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Champagne For My Real Friends, Real Pain For My Sham Friends

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“Rhi, you know them bottles cost like $100 each?”

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“Rhi?! Rhi?!” Evie was banging on the door. “Rhi I know you in there! Please open the door! Rhi?!” I stood up lazily and wandered over to the door, knocking over the now empty bottle of Vodka on the floor, opening it and staggering back to the sofa. “He’s a dickhead Rhi, you deserve better than him.”
“No he’s not! And I don’t, I didn’t even deserve him!” I sobbed, wrapping my arms around my knees, curling myself into a ball. Evie wrapped her arms around me and rocked me. I heard a door slam and heavy footsteps.
“I’m going to kill him! Fucking! Bastard!”
“No you’re not Frank. He’ll be back soon, and then we’ll sort this all out.” The sternness in Evie’s voice was scary; I looked up to see Frank shaking with anger with his phone to his ear. He groaned as he heard the answering machine.
“GERARD! WHERE THE FUCK ARE YOU?!? GET BACK HERE NOW MAN!” he hit the ‘end call’ button and sat down next to me, wrapping his arms around me too
“He’s, gone?” I breathed out with a ragged breath, searching with my eyes for... him...
“Mikey told me that he was looking for you while we were having a fag, then we saw him storm out of the hotel, without you, so we ran to catch up with him and he flew at us, f-ing and blinding throwing punches, he said he’d come back when he wanted to. So I ran and found Eves, and she ran off to up here, so I followed.” Frank shook his head, “He’s a bastard.”
“It was my fault.” I sighed, going to the mini-fridge and grabbing a bottle of Champaign.
“Rhi, you know them bottles cost like $100 each?” Frank warned
“My dad’s paying, he’ll live.” I popped out the cork and took a swig, offering it around.
“I think you’ve had enough of that now, give me the bottle.” Evie stood up and took the bottle off of me, placing it on the coffee table and leading me to the bed.
“Uh... I’d rather sleep on the couch... thanks...” I grabbed a spare pillow and blanket from the closet and chucked them on the long red sofa. “Now, go enjoy your honeymoon Mr and Mrs Iero! And that the Champaign with you...”
“Are you sure you’ll be okay?” Evie’s concern was touching, but unnecessary.
“Yes honey, now, go!” I pushed them both out the door, handed them the bottle and shut the door, collapsed onto the sofa, snuggling up in the duvet against the cold leather.

A/N: A-hey-hey!Sorry it's been so long, this summer has been a NIGHTMARE, and rather shit TBH. Anway, year 11 is BRUTAL, I won't be updating much cause of it, but I'll try when I can, this is only a filler, there will be more tonight! xD R&R
Love you guys,
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