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Trade Baby Blues for Wide-eyed Browns

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Part I of II. Isn't it strange how they're attracted to disaster?

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Wow, I think I deserve a good kicking for being gone for so long. I'm terrible, I know, but honestly this last few are giving me hell to write. I had a zillion ideas how to do this, so hopefully the end result works. Anywho, I'll post the second part of this chapter soon if my brain doesn't explode before then, m'kay? You know the drill: reviews = true effing love. Oh and P.S. Take the ratings with a grain a salt, if you know what I mean.

Gwen’s eyes popped open, but at the moment her surroundings didn’t concern her. She painfully gasped, her lungs tightening as the shockingly freezing air hit her. Short, choppy breathes wracked her body, forcing her to arch her back and throw her head back.

She spent no time wondering what the hell was going on, because at the next moment a deliciously smooth voice whispered into her ear.

“Yes, you’re alive…and now you’re mine, darling.”

Her lungs still tightened and she could barely breathe, but she still attempted to get up before arms tightened around her body, a face pressed to the nape of her neck. She thought maybe she’d go crazy if she couldn’t lie still for a second, but she still managed to croak out, “Beckett, let go of me.”

He chuckled in the darkness, his fingers now expertly tracing up and down her body. Even if she was barely getting used to being alive again, she could tell by the way their bodies were meshed together that they were in a small room, maybe a closet.

“Never,” he murmured, recoiling from something that Gwen couldn’t see.

She glanced down, seeing that a ray of light appeared below them, as if underneath a door at sunset, because it was dwindling away quickly. Beckett suddenly pushed her to her feet, quickly opening the door and twirling her out in an instant. By sheer force, she stumbled, but Beckett gracefully reached for her before she fell. Her breathing was returning to normal, but apparently her brain still wasn’t functioning yet.

“Wh—what where is everyone?” she stuttered, aware that her heart was racing at his touch.

Beckett let her go. She thought to run, but he lit up the room seconds later with a candle. She glanced about the room which was dressed in dark blues. Everything looked ordinary, but in her eyes—her human eyes—everything was different.

Gwen allowed herself to look at Beckett’s face, which told her that he was pleased she had survived with only bruises to her neck and cheek. Beckett himself looked as though he hadn’t even been in a scuffle—still dressed to kill and oozing charm.

“Either dead or close to it, I expect,” he slowly drawled, eyeing her with a grin.

“Don’t—don’t joke about that. Where are the boys? I need to see if—”

Maybe she should have kept quiet. His eyes flashed with anger. “And you! Why couldn’t you go through with it? You’ve ruined everything! Do you realize what you’ve done to me?”

What could she say to that and still stay alive?

“I’m. I’m sorry,” she whispered, backing away from the furious Beckett.

“Do you realize what you’ve given up? And for what? That impulsive, disgusting, useless pathetic shell of a vampire?” he roared.

Big mistake on his part. Now she stepped forward, hands angrily balled up into fists. “Don’t you ever, EVER say another word about Pete! He’s an amazing person with so much talent, so much passion for his writing. He’s perfect the way he is, even with all of his flaws, and he loves his friends and family with all of his heart. He’d die for them! And that’s why you hate him! Because you will never be like him!”

Silence met with her words, and she realized what a big mistake he made. It was eerie how Beckett silently accepted her thoughts. She struggled to keep from shaking.

“I can’t decide whether you’re more beautiful alive or dead,” he murmured.

Gwen uncertainly stood there for a second. “What?”

Beckett didn’t answer her, and she found herself curled into his arms, his lips ferociously kissing hers. Shock turned into horror at the realization that she was eagerly kissing him back, but not of her own free will.

He gently released her lips, gently caressing her face with his fingertips.

“What are you doing to me?” she asked almost drunkenly.

“Oh, I think you already know…”

He kissed her collarbone, working his way up her neck, but she only felt a mixture of pleasure and fear. Gwen finally snatched her arms away from his neck and pressed them to her chest, unable to move away.


Her pitiful begging seemed to only make Beckett want her more. Without warning, he swiftly ripped off her dress and threw it to the floor, watching as she tried to cover herself up and how her fingers ignored her thoughts. Gwen was shaking again because she knew she never wanted to touch this drop-dead gorgeous vampire ever again, but she couldn’t stop her body from wanting him.

“Don’t lie to yourself anymore, sweetheart,” Beckett told her quietly, his eyes dancing with anticipation.

Maybe…maybe this wasn’t Beckett’s fault, Gwen decided. Pete was stupid enough to…well, it didn’t matter anymore. There was no more Pete, no more love, no more life…

Gwen wrapped her arms around Beckett’s neck and he caught her in his arms as she hopped up. Their lips connected with such force that she was afraid he might bite her. They fell to the bed against the wall, entangled together with Beckett on top.

Beckett’s long, cold fingers sent shivers up her spine as he reached up to unsnap her bra. He didn’t though; as he teasingly traced his way back to her breasts, Gwen felt the doubt again. These thoughts, his oddly warm body, his wandering mouth muddled her mind. Was she really truly sure that she was doing this of her own will?

Beckett already made quick work of his shirt and jacket, now working on his pants. Their bodies were grinding into each other, her breasts crushed against his bare chest.

“I don’t care anymore,” she muttered into his chest.

His vicious, victorious smirk above her didn’t give her any hope, but in an instant, Beckett’s satisfied expression turned into one of surprise. Gwen sucked in her breath at the touch of something cold and metallic almost stabbing her lower abdomen. Beckett rolled off her, revealing Pete standing above them, a hurt and betrayed expression on his face.

“Pete?!” she cried out, forgetting her partial nudity and anything else.

Without another thought, she leapt into his arms. Chillingly cold laughter shot Gwen’s happiness down. Pete was still a frozen statue, his arms not even attempting to encircle her.

“So he lives,” Beckett snarled.

He stood, revealing a glistening sword stuck into his lower body. An evil chuckle escaped his lips and he wrenched the sword out without batting an eye. The wound immediately healed as the sword clattered to the floor. Beckett quickly dressed again, looking again as if nothing had happened to him.

Pete finally tightened his arms around Gwen. “I missed. I meant to aim lower,” Pete shot back.

The two vampires glared at each other until Beckett glanced at the shivering Gwen.

“She’s mine,” he simply said.

“Like hell she is,” Pete answered and gently pushed Gwen away.

It took her a moment to hear the words he whispered under his breath to her, and they hit her hard, forcing her to stumble to the bed to carefully watch the two vampires.

I love you, Gwendolyn Reese. I love you.
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