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Telling him

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Frank’s P.O.V.
“Well, There are a few things,” he said.
“Like?” I asked.
“I, my Dad, he use to be an alcoholic, he beat up my mom when I was five years old, then one night I stood in between then and dad threw me across the room and carried on beating me, my mom tried to get him off me, but he punched her and her head knocked into a table and she was took straight to hospital. Then my mom found out she was pregnant with Mikey, my dad stopped drinking, he still feels guilt and anger about what he did. When I was fourteen, a friend of my Dad’s came over and tried to…rape me, Thank God my mom walked in, he’s in prison for it, I started drinking and doing drugs, it took me a while to get off but I did,” he said.
I stroked his cheek.
“I love you even more for telling me now,” he said.
“Really? Why?” he asked.
“Because you must trust me,” I answered.
“Of course I do, I love you to bits,” he said.
He kissed me gently.

A/N: Short I know, sorry xoxo
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