out this huge blast of his power. It just came from his body and made me, Link, Epona, and even Lightning was hit by the power. We were all knocked back, even Ganondorf’s horse, and when I landed, I jumped right back up to see Ganondorf kneeling on the ground and breathing heavily. He looked up and smirked.
I wasn’t able to hold on to my sword this time, so I looked around as quickly as I could to find it, but it was nowhere in sight. Link then came from behind me, holding both swords, so I took mine and watched as Link quickly got his shield. For one second, I thought of using my shield, but I thought it was a heavy burden, so I shrugged. No need in using it right now.
Link and I charged towards Ganondorf, who was still breathing heavily. This time, Ganondorf unsheathed two swords, which were both the same, and began to clash with both Link and I’s swords. Despite being a tall, broad guy, Ganondorf was extremely quick and Link and I had trouble keeping up with him.
Pretty soon, we were all breathless, but I knew it would take a lot for Ganondorf to give in, so I couldn’t give up. Back and forth we went with much passion. Link and I were fighting for Hyrule and the past while Ganondorf was fighting for power and the future. It didn’t take long before magic got involved.
Link was using his shield to protect himself from Ganondorf’s power, but I knew better. Ganondorf’s magic just absorbed into the shield, but I could use the blade of my sword to reflect the power. By throwing Ganondorf’s power at him and then using my other arm to release my electric powers, he was barely a match.
After a couple of long minutes, Ganondorf fell to his knees and started to breathe extremely hard again. Link was about to go for him, but I put my arm across his chest.
“Ganondorf,” I said, “you’re obviously at the loss here, so if you surrender now, and surrender Hyrule to Link and I, we will leave you be. If not, we will have to kill you.”
Ganondorf raised himself up and looked at us with a huge smile on his face. I assumed that he wasn’t going to surrender. Of course reader, he didn’t. He held up his hand so that Link and I could see the glowing Triforce on it and he hovered in the air and spun around for a second and, before we knew it, he disappeared. His horse, which was lying behind us, also disappeared.
After a couple seconds, I heard Ingo yell and he came hobbling over to Link and I and said, “Lord Dragmire, your group has disappeared!”
“Well, so has Ganondorf,” I said. “He used magic to disappear, therefore I guess I win the duel.”
Ingo stared at me for the longest time and then began to cry. I found the perfect opportunity and grabbed his fluffy, annoying clown color and pulled him close to me. He smelled of onions and chicken feces for some reason, and his moustache smelled like fish.
“Now you listen, and you listen good,” I said with my best mean voice. “That ranch there is called Lon Lon Ranch, not Ingo Ranch, therefore you’re going to give that ranch back to the rightful owner, you got that?”
“But I don’t know where Talon is,” Ingo whined.
“Then give the damn ranch to Malon,” I said. “Link and I will find Talon and let him know that you have stepped down as leader. Do you got that?”
Ingo kept crying and wouldn’t say anything, so I shook him a little and, unfortunately, it caused snot to come from his nose to right on my face, but I ignored it to keep the right mood.
“Yes, I got it!” Ingo shouted
“Good,” I said and I pushed him away. “Now change those flamboyant ass clothes, hand over the ranch to Malon, and clean that horse shit in the stables.”
“Yes sir!” Ingo said and he took off, hobbling all the way home.
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