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Drink Down That Gin and Kerosene

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Climax, orly? (boardie love)

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Wow. This has been in my head for a few months now...meaning that this is practically my baby. It's a bit violent at times, but not too bad. Actually, I couldn't figure out a title for this, but hey, what's a few more pages with scribbles on them? Reviews, as always, equal love.

"Don't you dare touch that doorknob, Urie."

Pete laughed a little inside when the door swung open.

"You know perfectly well that I don't fall for your bullshit," Urie answered, smirking.

Lilith glared at him and went out the door. "It's not bullshit if it works."

She walked past him, swinging her hips as she went. Urie paid her no attention.
"It all makes sense now, why you got so pissed when I staked Ross," Pete said. "I didn't know you swing that way."

An obvious blush crept up Urie's cheeks and Lilith cackled. "Such a cheeky boy, isn’t he?" she said, winking.

Urie sullenly led them down the hall, but only because Lilith was too busy priding herself about the new Pete. For his part, only a small voice protested in the back of his mind. Since when did he freely choose to make Lilith happy?

Well, who cares?

If he was going to live with these soul-sucking vampires, he was going to take advantage of being a favorite. Might as well be an asshole just because he could. It was freedom like he never knew.

"How long will the ceremony last?"

"It's faster than you think, Peter," she answered, snaking her arm around his.

"So faster than it takes for Urie to finish?" Pete quipped.

"No, that's much too soon," she shot back.

Urie threw open the double doors as Lilith and Pete were still laughing maliciously. Urie moved out of sight, but Pete still caught the wicked smirk on his face.

What was that all about? Maybe a bit of revenge?

"Finally come to grace us with your presence?" Beckett called out. He stood with his back to them in front of a large stone fireplace.

Another voice blocked out Lilith's answer. "PETE!"

A quick glance around the room, and Pete saw a couple of vampires manhandling Patrick, Joe, and Andy. Patrick was struggling furiously.

"Can't you do your job right? I thought I told you these morons are useless," Pete snapped.

Might as well do the best he could to save them. It didn’t matter what they thought of him as long as they were alive.
Patrick stopped struggling, only standing there dumbfounded. The somewhat hopeful looks on Andy and Joe's faces slipped away.

"Is that so?" Beckett questioned, still refusing to face them.

Lilith patted Pete's arm. "Peter...has had a change of heart. He's no longer tied down by idiotic emotional relationships that mortals adore," Lilith purred, kissing Pete's cheek.

"You're a lying bitch!" Patrick shouted.

The goon holding Joe back swiftly punched Patrick's face, forcing him to his knees.

"Will you please shut him up?" Beckett said, his control shaking.

Patrick stood up, spitting up blood (Pete’s nails dug into his palms). The others barely restrained themselves from shouting something else out.

"Now that they're quiet, we should start, Beckett."

"Patience, Lilith. We're still missing someone very important."

Urie left the room, ignoring the dramatic sigh from Lilith.
Pete re-buttoned his jacket and sat down in an armchair. He wasn't the least bit surprised to find that this was the same room from Lilith's memories of...he gulped, willing himself not to think of her.

Urie came back into the room with an uninviting smirk on his face. A familiar voice called out in the hallway. "William, is that bitch still baring her fangs?"

No one made a sound--Gwen walked in with perfect silence. She wore a black baby doll dress with matching heels, her nose buried in a book.

"If by 'bitch' you mean you, then yes," Lilith snapped back.

It was then that Gwen lowered the book and tossed it on the table in front of Pete. The Vampire Lestat Pete read from the cover, slightly amused. It was also then that Gwen's cold smile revealed her fangs to the boys.

"What the hell is going on around here?" Andy yelled.

Pete quietly agreed with Andy, but knew it didn't matter.

"Hmm. Yes, what is going on, darling?" she said, wrapping her arms around Beckett's neck and kissing him gently. Patrick mouthed 'darling' in shock, unable to take in the controlled bitterness evident in Pete's face. "Why are they still here?" She slid around Beckett and stood next to him, her hand placed on her popped out hip.

"At least someone else has a brain around here," Pete muttered, pulling at his sleeves.

'Wentz," Gwen let out with a tired voice.
Pete just nodded and looked away. Anything else, and the coldness would slip away, maybe with his best friends’ lives.

"I should have let those stakes hit you, traitor," Joe muttered.

"And I would have ripped your arms off," Beckett snarled back, turning around and wrapping his arms around Gwen.

"Let's get on with it already," Lilith added, clearly annoyed.

"What? No eagerness to tell them how we played them like the fools they are?” Pete pretended to know what was going on. Not like it mattered anymore. “Fine, I'll tell. First, we planted Gwen and two useless vampires near where Peter loved to patrol years ago."

Patrick's jaw dropped, now realizing why her appearance bothered him so. No attacks for days and then just coincidentally a beautifully dressed damsel in distress popped up of nowhere?

Pete’s lips twitched. There was no way any of this could be possible. Or maybe he was just playing the fool. Not like it mattered, Gwen was Beckett’s, he was Lillith’s chew toy again and the boys were in trouble.
"We have been waiting for the perfect moment to attack. Only when Peter was absolutely in love with my Gwen could we dare. And now, we will stop the uprising against vampires by crowning Peter as a higher level vampire...and Gwen will take her place by my side," Beckett smugly finished.

"You know, you're a sick son of a bitch but I like your style," Pete said, getting up and brushing himself off.

A malicious grin spread across Beckett's lips but Gwen slid out of his arms. "Start the ceremony already, William."

The boys watched anxiously as Pete and Gwen stood face to face.
"What do you have to do with anything, Gwen?" Pete asked coldly.

He wanted to tear that smile off her face. Even if he was that violent, he could never do that to her.
"And what story did she tell you? What lies?" she spat back.

"Don't you dare--" Lilith started, but Beckett pushed her back.

"More truth than you ever told me," Pete snarled.

Gwen bitterly laughed. "Did you know that her precious sister and Freddie didn't go willingly? Lilith murdered her sister when she found out she was married to Freddie and pregnant. And Freddie? Well, she killed him too. So much for true love, eh?"

Pete's teeth clenched together and slowly looked at Lilith. With a defiant glare, she stood her ground but even that betrayed the truth.

Silence. And then--

Beckett called out, "Everyone in position."

The vampire goons held the boys firmly. Lilith and Beckett stood close together in front of Gwen and Pete. Urie and a vampire Pete knew as Spencer Smith stepped behind them, a wide gap in between. A few more vampires made a close circle around them; five held candles.

Beckett coughed. "This ceremony begins like no other. We gather to crown not one, but two vampires. Vampires who have yet to feed on another."

His voice droned on, but a startled Pete looked up at Gwen. What could that possibly mean?

"And now, to sever the ties of their mortal lives, they will drink of each other, then of two friends of a life past."

Joe's voice rose up. "Mother fu--"

"And now, Gwen first," Lilith said loudly. "Spencer."

Smith held out a glass goblet out to Gwen and bowed slightly. Gwen raised her eyes to Pete's, and for a split second he thought he saw a hint of anxiety. With one hand she tilted his head back, her fangs at his neck.
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