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Long Live the Car Crash Hearts

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Part II of II. It gets messier than you think.

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Well. I don't even know what to say. My poor baby is finally getting updated! Hopefully some of my readers are still around. Sorry it took so long. I just really didn't like where I was taking this, but I'm pretty satisfied with it now. Please review, because without you my stories don't feel the same.

Beckett and Pete stood glaring at each other until Beckett’s face broke into a smirk.

“And how are you supposed to kill me? With your bare hands?” Beckett asked, condescendingly laughing.

Pete slowly bent over, his eyes glued to Beckett’s face as he grabbed another sword and its sheath from the ground.

“I figure since you’re so obsessed with being a gentleman, you might as well die fighting like the gentleman you say you are,” Pete called out, removing the sword.

Beckett laughed. “Stump must have told you that one of the only known facts about my mortal life involved me being an expert swordsman?”

Gwen immediately jumped to her feet in front of Pete. “Don’t do this, please, I’m begging you,” she whispered.

“Even she’s telling you to back off, Wentz. Might as well listen to her,” Beckett called out, leaning on his sword.

Pete stared at Gwen, at her pleading eyes tormenting him. “No. I’m not going to let you leave this room alive after what you’ve done to Gwen, to all of us.”

“I’m not alive to begin with,” he answered mockingly, not in the least bit nervous.

She was shaking her head at Pete, who started, “Why don’t you—”

But he never finished, because Beckett shoved Gwen away and attacked Pete with his sword. Pete jumped aside, barely missing the shining silvery blade.

“You better give in now to save face, Peter,” Beckett cackled, parrying and swinging his sword forward.

Pete ignored the comment and he twirled around him, forcing their swords to clash to a halt. “I’m never giving her up,” Pete answered, gritting his teeth and trying to force Beckett’s sword to his neck.

“Don’t you get it? She never belonged to you,” he shot back, forcing his sword up and Pete away from him.
Pete only snarled and ran toward Beckett. He quickly jabbed at Becket, but his opponent twirled out of the way and slashed his sword against Pete’s. Beckett swung his sword, aiming at Pete’s head, but Pete flipped backwards and struck Beckett’s sword back. Pete tried to swipe Beckett at a low angle, forcing Beckett to jump and jump out of the way. Beckett only caught his breath as Pete cornered him and found himself without a sword.

“Any last words?” Pete smugly asked, his sword close to Beckett’s heart.

Beckett backed down and hissed. “Yes.”

“Just let it him go, he’s done,” Gwen begged.

She distracted Pete’s attention and Beckett took advantage, grabbing Gwen and leering at him.

“Peter, do you want to know what will happen if a vampire bites her so soon after she became human again?”

Clearly Gwen was about to say something hateful, but the words disappeared, her lips in the shape of a sharp “o,” her eyes fearfully searching Pete’s eyes. She had no clue if Beckett was only bluffing, but she knew that Pete would never lie to her at a moment like this.

“Don’t listen to him,” Pete coolly answered, but his sword came no closer to Beckett.

Her eyes widened in fear at the realization that she might never leave the room alive again.

“She,” he murmured, his hands drawing Gwen closer to him, his lips close to hers, “would die. Very painfully, I might add.”

Again he cackled, and without seeing how clouded over Gwen’s eyes looked for a moment. They stared at each other, completely forgetting about Beckett, casting him aside. Both of them believed the other to be dead until a short time ago, and to sink into that breathless despair wasn’t an option anymore. It wasn’t supposed to end this way, she wanted to desperately kiss him at least one more time, hold him, or at least touch him—

“You wouldn’t dare,” Pete raised his voice confidently, nodding subtly at Gwen.

Beckett ran his fingers up her body, stopping at her neck, tracing circles until he suddenly tilted her head back. “You’re right, of course. I wouldn’t dare.”

A split second passed before both of them yelled “No!”
Pete raised his sword, but Gwen could see that he was shaking. This wasn’t going to happen, she knew that. Pete would never hurt her intentionally.

“When was the last time you drank anything? Minutes, hours, half a day? I bet you’re dying to get a taste of her, a thought that always crossed my mind. Wouldn’t you like to feel her in your arms one last time?”

Gwen could feel Beckett’s smirk against her face, but she didn’t struggle. She watched as Pete began to violently shake, his eyes looking more hungrily at her as if he wanted to devour her.

“Don’t you listen to him, he would never let you touch me, I swear, Pete. Just go, leave me here—”

But instead of listening to her, Pete’s sword clanked to the floor as he hunched over in pain. She tried to help him, but Beckett pulled her closer to him.

“There is a way to fix that little problem, though. If you’re gone, you can’t hurt her, the only woman who ever meant anything to you.”

His words dripped so much honey that neither reacted immediately.

“No,” Gwen whispered in horror.

“Sooner or later you won’t be able to be near Gwen without wanting her, and we both know how you’d die without her…” Beckett continued smugly.

Pete slowly lifted his pained face to theirs and Gwen knew his answer before he spoke.

“No! I won’t let you! Pete, I need you, please don’t!” she tearfully said, now leaning on Beckett. “ you,” she added softly.

He watched the tears roll down her face before slowly offering his sword up. “That’s why I have to do this.”

But Beckett wasn’t taking the sword, only grinning as if he knew a secret. “Who said that I’m killing you?”

His words filled Gwen with rage, and now she beat at Beckett with her fists. “You heartless bastard! You want to take Pete away from me and now you want me to…” she couldn’t say it. “I won’t do it, I swear!”

Beckett winked at Pete as if he knew what he was saying without saying anything.

“Then do it for me,” Pete whispered.

Beckett lifted her hair away from her neck and whispered seductively in her ear, “Do it.”

She somehow found herself taking the sword and stepped closer to Pete. It felt like something was forcing her forward without her brain telling her to. Gwen felt Beckett’s appreciative fingers leave her bare skin as she came toward Pete with the sword raised.

“I’m sorry,” Pete told her, but she couldn’t speak.

The sword went toward Pete’s heart, Gwen’s vision blurred with tears, and Beckett laughed—

“I’m not,” Gwen said.

Before Beckett could question her, Gwen turned and Pete grabbed onto her hands and the sword. Beckett’s eyes didn’t betray an emotion as they charged and sank the sword into him, pinning him to the wall behind them.

“What the hell do you thinking you’re doing? You missed!” Beckett called out, laughing in complete amusement as he pointed at the sword in his shoulder.

“Who said we were trying to aim for your heart?” Gwen said with a smirk. “You don’t have one.”

“Well, this is ridiculous, what could you possibly—” Beckett stopped speaking when he realized he couldn’t unpin himself from the wall.

Pete grabbed one of the candles nearby and lit Beckett on fire.

“It’s like you told me after you bit me, Beckett…no hard feelings.”

He stepped back, and pulled Gwen protectively with him. Beckett let out a crazed yell and writhed from the pain. “When I get you, I’ll rip you apart!”

Beckett could say no more; he only clutched at the sword in desperate attempts to escape. The fire traveled quickly up his body, but nothing seemed to happen to him, no quick dust cloud.


Beckett let out one last animalistic growl and burst into a giant explosion of fire that threw them backwards toward the opposite wall. They fell into a heap nearby each other as the room destroyed itself around them. Gwen could barely see anything, groping around as the dust whirled and a thousand screams pierced the night.

“Peter Rabbit!”

She was heavily injured but she knew he would be far worse off. Her fingers brushed against something warm, which turned out to be a leg—she scrambled over to Pete’s body. He was coughing, his body pinned under rubble and his face bloody and bruised.

“Gwendolyn,” he murmured with a smile.

She smiled weakly back as she brushed his dark hair from his eyes and held his hand. “How many times have I told you not to call me that?”

“Just enough to tease you with it.”

Gwen almost laughed until she felt something was wrong. He wasn’t focusing on her face anymore, and his fingers were losing their grip.

“Pete! You can’t leave the boys, you can’t leave me!”

His head slumped back and his eyes closed, leaving Gwen to frantically try to help the one person who may have saved everything.
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