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Road Trip!

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'“Oh Frank get over it! I have no clothes on, big deal!”' I'M BAAAACK DARLS!

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A/N: hello lovelies! Sorry for the very long wait! I’ve had GCSE’s and I also found out I was dyslexic, so that’s my excuse for my crappy writing skills and I had food poisoning :/. ANYHOO! Here you go babbys; enjoy!

P.S: Jam Sandwich won the competition via email; she came up with a rather amazing character! Everyone else that entered, you guys were amazing too, but I had to choose, so sorry! Forgive me? And Zaine Faraday will be in the story very soon!

“MORNING LOVEBIRDS!” There was a loud smack and an ‘ooft’ before I opened my eyes. I turned to my left to see Gee sitting up topless in bed staring at the floor with a pissed off expression on his face. Crawling over onto Gee’s lap I peered over to his eye line to see Frank sprawled on the floor moaning.
“Gee, what did you do?” I nearly screeched, jumping out of bed and running round to Frank and attempting to pick him up. Frank’s eyes popped when he saw me.
“Holy smokes!” Frank sighed and his eyes moved down my body. Looking down I realised that I was only in my bra and a pair of Gee’s boxers.
“Oh Frank get over it! I have no clothes on, big deal!” I got up and wrapped my robe around me.
“It’s not you I’m worried about, if you’re wearing Gee’s boxers, what’s he wearing?” Frank asked, I giggled. “Oh my god! Is he wearing your underwear?!?”
“No, I’m wearing another pair of my boxers!” Gee said grumpily, he was obviously still half asleep, he hated being woken up, especially by Frank, who pissed him off most of the time but before he had drank at least one cup of coffee, anyone who spoke to Gee, let alone woke him up, had a death wish.
“RHIANNNNNNEEEEEEEEE!” Evie came streaking into the room, grabbing me by the arms and shaking me. “I HAVE NOTHING TO WEAR! I CAN’T GET MARRIED IN SKINNIES! HELP ME!”
“Why not?” Frank questioned, we both glared at him and he took a step back. “Gee, come with me to order a tux before these two kill me!”
“I’ll kill you if you don’t let me FUCKING SLEEP!” Gee moaned and turned onto his side, huffing as he did. I tutted and turned back to Evie.
“Luckily, as your bridesmaid, I took the liberty of making our dresses.” Moving turning around to see Gerard had his hands around Frank’s throat for obviously trying to wake him up again I ran over and managed to make him release his grip.

“BOYS: OUT!” After literally having to drag Gerard out of the bed and chucking him his t-shirt and a pair of his jeans out of my cupboard to make a start at him waking up, Evie let out a wolf whistle after seeing Gerard’s bare chest; letting her eyes noticeably sweep over his well formed six pack before whispering ’You’re a very lucky woman!’, I unintentionally glared at her and made him hurry up changing, still noticing her eyes on his body. When Frank and Gee were out I pushed her to the closet and sifted through the racks of clothes. “Ah Ha!” slowly I pulled out the dresses I had been working on all week.

“W-O-W! That’s a beaut!” Evie screamed and grabbed the dress I had made for her, the mauve material swishing with the movement of her holding up to her body and twirling around.
“Try it on then!” I pushed her into the corner to get changed as I found my dress, a lilac cotton halter neck 1950’s inspired dress and began to try it on also, grabbing the pins from my sewing set to alter Evie’s dress where needed. I turned around to see Evie twirling the dress, the material hugging in all the right places and the darker mauve frills sitting neatly on her hips. “It looks Perfect! I don’t have to change it!”
“Wow Rhi! You’ve done an amazing job! And you look totally hot!” Evie ran and hugged me before straightening both her dress and mine out. “Now what?”
“We take off our dresses, pack, and get in the back of Bob’s van to drive to Vegas!” I smilled and took off my dress, changing into a pair of trackies and a strap top, it was a 2 day journey (Estimate taken from Google maps) and I wanted to be comfortable.


“Now honey, be careful!” my dad hugged me as I went to join the others in the van. “I love you honey and I don’t want you to get hurt! And uh, be safe.” My dad rubbed the back of his neck as he said the last line, turning bright red and looking at the ground.
“Sure thing dad, c’ya!” I began to skip out the door.
“Wait up!” Cynthia screamed as she ran down the spiral stairs, carrying a large suitcase. “I wanna go!”
“Uh, Cindy? This is a grownups trip.” I smiled and hugged her when her tiny lip pouted. “Sorry honey. I’ll see you in a week!”
“Here’s your spending money darling!” Holly handed me a rather large wad of cash.
“Wow! Uh, thanks! Bye!” I hugged them all again and ran out the door. And jumped into the back of the minivan. “Lets roll!”.

A/N: this is Rhi’s Bridesmaids dress: and Evie’s wedding dress: so have a butches and enjoy! R&R!
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