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Part IV

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The interruption.

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Author’s Note: Thought or Emphasis; Flashback; Thought or Emphasis in Flashback

I do not own Teen Titans, but I wish I owned Raven’s magic mirror from “Nevermore.” Happy Raven seems kind of fun! The changing gravity and creepy landscape, though, not so much. Read and review.

Teen Titans: You Idiot…

Part IV

A yell distorted from the sound of crushing metal.

The blinding glow of a vermillion laser.

Blackness, for a second.

Then, a huge green creature, its body limp, its bloody chest heaving weakly.

A hoarse cry. “No…”

The blast of the Titans’ crime alarm rushed into her bedroom. The red lights’ flash was visible just underneath the door. Slightly frazzled violet hair reluctantly popped up from the pillow.

For Raven, sleep was not easy, especially after her meditation session the night before. In fact, it was almost 9 a.m., much later from her usual wake up at dawn. Every time she dozed off, however, those same sights and sounds would surface.

She knew they were from the incident. They had to be. The vision—memory—nightmare always centered around that moment, and like her recollection yesterday, after that was a blur. Why can’t I go further?

There was one possible reason she could think of: she had not seen him yet. Maybe he’s the answer; he might… trigger something. For now, though…

The Titans united in the living room as the alarm began to cease. The computer array rose from under the big-screen television. Robin addressed the team as they all watched the map on-screen. “Someone at the Second National Bank is calling herself the Terrible Toad. Cyborg’s staying here to take care of Beast Boy so it’s up to the three of us.”

For the first day since the incident, Starfire’s light frown replaced itself with a glare of determination. No one would get hurt again. Besides, she needed something to take her sadness out on. “We will win.”

Raven’s face, as usual, did not change. She marked the new villainess as a mere distraction from her plan. “I guess tea”—and other things, she added mentally—“will have to wait.”

A woman with incredible girth, a green and black bodysuit with green metal gauntlets, and a hunched posture burst through a wall of a bank in the western part of the city. She slung two bags of stolen money over her shoulder.

“None can stop me!” the villainess announced in a deep croaking voice. “Now you can all watch as I leap into fame as the greatest thief ever! Mwaha—oof!”

A birdarang to the face quieted her impending evil laugh. Robin swooped by grappling hook into the scene; Starfire and Raven hovered on either side.

The large woman noticed the formation. She was new to Jump City, but did hear of the team and knew at least one thing. “Hey, aren’t there usually five of you?”

“Please do not remind us.” Starfire muttered.

Robin changed the subject with his obligatory hero banter. “That doesn’t matter. You’ll still be eating flies in a jail cell before long. Titans, GO!”

The Terrible Toad rubbed the bruise forming on her right cheek. She slowly deepened her crouch and dropped her stolen gains. “Grrr… now I’m hopping mad!” Releasing the tension on her powerful leg muscles, she surged into the air.

The Titans split apart as the Toad landed toward them. A boom resounded as her landing left a crater.

The shockwave caused Robin to lose his footing in a second, giving the Toad a moment to open her wide mouth. Her huge tongue, weighted at the tip, lashed out and slammed into him.

As he flew into the distance, Robin aimed an explosive disk at the Toad’s feet, sending her airborne. Unfortunately, the villainess merely righted herself and landed a few feet back. Using the force of her landing, she launched at his now defenseless body with ballistic speed.

Starfire, however, hurtled herself at and intercepted the black and green cannonball, crashing her into a wall. In retaliation, the Toad grabbed large chunks of debris and tossed them at the alien princess. Starfire smashed each of the four pieces with a punch, but did not foresee the tongue that wrapped around her and smashed her into the ground.

The amphibious adversary’s face shifted into a smile as her tongue began to retract. Two down, one to—wha? Suddenly, her most versatile weapon halted in mid-air. The smile that once formed on her open maw dropped as something covered her weapon in black energy.

“That’s enough of this.” Raven floated into view, her left hand outstretched and covered in her familiar magic. As she retracted and shot it forward, the tongue moved in accord, flying back to its owner. It made contact with the Toad’s face, causing her to stumble back. Raven reached back and started again. The hapless woman’s tongue collided five more times with her own skull before the villain fell forward and down.

The others collected themselves from their landing points. Robin managed to dust himself off from his short flight just in time to see Raven’s reversal. The only thought through his mind was Ouch. That must have hurt. “Um, good job, Raven.”

Starfire got up from her crater. She shook off the concrete and frowned, as she knew that there was still some in her hair, but she was relieved that Robin was okay.

Raven levitated over to them, a smirk belying her impatience.

“So, are we done here?”
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