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You are invited,

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(A/N) Be in the story :)

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A/n: BOOOM! Sorry, I had a strange urge to do that :)
Anyhoo, hello, you wonderful, wonderful people! I have a new need for you! One word:
So basically, there will be a party, and I want EVERYONE, EVERYONE to be at that party so, if you’re reading this right now, you are legible to join the party! HUZZAR! And there’s a chance you can hook up with one of the guys ;) (Frank and Gee are out of bounds, sorry)
SO, I need you to tell me some basic facts and figures;

Who you wanna hook up with:

So, YOU! Yes YOU! Fill that in and put it in the review box :) I can’t guarantee a man but I can try my best to suit every ones needs :) Please, come along, you’ll enjoy it I promise :)

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