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We Fight, We Break Up...

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“If you don’t get me, maybe we shouldn’t be together.”

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Gerard’s POV
I paced the room, sipping my glass of vodka and coke. Waiting for her to turn up, already from the next room, the sound of giggling could be heard, Ray I believe and some pale red head whose blue eyes you couldn’t really see under her fringe were getting it on. I took another sip of my drink, and placed it down on the dressing table, pulling a packet of cigarettes and a lighter out of the back pocket of my jeans. I walked to the balcony and lit one up, taking a long drag from the cancer stick. Suddenly the sound of the door unlocking came from the front of the suite. I stubbed out my cigarette and hurried to the door, where Rhi was standing nervously by the now shut door. She smiled sheepishly and raised her hand slightly to wave timidly, her eyes watery, obliviously close to tears. There was a long pause, an awkward shuffle of feet. Neither of us spoke, just stood there.
Suddenly there was the sound of feet moving and I awoke from my day dream to be hit by a small figure in the form of a hug. “Oh Gee! I’m so sorry! It just came out! I didn’t mean to tell Frank! Please forgive me!” I could feel her tears making my shirt wet. She sobbed and sobbed as I comforted her, not saying a word, how did she know she had just told Frank, not Evie as well?
Rhianne’s POV
There was no tenderness in his hug, I could feel it. I stopped crying and looked up, his face hard and emotionless. “Gee, I-” He broke the embrace and walked over to the sofa, sitting down with his head in his hands.
“Did you regret it?” his words were forceful, his head still covered, but I could tell he was eager to know the answer.
“What do you mean?”
“Did you regret sleeping with me? Did it make you feel like a ‘slut’?”
“Oh Gee, no, of course not.”
“Then why did you say you ‘felt like a slut’?!” He stood up, shouting, the venom in his voice overbearing.
“Because I do! I was raped Gee! Not a day goes by when I don’t feel dirty for it!” I broke out into tears. “Don’t you remember anything I said to you that night?! Don’t you remember?! Or are you regretting it? Sleeping with someone who’s been raped? Did it make you feel dirty too? Is that why you were so angry when I told Frank? Mikey and Evie were allowed to know but when I tell someone it’s wrong? I don’t get you Gee, I honestly don’t.”
“Who told you that Mikey and Evie knew?”
“Answer my questions Gee.”
“ANSWER MY QUESTIONS!” We were both staring at each other, fuming.
“If you don’t get me, maybe we shouldn’t be together.”
“Gee that’s not what I-”
“I think it is.” He took a swig from his glass and walked out the room. I slumped down into the sofa, tears streaming down my face. I put my head in my hands and sobbed for god knows how long.

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