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Walk With Me The Diamond Road.

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“VEGAS!!!!!!” “Evie shut up, nap time now K?” “No we’re in Vegas!”

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“Love me love me, say that you love me, fool me fool me, go on and fool me, love me love me, pretend that you love me, leave me leave me, just say that you need me, I can't care 'bout anything but you...”

“FRANK SHUT THE FUCK UP!” The van screeched to a halt as Bob screamed at Frank, causing the cars behind us to screech and beep. “The Cardigans suck! Get that shit out your ears!”
“Bob, may I suggest you carry on driving, the people behind us are getting angry.” Ray said calmly, turning the radio up so none of us, except Evie, could still hear Frank singing.
“And you’re marrying him?!?” Gerard said shaking his head at Evie, who giggled and put her own headphones in.


“I spy with my little eye something beginning with ‘F’” Frank bounced up and down on his seat as we all tried to guess the answer.
“How about Fucking shut up” Gee moaned, it had been four hours and he needed a coffee. And he’d just been woken up.
“No, FRANK!” he giggled.

“Red Car!”
“Blue Car!”
“Red Car!”
“Blue Car!”
“Red Car!”
“Blue Car!”
“Red Car!”
“Blue Car!”
“Red Car!”
“Blue Car!”
“Red Car!”


Most of the gang was asleep now except for Ray, who was driving, and me as I was now in the passenger seat giving directions. Light snores could be coming from Mikey and Bob, in sync with each other.
“Turn right at the next exit Ray.”
“Thanks babe!” he gave a little smile and a wink before doing as instructed. “So, you booked a hotel?”
“Well my dad did. He didn’t want us staying on the side of the road so he phoned up one of his associates to sort it out.”
“Do you know where it is?”
“The first one is just off the highway in a few hours. I think its a 3 star, not that good but it’ll do, we don’t have to stop there if we don’t want to, my dad can get refunds. Second one is the Mandarin Oriental in Las Vegas, 5 star, we’re sharing, though one lot will have to go in a three, and that won’t be Evie and Frank because well, it’s their wedding night. We stay there for 7 days then we’re at the same place on the way home as we were at the start. Next left.”
“Yeah, and my dad booked the wedding chapel too. It’s pretty good, and he set up room service afterwards for a party. It’s gonna be cool!”
“And how are we going to afford all of that?”
“All paid for!” I gave a little wink “It’s my wedding present to them.”
“Jesus, I only got them a cutlery set.” Ray shook his head.
“Straight ahead”
“So, how are you so rich?”
“My dad works at the top of Warner Bros record company. He gets paid quite a lot.”


The next morning we set off again, in better spirits with Mikey driving. Once again most of us fell asleep.
“Evie shut up, nap time now K?”
“No we’re in Vegas!”
I opened my eyes to see that we were there, the bright lights dazing my sleepy eyes.

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