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Chapter 2

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Three more diary updates from Mikey. He's mad at Gerard, can't admit something about Jemma...

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Dear Diary,
I am very worried about Gerard.
Well, I'm nearly always worried about Gerard. But now I'm more worried than ever. He told me he'd left his lunch at home, so I offered him half of mine. He told us all he wasn't hungry, but you could hear his stomach growling.
Then he totally sneered at Frank when he offered Gerard his chocolate bar.
So I didn't go to Jemma's after school, I went home with Gerard. As soon as I got him, I asked him if he was going to eat his lunch now. He just told me to leave it and ran to his room.
Like I said. I'm worried.
He passed out at football try-outs today. Ray told me. Gerard tries to keep a lot of things from me, but Ray will just tell me what he tells him. And it turns out Gerard has been hiding a lot of things from me...
So I told Mom that I had been worried. And she must've said something to her because he came into the living room while I was watching TV and asked what I'd been telling Mum.
To which I smoothly replied "The truth."
Then he started making up all these stupids lie as to why he wasn't eating. He didn't eat a bite of his dinner, even though I was giving him puppy dog looks across the table. He ignored me.
Now I'm sitting in my room writing. I don't know what to do. Sometimes I could punch Gerard, even though he IS my brother.
I'm going to phone Jemma. She might cheer me up...
I phoned Jemma. I don't feel any better. She told me to give him time, but that's going to be hard.
Time for bed.
~ Mikey

Dear Diary,
Jemma came over to my house today. She wanted to play XBOX with Gerard. She definantly fancies him.
I've already told her he fancies Lyn-z, but she just acted like she didn't care. I think she does care secretly.
Emily rang Jemma around six, asking if she could come over. In the end, we let her. Because Gerard said it would be mean not to let her. It wasn't that bad, we all sat around playing XBOX and telling jokes and just being ourselves.
Then we watched The Descent. It's not that scary, but Emily's a wimp. She held my hand the whole way through.
Jemma held Gerard's hand.
~ Mikey

Dear Diary,
A cheerleader complimented Gerard today. Now he thinks he's the most popular guy in the school. I reminded him it was ONE cheerleader, and the most unpopular one at that. But nothing could break his happiness.
It's actually rather annoying to watch him. So I went over to Jemma's instead. I asked her opinion on the matter.
"Do you think that's the reason he's not eating?" I asked her "Because he wants compliments off of cheerleaders?"
Jemma thought about it for a second "I think he just wants to be socially accepted."
"Why?" I asked "We're not socially accepted!"
"Well," Jemma said thoughtfully "We've got something Gerard doesn't have."
"What's that?"
"A best friend, dipthong!"
"Leave me alone!"
Then she hit me with her pillow, so I grabbed one aswell and we had a pillow fight. It was really fun and we couldn't stop laughing!
And when Emily walked in, she was scared of breaking a nail so ran out. She can be so girly at times. But atleast it meant me and Jemma could be alone for a while.
Finally, we stopped and calmed down a little.
"I wish I had a boyfriend." Jemma suddenly said.
"Why?" I asked, puzzled.
"Having friends is great, but you know when you go out and see all those cute couples?" I nodded "I'm jealous."
I didn't dare say what was on my mind. I can hardly write it in this diary, so how could I say it out loud?
~ Mikey
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