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Chapter 20- Great Balls of Fire!

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We decided to go straight back to Lon Lon Ranch and help fix the fence that I had sort of broken. I went over to Lightning to make sure he was fine and stroked his long head. Besides some dirt and a cut here and there, Lightning seemed fine, so I guided him over to Link, who was propping Epona up on all fours. I sheathed my sword and put my hand on my chest as I tried to breathe. That battle had been a tough one and all I wanted was a good dinner, a shower, and a long nap.
“Ash, are you okay?” Link asked.
“Yeah, I guess so,” I said and I saw that Link was missing his floppy hat. I pulled it out of my pocket and smiled at him. “You forgot this, by the way.” I reach up and placed the hat on top of his soft, blonde hair and a smile crept on his face as I made sure it was placed right.
“Sorry about earlier,” Link said. “I was just a little confused and angry.” While he said this, I took off my hat and shook the fairies out of it. They plopped in my hand and rose up once they saw that Link was alive and well.
“Don’t you ever do that again, Link!” Navi yelled and she started to take her little body and slam it against Link’s face as some sort of punishment or something. Link just took it with a small smile and looked at me. He seemed happy to be back.
We both gathered out horses and mounted them, but had them walk at a slow trot. We had them side by side each other, so I said, “What exactly happened after you left, Link?”
“Well, I went to Lon Lon Ranch like I said I would,” Link said. “However, when I got there, things were a bit…different and Ingo came to me and asked me why I was there so late in the evening. I told him I was looking for work and he asked me if my name was Ashley or Link. I didn’t think of it at the time and said my name was Link and he put me straight to work. It was just right before you showed that Ganondorf and his men came, and I thought I was dead. Ingo must have had a strong connection with him and Ganondorf must have told him to watch out for us.”
“Then I wonder how many people Ganondorf has said that to,” I said silently. If Ganondorf had more people lying around and waiting for Link and I to show up, we were in some deep trouble.
Up at the top of the hill, where the wall was, Lux was waiting for us. He had an excited expression on his face and ran up to Lightning and suddenly jumped on him, settling right behind me.
We reentered the ranch and found Ingo standing at the front with his old clothes on and a huge smile on his face. He was holding his hands and he was moving around really weird.
“Welcome to Lon Lon Ranch,” Ingo said. “I love it here, and you will, too. I’m Ingo and I am employed by the wonderful Talon. He’s so nice, you know. You should definitely talk to him because he’s so nice. He’s nice to me, so I don’t mind if he doesn’t pay me enough for my work and all. He’s so wonderful.”
“Yeah,” I said awkwardly, “just, uh, be quiet.”
“I’ll do that,” Ingo said, “because you’re so wonderful, too.”
I rolled my eyes and had Lightning keep going. We went to the horse ring and passed some little chickens and saw Malon standing there; petting a horse.
“Link, Ash!” she called to us with a big smile on her face. “Come on over here.” Of course we did, but I stayed mounted on my horse. I had missed him so much, honestly.
“What’s up?” Link asked.
“Thank you two so much for getting this ranch back to me,” she said to me with a huge smile. “I was so worried when Link arrived here and then Ganondorf showed up. We’ve lost a lot of animals because of Ganondorf, but at least our current ones will be safe.”
“You’re welcome,” I said. “We would’ve helped sooner, but there are a lot of places that need help right now.”
“I know, everyone just seems to be turning evil,” Malon said with a serious expression. “I’m glad that you and Link stayed your good ‘ol selves. I mean, besides growing up and everything.”
“Well, you’ve grown yourself,” Link said. “You’ve turned into a nice, beautiful young lady.”
Malon started to giggle and I rolled my eyes. “Anyway,” I said quickly, “Link and I came back to help rebuild the part of the fence that was destroyed. I’ve noticed that the horses have taken a liking to be outside of the fence.”
“Well, yes,” Malon said. “However, you guys have already done so much, you know?”
“Oh, we can never do enough for you,” Link said so sweetly it made me want to puke. “You deserve so much for all you’ve gone through.”
“Oh Link, you’re so sweet,” Malon said and she did that stupid eyelid flutter thing.
“Yeah, yeah,” I said, “now, Link and I need to get started on this fence thing, so if you’ll excuse us.”
I had Lightning go forward and pulled Link by his wrist. Epona actually followed me, so there was no need to have Link get her or whatever. When we got to the fence, I dismounted Lightning and looked at the damage. It wasn’t all that bad, but it would take some work. All we needed was some lumber and some tools. I knew the perfect helped to cut and slice the lumber.
“Hey Link,” I said, “can you let Zucchini out of his Pokeball?”
“Sure thing, I guess,” Link said and he took the small ball off of his belt and pressed the little button in the middle. “Go, Zucchini,” Link said and he threw the ball. The little, red laser appeared and formed the body of Zucchini, who appeared in a split second. I hadn’t seen him in a while and he hadn’t seen us in a while, so I wasn’t sure how happy he would be cooped up in that dumb Pokeball for the last seven years.
“Scy,” I heard him say and then he turned to face all of us and a smile appeared on his think, green face. His blue eyes filled with light as he rushed towards Link and gave him a huge hug. “Scyther!” he said with glee as he squeezed Link with his arms, which were sharp so I felt a bit bad for Link.
“Hey Zucchini,” I said as enthusiastically as I possibly could, “would you like to help Link and I a little bit?” Zucchini smiled, so I continued, “Well, Link here is going to gather some lumber and I need your help cutting it, so I can mend this fence. Are you up for it?”
“Scyther!” he shouted, so I smiled and looked at Link, who was already saddling Epona up for the job. There was a small spot on the back of the saddle that he could use to place some of the lumber and Epona could help him transport it. I rushed to the stables to get a couple of tools to put the stuff back together. Lux decided to stay with Zucchini, so he could have some company.
I passed Malon, who was rushing around to gather the horses and the chickens and Ingo, who was standing the same way as before. I heard him say something about Malon being wonderful or something, but I didn’t really want to stop and chitchat with the idiot. I entered the stable and shut the door behind me, afraid that Ingo would follow me and tell me more about how wonderful everyone was.
I had to go to a back area of the stable to grab the tools. I grabbed a couple of nails and a hammer, but I set them down when I heard a small, shuffling noise. In a couple stables down, I saw some hay moving around and heard some whimpers. I decided to investigate and see what was up.
I walked slowly down to the stable and tried to be quiet, but the wooden floors beneath my feet were very old and worn down, so every step I took made a squeak sound. I think that the thing in the hay had become aware of the sounds, for the shuffling became faster and more sporadic.
I knelt down once I moved the small bar of the stable and suddenly fire burst out of the hay. I was able to jump out of the way and once the smoke cleared, standing there was a dog. The dog was an orange color and had some black strips on it. On its head, tail, and chest was a puffy, cream coat of hair. It was growling like a small puppy and had its front legs spread apart and forward. Back at home, dogs did that when they wanted to play, so I smiled.
“Growlithe!” it barked at me when I tried to approach it.
“Uh, it’s okay little guy,” I said and I tried to stick my hand out a little farther, but the puppy suddenly turned into a blur and made this weird sound. I looked around quickly to figure out where it went and saw it nowhere in sight.
“Growl,” I heard and I glanced behind me to see it standing there, in the same position as before, its eyes glaring, but I could see a gleam of fear in them. It must have been using its natural defenses to keep me away.
“Don’t worry bud, I won’t hurt you,” I said as calmly as I could. The pup just growled at me and barked. I didn’t think I was going anywhere with this dog, so I came up with a quick idea. I reach down to my belt and unlatched the small Pokeball. I pressed the middle button and then threw the Pokeball, which released Coffee Bean. She was a puppy too, it looked like, so I thought that maybe she could calm this puppy down.
Coffee Bean did the exact opposite that I wanted her to. She began to growl and suddenly pounced on the puppy, which caused a little match to break out between the two. I had never had to deal with two dogs fighting, especially two dogs that could breathe fire, so I stood completely dumbfounded and confused. I was more so scared because the whole stable was made of wood and there was tons of straw lying around. If anything caught on fire, that would be a whole new issue that we would have to deal with.
Fortunately, this little brawl ended up being just like a dog fight as all the two did was exchange bites and smacks with their paws. There were yips, barks, and growls filling the atmosphere, so I decided to intervene. Before I could even do anything however, one of the dogs let out a blast of fire, which lit a pile of hay in flames.
The fire began to spread quickly, so I grabbed the two pups as fast as I could and got my ass out of there. I threw the door open and ran as black smoke filled my nostrils. Some smoke was already floating in the air, so I felt hopeful that someone had noticed and became aware of the problem. When I got out, I dropped the pups, which stopped with their brawl immediately to watch the chaos they had caused.
Malon came rushing by the stables and must have seen me standing there. She looked at me and then I saw her gaze turn to what I was looking at. She saw the thick, black smoke and must have been terrified, for the expression on her face was on of surprise. She turned around suddenly and went into the farm house.
Link came sprinting around the corner with Zucchini, who stopped in his tracks once he saw the smoke and flames. Zucchini must have been scared of fire or something because I had never seen him that scared before. I had no time to worry about that though, for I needed to figure out how to fix the horrible mess the two dogs had created.
Before I knew it, Malon rushed out with about seven or eight Pokeballs. She pressed all of the buttons quickly and then threw them all. Once the Pokemon were out she shouted, “Guys, put out these flames, and do it quickly!”
The Pokemon, which were all turtles of some sort, began to spray the stables with water that shot from their mouths. Malon stood by and watched, just like we did, at how amazing it was to see the sight of these turtles getting into a straight line and releasing their wall of water.
Suddenly, I heard this loud roar and it came from the sky it seemed. I looked up and saw what appeared to be a dragon of some sort. It was an orange color and had these vast, orange wings with the underside being a blue color. Its belly was also blue. I couldn’t really see much else, for it was up high in the sky.
Right after that, I heard a loud, screeching sound that was similar to a roar, but a lot different than the dragon’s roar above. It was a bit more muffled and a high pitch. All of a sudden, this red, huge snake like thing shot through the entrance and knocked over Ingo. It was a dragon, no doubt, but it was rather long. It had flames on its back that looked like a mane.
This thing was coming right for me, but quickly changed its course by making a sharp turn upwards. It went for the orange dragon and crashed into it. I heard a cry from the orange one fill the air as it began to try and fight back. Back and forth these two went with scratching each other and burning each other.
At one point, they flew dangerously close and I saw the orange dragon’s underside. I noticed at that point that the orange dragon had a string around its neck, and on that string was a stone of some sort. I didn’t have much of a chance to observe it, for the other dragon flew right above my head.
Without thinking, I grabbed the end of this dragon’s body and was lifted into the airborne battle. Using its scales as a nice grip, I began to make my way up the spine of this dragon. It was so absorbed in its battle with the other dragon that it must not have noticed me being on its back. I tried to dodge this dragon’s flame mane to try and get to its face, but that was a little easier said than done.
Of course during this whole battle, I was holding on for dear life as this dragon made sharp turns, quick dips, and would occasionally do a full turn, which caused me to be upset down. I was a bit aware of the feeling for, back at home, there were these things called rollercoasters, which had loops that made you be upside down for a split second. It put a lot of pressure on my neck, but I knew I couldn’t let go, otherwise I would be an Ash pancake.
It wasn’t long before I got caught in the whole battle mess as I moved around to dodge claws and flames. At one point, I reach the head of the dragon I was on and grabbed its eyeball, which caused it to panic. It began to swirl around until I had to let go.
I screamed as I began my final fall to the ground. I could see below me and, when I landed, I would land right on a fence. I closed my eyes and prepared for my death when I suddenly felt claws wrap around my body and me being lifted in the air again. I opened my eyes to see that I was in the claws of the orange dragon and I looked into its eye, which was a deep, aquatic blue.
After a slight pause, I remembered the stone around this dragon’s neck, so I looked up and saw it dangling above me from the string. It was then that I realized that that stone was a yellow red color and a small flame could be seen inside. It hit me that this stone would be needed to reawaken the next sage, so I reach for it.
The orange dragon didn’t notice, but the snake-like one did, and it swooped into the orange one. Before I knew it, I felt the brush of a small claw above my head and I heard the string break. The orange dragon took quite the hit and began to fall to the ground as I watched the snake-like dragon fly off to my left, where Death Mountain was.
The orange dragon kept its wings out, so we didn’t crash too hard on the ground. It landed on its back so I wouldn’t get hurt and I felt a slight bump when the dragon’s body hit the ground. It left a dent in the soil, the dragon’s body, and as soon as it released me, I jumped to the ground to look this thing in the face and find out if it was okay. The fire, though still going, was worn down to the point that it was tamable. I looked over to see Link rushing towards me with the two pups and Lux behind him. Zucchini was nowhere to be found.
“Ashley, why are you so stupid!” Link shouted as he rushed towards me, and I swear to you reader, that kid had tears in his eyes.
“Shhh, be quiet,” I said with my finger on my lip. The dragon had twitched a little when Link had yelled, so he must have been sensitive to sound. Its eyes were closed as it breathed heavily and I saw the blood from some of its cuts ooze down its orange, scaly body.
Malon rushed over to where the dragon and I had landed. Luckily, none of the horses were in the area and all, but the ground was pretty dented underneath the dragon. Suddenly her scream pierced the atmosphere.
“Ash,” she said, “get away from that Charizard!”
“Charizard?” I whispered as Link came and grabbed me. He pulled me away and I just watched the poor thing breathe.
“I can’t believe that this thing is at my ranch,” Malon said with a frantic tone. “A Charizard flying above my ranch? What is this kingdom coming to?”
I squirmed away from Link and stood there; watching this creature. The orange puppy sprinted from behind all of us and ran towards the Charizard. Once it reached the Charizard, it began to lick it and whimper.
“And there’s also a Growlithe here?” Malon shouted again. “Before you know it, this ranch will start to rain Firestones and that thing will turn into an Arcanine-“
“Wait, what?” I said suddenly. “Does Growlithe change using a Firestone?”
I gave Link a look because I had a feeling that this Growlithe was going to be very important to get the next medallion. I remembered that Sheik said that one of the medallions would be obtainable on a mountain, so I assumed the next medallion would have something to do with fire.
“Uh, does this dragon here change at all?” Link asked Malon.
“No, this guy is the last evolution of the Pokemon Charmander,” she said. “Charizard is very destructive and vicious, so please, just get him out of my ranch.”
I looked over at Link who unsheathed his sword and walked towards Charizard. He raised his sword above his head, like he was going to slash the poor thing, so I rushed over and grabbed his left wrist right before he swung down on to Charizard’s neck.
“No Link,” I said sternly. “I’m serious here. I think Charizard can help us. It had a Firestone around its neck, which means it must be linked to this whole medallion thing in some way. It can help us.”
Link kept his sword up while I said this and looked at me deeply with it still up. I stared back and kept on my stern expression. Link slowly lifted his sword down and then sheathed it. “We were warned by Malon about this thing,” Link said. “If it kills you or hurts you, I kill it.”
“It won’t kill me, Link,” I said. “Now Malon, is this a male or female Charizard?”
“It’s a male because it has shorter arms,” Malon said. “Females have longer arms to take care of their young.”
“And what about that Growlithe there?” I asked.
“It’s a male,” she said.
“How do you know that?”
“It has a wiener…”
And then there was a pause…
“Well anyway,” I said after a twenty-five second gap, “do you have anything that can heal Charizard here? He has a lot of cuts and seems very tired.”
“We keep our potions in the storage building over there,” she said and she pointed to the tall grey building on the other side of the ranch.
I knew I wasn’t going to be able to move Charizard myself, but I needed to get him somewhere that would provide him more comfort. I nudged Charizard a little and he opened his eyes slowly. I was able to at least get my arm under his wings to let him know that I needed him to walk himself. Luckily, he abided and we walked slowly towards the grey building. Link and the Pokemon followed behind us, except for Zucchini, who I hadn’t seen since the fire broke out.
We were able to get Charizard through the small door, though it was a tight squeeze. Inside were two cows, some tools, and boxes full of different potions and milks. There was a carpeted area that was just big enough for Charizard to lie on, so I led him over there. He laid down for me and waited for some treatment.
Link got into one of the boxes and took out a potion with an orange tint. “Super potion?” he asked and he held up the bottle.
“Yeah,” I said and he gave me the bottle and a cloth.
I sprayed some of the liquid on to the cloth and began to rub it on Charizard’s wounds. One each side of me were the pups and they watched with sad expressions on their faces. They must have felt guilty at what had occurred that day.
“I wonder what sparked these two to come to the ranch,” Link said about the two dragons. “I mean, they just appeared out of nowhere, ya know?”
“Well, I think it might have been the stable fire,” I said. “Charizard seems to be a fire type Pokemon and that dragon seemed, well, to be used to fire. They might have been battling before the fire broke out and once it did, maybe it was just an impulse for them to come here, even in the heat of battle.”
“But what I am wondering is why a Pokemon decides to challenge a dragon,” Link said.
“That’s why I think that this Charizard is linked to this whole thing,” I said and I finished cleaning Charizard’s wounds and he actually started to look better. “If this Growlithe is as special as I think he is, that Charizard had the Firestone that belonged to this guy.”
“A Firestone?” Link said. “Charizard had a Firestone?”
“Yes, he did,” I said realizing I hadn’t told him anything about it. “It was on a string that was wrapped around his neck, but that damn dragon took it. I’m guessing that the dragon is linked to this whole thing as well, but it’s on the opposing side.”
“Did it fly away somewhere?”
“It did, actually. It flew towards Death Mountain, which is probably our next stop.”
“I’m not sure what’s going on there, but I do remember that the summit of Death Mountain did look fairly frightening.”
I stood up and helped Charizard stand and saw that in one of the boxes, there were Pokeballs, but they were a different color than the usual ones. These were blue, red, and green and right above the button was the Triforce. They must have been special Hyrule Pokeballs.
“Before I put you away,” I said, “let’s name you.”
The Charizard still had some pain, but it smiled. “Alright then,” I began,” you’re an orange color, so how about Cheese?”
It shook its head.
“Uh, Pumpkin?”
“Do we have to do this now?” Link asked, annoyed. I kept going, however.
“Well, Lasagna?”
Charizard began to nod his head rather sporadically.
“Pasta it is then,” I said with a smile. “Now Pasta, return.” I held out the Pokeball and the red laser came out and formed around Pasta. He went into the ball and I put it safely on my belt.
“Alright, so now we’re-?” Link said, cutting himself off so I could finish the sentence.
“-taking a little trip to Death Mountain,” I said smartly, “to kick some dragon ass.”
And reader, off we went to the mountain with two puppies and shrew, to take down the dragon, like real knights were supposed to do.
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