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Chapter 3

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Mikey's getting mad at Gerard and Jemma admits who she wants to impress...

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Dear Diary,
Gerard went to hospital. Mom was getting so worried about him...
I haven't written in like a week. I didn't really know how to put into words how worried, angry and upset I was. But now I'm writing it.
Me and Mom go to see Gerard everyday, sometimes twice a day. I don't say a lot and neither does Gerard, but Mom does enough talking for all three of us so it doesn't matter.
I told Jemma about Gerard going into hospital. She was really upset and gave me a card to give to him. Don't tell anyone, but I threw it in the bin on the way to the right room. Mom noticed, but didn't comment.
~ Mikey

Dear Diary,
Gerard's back from the hospital. But people are bullying him even more now, calling him a stupid anorexic. It makes me feel sick inside to hear people call him stuff like that. It was there fault he had gone that way in the first place.
Jemma came round after school. She asked Gerard if he liked his card. I held my breath, but Gerard was busy scribbling away in a little notebook so he barely heard her. I quickly took her into my bedroom before she started to question Gerard further.
"Do you think he's okay?" I asked.
"Mikey!" She moaned, leaning back on my bed "Stop worrying about him! He's a big boy, he can take care of himself!"
"I know." I lay next to her "But I still worry..."
"Well quit it worrybug! Anyway, let's talk about something important."
"Like what?"
"What am I gonna wear for the school disco?"
"You're actually going to that thing?"
"YES! Now help me think of something to wear!"
"... I dunno... Clothes?"
"You're hopeless."
"I'm a boy, what do you expect!?"
"But... There's this boy I want to impress..."
"Like who?" I asked, sitting up.
She sat up next to me "Pete Wentz..."
~ Mikey

Dear Diary,
Gerard, you fucktard.
Yes, I just called my brother a fucktard. What did he do? Only go to school dressed like fucking Pete Wentz. What the hell did he expect!? People to bow down to him and tell him he looked cool!?
It didn't happen like that. I saw what happened. I feel sorry for him, but it kind of was his own fault.
Me, Frank, Ray and Bob kept asking why we weren't good enough friends for him. He grunted. Ass.
~ Mikey
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