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My Breaking Point Romance

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“Yeah, Evie and I had so much fun! Hell, we even filmed it!” Frank said and got out his phone, showing the video on the small screen, roars and meows coming from the speakers. “See, we did it...

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“I love you!”
“I love you more!”
“Nu-uh I loves you more!”
“No one could ever love anyone as much as I love you!”
“I think I love you more!”
“No because I lov-”

“Uh, guys, please, we don’t want to vomit here!” Gerard joked as Frank and Evie glared at him. “And anyway, everyone knows that no-one can love anyone as much as I love Rhianne!”
“Or as much as Bob loves Gee’s mum’s waffles!” I added, with a glare from Gee, to which I quickly added, “Or as much as I love Gee!” I place my arms around him and nestled my head into his shoulder.

We were on our ride back to the hotel in the limo, for the wedding reception/house party in the penthouse that followed.

“So, Mrs Iero!” Evie squealed at the mention of her name, “I did the honour of buying you and I a wedding reception outfit!” I grabbed the weekend bag I had placed in the limo earlier and pulled out her bold print 60’s cut dress, making Evie’s eyes light up.
“Where am I gonna get changed before we enter?” Evie cried, balling up her tiny hands into fists.
“What about the limo, the windows are blacked out?” Frank suggested with a kinky look in his eye.
“Err, no.” Evie laughed nervously while threading the dress through her hands.
“Why not?” Frank pouted.
“Because, under my dress, I have a special surprise for tonight.” She mumbled “A surprise that only Frank should see!” She added with a glint in her eye and a wink at Frank.
“Well, Frank, Rhi and me could turn our backs?” Gee suggested, turning his back to her as he did so and convincing Frank to do the same, who reluctantly turned his back to his new wife.
“Oh, Rhi helped me pick it out, she’s already seen it. Actually, can you help me out of my dress?” Frank turned back, wide eyed, staring in shock at me.

“You’ve seen my wife basically naked before me?!?” Frank pouted, obviously hurt.
“But the night you guys met, when we were all wasted? There were animal noises coming from your room...” Gerard blurted out, not believing that Frank had been able to hold off sleeping with Evie for that long.
“We were impersonating the savannah, duh.” Evie revealed in a matter-of-fact tone.
“Yeah, Evie and I had so much fun! Hell, we even filmed it!” Frank said and got out his phone, showing the video on the small screen, roars and meows coming from the speakers. “See, we did it!”
“Great, now I feel like a slut.” I blurted out, going bright red as I did.
“NO!” Gasped Evie “You mean”!” she giggled.
“You two have done it?!” Frank giggled then straightened up “High five man! You finally lost it! And before me!” He held up his hand for Gerard to slap but Gee only glared at him, his chiselled cheeks red.
“You had to fucking mention it didn’t you!” He glared between both of us, obviously not sure who to be angry at.
“Gee I-”
“No, just shut up, okay? Just help Evie get into her fucking dress!” He cut me off, his words like venom, his eyes like daggers. I turned my back and ushered Evie over, her eyes apologetic as she slipped out of her gown into the new one, and then she helped me do the same.
“Done!” Evie chirped as she sat back down next to Frank, who looked her over and gave her a thumbs up, afraid to speak after Gerard’s explosion. Evie snuggled up to him, content as could be and I sat down next to Gerard, who had taken great interest in the passing traffic. I did the same. In the opposite direction.

Why did I have to go fuck things up?

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