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Liquid Confidence

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'As the chrome lift doors opened, an amazing party was revealed, with ‘Hadouken!’ blaring out and drinks flowing, just as I had planned.'

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The rest of the journey was spent in silence, Evie and Frank softly cuddling and cooing over each other and Gee and Me staring out of opposite windows of the limo, in an awkward silence kind of way.
Soon enough we were at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel, our doors being opened by the stewards as Frank helped Evie out, I got nothing of the sort, Gerard just stormed into the hotel, pass Evie and Frank.
“He’s probably just gone to tell the guys we’re on our way.” Reassured Evie, patting me on the back.
“If it helps I’ll get Mikes to have a word with him.” Added Frank, smiling.
“Thanks you guys, but it’s your day, go have some fun, I’ll sort it out on my own.” I smiled as we made our way up on in the lift towards the penthouse. “Oh, uh, if you guys need me to cover for you leaving early, just give me a shout.” I added a wink, trying to lighten the mood.
“Thanks Rhi, you must be good at slipping away early, eh?” Frank giggled, winking at me and nudging Evie to laugh.
“Frank, that’s not funny.” Evie scolded, smiling at me as if saying sorry.
“Oh god, half an hour of marriage and the naggings already started!” Frank giggled and I joined in, Evie looked sternly at both of us and joined in too, just as we reached the penthouse.

As the chrome lift doors opened, an amazing party was revealed, with ‘Hadouken!’ blaring out and drinks flowing, just as I had planned. People were dancing hard on the cleared space on the first floor, there were people in the pool on the terrace and upstairs was barred up, with a ‘Just Married!’ sign hung over the doorway to stop anyone going up. In the corner where the kitchen was there was a 4 tiered wedding cake with black icing and red marzipan roses. Suddenly I felt arms latch around my neck, I span round, longing to press my lips to Gerard’s, only to find it was Evie.
“Thank you so, so, so, so, so, so, so much! I love you!” She squealed and hugged me tighter before running off to find her friends within the guests.
“Thanks Rhi!” Frank shouted over the music, hugging me as he did before running off to find Evie.

Suddenly I realised I was all alone, or at least I felt it. There I was, standing alone in the corner of a room full of people on my tip toes looking for someone I knew, well, just one person in particular, Gerard.
“Hey Rhi!” I spun around to see Mikey with two glasses of Champaign in his hands, he handed one to me and put his arm around my shoulder.
“Thanks Mikes.” I smiled, taking a sip of the bubbly liquid.
“Urm, Gerard is in your room, he wants to speak to you.” Mikey smiled. I inhaled deeply and he looked at me with a look of concern.
“What’s going on between you two?”
“Uh, I mentioned something he didn’t want mentioned to Evie... or Frank.”
“Oh, that you two, uh, did it?”
“You knew about that?!”
“Yeah, he was acting far too smug the next day, so I said; ‘What’s got you so fucking smug’ and he revealed all”
“In detail?!”
“No, don’t worry Rhi, not in detail.” He laughed patting me on the back.
“So, he’s allowed to tell you, but telling Frank and Evie is so bad he refuses to speak to me?”
“Well, you told Frank.”
“But Evie was there too!” Mikey stared at me, waiting for it to click. “Wait, she already knew?!?”
“She overheard the conversation and burst in congratulating him, she promised to not to tell anyone, or reveal that she knew.”
“So, he told two people. I told one by accident. Why am I getting totally ignored?”
“I don’t know, he wants to speak to you, go ask him.” Mikey sighed helplessly, his hazel eyes settling on a brown haired girl on the dance floor, who was dancing in with a group of friends “I, uh, have to go speak to that pretty lady over there.” He smiled and walked off in the direction of the brown eyed pale girl.
Sighing, I walked back to the lift and pressed the button to go down one floor to Gerard and mine’s room. When the doors to the lift opened I saw Bob walling a blonde while opening the door to his room one handed, the other on the waist of the girl, her hands were wrapped in Bob’s golden hair, shaking my head; I tiptoed passed them, not that was any chance either of them would notice me. Soon I reached the door of my room, reached for the keycard on my bag and sighed, ready to enter, well okay, I downed the rest of my Champaign before I did.

A/N: hey you lot! As you can see, the people who auditioned for the party have started to flow in; the rest of you shall be added in the next few chapters! Zaine Faraday won’t be in for a quite a while, as I changed the plot... again... Sorry! Anyhoo, rate and review!
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