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I stood outside the school gates for Gerard, I though I might as well. There was a guy also waiting for someone. He had a bat tattooed on his hand, must like batman. I stood there, I saw Gerard coming out of the school, I smiled.
The guy waved at Gerard. Gerard walked over to him. The guy tried to kiss him but Gerard turned away.
“Keep away Matt, I told you before,” Gerard said.
“But I love you, I want you back, I want you so bad,” the guy said.
“I don’t care, all you want is a quick fuck, just like you did when you cheated, I’m not taking you back,” Gerard said.
“You’ll beg me back, when you want to be fucked, just like before you left, you wanted it so bad that we did it in the toilets,” Matt said.
“That’s different, I’m with someone,” Gerard said.
“Someone better that me?” he asked.
“Way better,” Gerard answered.
Matt laughed.
“You’ll want me back, you’ll get bored of the whole love thing and want just a fuck,” Matt said.
“I’m happy with the guy I’m with,” he said.
“For now,” He said.
Gerard saw me. Matt turned around.
“Run along kid you should listen into other conversations,” he said.
I looked at Gee then walked away.
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