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Baby Seasons Change But People Don't

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Here's the breaking point, kids. Don't say I didn't warn you.

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Okay, it's been a looong, looong time, I know. But bear with me, I was having...difficulties with this one. Anyway, it's almost the end, so enjoy it while you can. Brought to you by love (reviews), so PLEASE keep on reviewing!

Pete didn’t even notice he closed his eyes, waiting for the worst moment of his life to happen, to completely lose the woman he loved. He felt as if he had waited for eternity. But the moment never came.

Instead, he heard someone shout, “Now!”

Wait, what?

Pete opened his eyes just as he was pushed back into a mob of surging vampires. The circle was now broken, scattered throughout the room. The candles fell to the floor, sending a wave of fire across the room. Where Gwen once stood, an unnamed vampire was gasping and clutching at a piece of glass in his chest before puffing into nothingness.

Pete’s brain only snapped back to reality when Patrick jumped into his sight, fighting a vampire.

“Move your ass, idiot!” he shouted.

Without further hesitation, Pete grabbed a nearby chair and snapped an arm off to create a stake. The vampires scuttled everywhere, attempting to escape the boys’ hands and the flames shooting across the room.

"Well, are you going to actually fight or are you going to continue standing there like the moron you are?” Urie’s voice suddenly cut in.

Urie leaned on an armchair, looking bored despite the fact that a Dandy flew through the air behind him and flames were closing in on him.

“Are you going to be a man or are you going to run and hide as usual?” Pete snarled back.

“I’m not a man. I’m better.” Urie smirked, hands in his pockets as he turned to face Pete. However, Pete lunged forward and Urie calmly turned and punched Pete’s face.

“You have no idea how long I’ve wanted to do that,” Urie laughed, raising his fists in front of his face.

Pete didn’t answer but quickly twirled, elbowing Urie’s stomach and punching his face. Urie growled, rushing toward Pete, who accidentally dropped the piece of wood in his hands. They flipped backward onto an armchair with Urie on top. As he reached for Pete’s neck, both of them momentarily forgot their fight at the sound of a screeching voice and looked behind them.

“You’re so pathetic! Whoever named you the Red Queen was out of his mind!” Gwen shouted at Lilith, who quickly slapped her.

A wicked grin spread across Urie’s lips. “You’re still in love with her, eh? It’s a pity, really…such a pretty little vampire gone to waste. Speaking of which, do you remember what she tastes like?” Pete reacted by gritting his teeth together and trying to choke Urie, who continued on, “What’s she like in bed? Does she scream for you too?”

A quick flash of Pete’s hand shut him up. Urie gasped, touching the painful scratch on his face, which was healing surprisingly slow. “You—“

Pete reached up again, but Urie narrowed his eyes, jumping to his feet and kicking the armchair backward, sending both Pete and it flying. Pete got up in time to see Urie disappear in the mob of vampires. He rolled his eyes and scanned the crowd to look for Gwen. She was still standing near the side of the room, now scratching, punching, pulling, and kicking at Lilith. He tried to get closer, but a few vampires got in his way.

“You never loved him, did you?” Gwen screamed.

Me? Pete wondered, thoughtlessly fighting with the pathetic swarm of vampires.

“How dare you ask me that!”

The pain in her voice changed Gwen’s demeanor. Instead of continuing to fight like an idiot, she grabbed a candlestick, expertly flipping it into the air and effortlessly catching it one-handed before crouching into a position that would allow her to quickly attack. Lilith stepped back in shock.

“What, did you honestly think Pete wouldn’t train me? He protects the people he loves. And guess what? He never loved you. How does it feel to not even be second best?”

Lilith’s eyes widened in fury, and she charged forward toward Gwen, prompting Pete to fight his way over. She might know how to fight, but his ex was something else. Her fingers didn’t even graze Gwen, who stepped aside, allowing Lilith to crash through a giant rose-colored window. A disbelieving Pete reached the window in time to see Lilith fall four stories to the ground.

After being stunned for a moment, Lilith cackled evilly. “There’s not even a scra--“

Her eyes now widened in fear, staring at the unmistakable glow beyond the horizon.

“Good-bye, I hope you choke on those words, that last kiss, and the bottle!” Pete shouted.

Lilith shielded her eyes, her arms reaching for the sky. But it was too late.

“No! Eden!” she screamed.

The sunlight fell on a shrieking Lilith, exploding her into a million flecks of dust and fire. Pete felt a satisfied smile spread across his lips until his eyes looked up at Gwen, who was busy shrinking away from the sunlight. He didn’t know what to think or feel about her, or even what she was thinking, but it didn’t matter anyway—he was feeling faint, and he suddenly dropped to his knees, giving away to the darkness again.
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