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It's A Nice Day For A White Wedding

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A/N: okay, okay! I’m sorry, I’ve had such a hectic month, my granddad died and guess who’s been in and out of hospital and at this moment is drugged up higher than Jesus? That’s right, me! So yadda yadda, I’m in a lot of pain and there’s nothing that can do but I’ll live! Anyway, enjoy!

Vegas was amazing, the lights shimmered and the hustle and bustle of the city sent electric through my veins. We were having a great time, three days into our holiday and I felt like I never wanted it to end.
“Dum Dum Dum-Dum, Dum Dum Dum-Dum!” I giggled as Evie swayed seductively down the penthouse stairs in her lilac wedding dress.
“Oh My God!” She whispered breathlessly. Her eyes went wild as she realised the situation. “I’M GETTING MARRIED!” she shrieked, clapping her hands and jumping on the spot.
“You look gorgeous Evie!” I smiled as I ran and hugged her.
“Girls, I’m not hurrying you but the limos picking us up in a minute.” A timid voice called from behind the door. It was Bob, who was giving Evie away. Evie ran and opened the door, flinging her arms around Bob.
“Thanks so much for doing this!” she squealed, plastering Bob’s cheek in kisses.
“No problem, wow, Rhi, and Eves, you look stunning!”
“Thanks Bobert!” we both tunefully said at the same time.
“Oh shit! Make up!” I screamed and ran to the mirror, hastily applying the eyeliner and eye shadow before adding lipstick to my lips.
“That’s the quickest I’ve seen a girl get ready, EVER!” Bob laughed. Suddenly the phone rang, making us all jump as Bob grabbed it. “Okay, we’ll be down in a moment!” He out the phone down and smiled “Ready to get hitched?” Evie screamed and grabbed her flowers.


“Breathe deeply babes, that’s all you gotta do, you love him and whether you’re shitting yourself or completely calm he loves you too!” I hugged Evie and kissed her cheek before we entered the chapel.
“Ready?” Bob smiled as he took her arm and lead her into the chapel.
The music started to play, the wedding march, and Evie and Bob walked in with me behind them. The guys gasped when they saw Evie, who looked absolutely stunning in her dress. I caught a glimpse of Gerard, who was wearing a suit and tux, it was the first time I’d seen him out of jeans and a t-shirt. He looked so handsome with his raven black hair lightly slicked back and an all black outfit.
The chapel was grand; with a high ceiling and velvet drapes lining the walls, the chairs were neatly stacked down the sides of the room, on the end of each row there was a bunch of white roses, dousing the room with their sweet scent. Evie was holding light pink roses, as was I as we walked down the aisle, all the guys had one pink rose on their lapel.

Soon enough we were at the altar. Bob kissed Evie’s forehead and went to a chair, I grabbed Gerard’s hand pulled us to stand in front of a chair each.
“You look gorgeous!” Gerard whispered in my ear as he kissed my cheek.
Evie and Frank stared into each other’s eyes for a second before turning to the vicar.
“Dear Friends, we are gathered he today to witness the marriage and join this man, Frank Anthony Iero and this women Evie Saunders in holy matrimony. Please, sit!” And with that, we all sat down.
The ceremony went on for a while, Ray fell asleep so Gee kicked him, making Evie burst into laughter. But then the all important part arrived;

“Frank Antony Iero, do you take Evie Saunders as you wife through the good and the bad, for the rest of forever?”
“I do.”
“Evie Saunders, do you take Frank Anthony Iero as your Husband through the good and bad, for the rest of forever?”
“I do!”
“I can now pronounce you Husband and Wife, you may kiss the bride” As Frank kissed Evie, passionately, the rest of us cheered and clapped, and Bob wiped a tear from his eye.

The happy couple walked out of the chapel and I took a picture.

Today was a wonderful day!
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