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Preview to You Idiot Extra

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The title already says it.

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Author's Note: I don't own Teen Titans, but I wish I could show you what I wrote after this fic...

Oh, wait, I can. And I think I will! Here are some bits from the current "epilogue/sequel" to You Idiot, one of possibly multiple short stories. And don't worry, folks. The fight scene is longer than this.

Teen Titans: You Idiot

Extra--A Preview

It was time to Jacob Reginald Kane to make a move! Yes, today would indeed be a good one, unlike that day a little over a month ago, when a legion of robots led by a bird-like scientist crushed his car into a pancake.

Determined, Jacob took a calming breath, folded up his paper, and stepped out of his seat, hoping to ask Ashley out when the line wore down.

The last customer cleared.

Jacob stepped up to the counter.

He saw those pearly white teeth again as the coffee shop worker opened her mouth…

…and screamed “OH MY GOD!” as a creature fell from the sky, landing with enough impact to flatten the sedan at the curb as well as shatter the café’s front window.

The last thing the young corporate flunkie remembered before blacking out from fright at the monster:

Not my car again…

“So,” Raven gave the obvious question in everyone’s heads, “How do we beat this… cat-creature?”

As if that was its name, the leopard-lion ceased sharpening its claws and turned to the team. Its growl noted that the beast did not like to be disturbed. Another strong message was its roar, powerful enough to shatter the windows down the path to the Titans and knock all four off their feet.

The disheveled Cyborg, currently lifting his body off Starfire, had a suggestion:

“I say we hit it.”

“And hit it hard,” Robin added. Whipping out his titanium staff, the leader gave off his trademark cry:

“Titans, GO!”

Cyborg decided to fight sound with sound by firing his sonic cannon. The sound waves collided with a boom that caused the asphalt beneath to crack and any bystanders brave enough to stay to cover their ears. The half-robot smirked as the blue blast started to gain ground, only for that same smirk to fall as his arm sparked—the attack from before indeed left some damage.

“Azarath Metrion Zinthos!” Raven shouted her mantra and supported the weakening sonic shot with a black wave of her own, but too late; the resonance of the waves reached its maximum, causing an explosion that knocked her into a street lamp. Darkness swept over her vision as she heard Robin’s voice shout.


So there you have it, folks! Like I said at the top of the page, it's kind of an epilogue, but I uploaded it here as its own story titled "You Idiot Extra". Check it out, and when you do (because I know you'll go), follow those words at the bottom that say "Review this chapter". Come on... don't leave the little words lonely and unloved! Click them and give some love!

Till then, my Titanic readers.
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