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A Pain

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Gerard is learning more about how he's changed. Christa hears something disturbing.

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Gerard stood a moment then angrily grabbed his jacket and card key. If she wanted some time to relax he’d give it to her. He left the suite without a backwards glance.

Anna secured her long hair in a tight bun as the huge sunken tub filled with warm water. She spotted a bottle of bubble bath supplied by the hotel and decided to add a few drops. A long hot bubble bath was just what she needed. Men, she thought in disgust, mortal or immortal they were a pain.

She undressed quickly then turned off the taps. As she sunk down into the tub she leaned back and closed her eyes. This was heavenly. She would take the time to pamper herself then she would deal with Gerard.

As the elevator door slid open Gerard walked out and looked around the hotel lobby. The polished brass and marble floors did not catch his attention. What did was the entrance to the bar. He stood staring at it until a hotel employee asked him if there was anything he required.

“Uh, no.” He smiled realizing he’d been standing there for several minutes. He slowly walked towards the bar almost in a daze.

“What can I get you sir?” The bartender asked as Gerard took a seat at the elaborately carved wooden bar.

Gerard searched his brain then finally ordered.

Anna looked up in surprise as Gerard burst into the bathroom.

He stopped short when he saw her shapely leg resting against the rim of the tub.

The razor almost slipped from her fingers, “Gee, what is wrong?”

He tore his gaze away from her leg but immediately his eyes fell on her breast, “Uh, well.” He forced himself to look into her eyes. “I was downstairs and I went into the bar.”


“And?’ he repeated, “Shit, that doesn’t upset you?”

Slowly she lowered her leg back under the surface of the water. “No, Gee. You are not an alcoholic.”

He stared at her.

Anna smiled, “I healed her body and mind. You no longer have any addictions. However,” She warned, “that is not to say you could not develop the addictions again.”

He shook his head in amazement, “I sat down and it took me a few minutes to realize I didn’t want a drink. I mean, shit, it was amazing.”

“What did you order?”

“A coke.” He said, “I ordered a coke.”

She nodded, “That is wise. Just because you know you are not a recovering alcoholic does not mean the rest of the world knows the truth. You must continue not to drink.”

For a brief moment he didn’t like her telling him what he had to do but he forced himself to understand her point, “Yeah, I know.” Once again his eyes returned to her nude body barely visible under the bubbles. “Uh, are you enjoying your bubble bath?”

Anna loved the boyish grin on his face. “I am. As you saw I was shaving my legs when you arrived.”

He sat down on the floor by the edge of the tub, “I’m kinda surprised you have to do that.” He glanced away nervously, “I mean I guess I never thought about it.”

“You mean you find it odd.” Anna said. “I am able to control many aspects of my body. Just as I can control my heart beat and breathing I can grow hair.” She smiled, “The fact that I do so would cause many of my kind to cringe. This is considered to be a ridiculously unnecessary act.”

He tilted his head, “You do it because it makes you feel human.”

“It makes me feel like a real woman.” Anna said looking down.

“Oh Sugar you’re a real woman.” He reached out and touched her cheek. “Is it okay if I sit here and watch?”

“You wish to watch me shave my legs?”

“Oh fuck yeah.” He whispered.

Anna smiled seductively, “As you wish.” Once again her leg rose from under the water. She could feel Gerard’s eyes on her as she slowly ran the razor up the calm of her leg.

Gerard shifted trying to get comfortable but the growing bulge in his jeans was making it impossible. “Anna I know I fucked up earlier with Jacob.” He said softly, “But fuck I’m jealous of the guy and I can’t help it.”

Anna continued to run the razor slowly up her leg, “You have no reason to be jealous.”

“Shit you’ve got great legs.” Gerard muttered.

“Thank you.” Anna said with a husky laugh. She glanced over to see the passion burning in his eyes. It made her momentarily lose concentration and the razor slipped cutting a thin line up her calf.

“Damn.” She cried.

Gerard held his breath staring at the thin white line. The moment the red drops of blood rose to the surface he was on fire. Without thinking he scooted his body so that he could lean over her leg.

Anna moaned as his tongue darted out to lick the cut. It took every ounce of strength to speak, “Gee stop.”

Her voice cut through the red haze in his brain. He sat back and looked into her beautiful topaz eyes.

Slowly she lowered her leg and slid her back up the tub. Now her breasts were completely uncovered. Gerard’s breathing was rapid. “I want to join you.” He whispered.

Anna was beyond denying him anything. She nodded.

He shed his clothes and stepped into the tub. Lowering his body slowly into the water so that he was sitting facing her. The taste of her blood was still on his tongue making his body hum. “Please” He whispered staring into her eyes.

“Gee it is not wise. You can become addicted to my blood.” She forced herself to say.

He saw a flash of her fangs when she spoke. “Anna, that is not what I’m asking for. I want you to take from me what you need. It means so much to me to know I can do that for you.”

Tears filled her topaz eyes. “You are sure?”

“Yeah, Sugar. I’m sure.” He held out his hand.

Slowly she moved her body foreword so that she was sitting on his lap.

Gerard kissed her lips gently then turned his head bearing his neck. The hunger overwhelmed her yet still she thought of his needs. Reaching down she took his hard dick in her hand and guided it to her entrance. As she lowered her body impaling herself on his rock hard cock she leaned forward and bit into his soft skin. Gerard moaned as she slowly began to move up and down his length.

“Oh Anna.” His voice was a raspy sound.

Anna was on fire. His blood was magical to her. It wasn’t merely substance it was life. She continued to suck as she felt his hands go around her waist. He pushed her harder down on him needing to feel more.

She had to stop. Tearing her lips from his neck she leaned down and quickly licked the wound healing it. Deep inside her Gerard sill throbbed waiting for release. Anna sat up and looked into his eyes. “Gee, a small amount.” She whispered.

He knew deep in his soul what she was offering. “Yes.”

Turning her head to the side she sliced a thin line with her nail. The blood beaded to the surface of her neck immediately.

Gerard pulled her to him and groaned as his lips made contact with her neck. The euphoria was instant. His hands lifted her body up and down over him, thrusting hard as he sucked her precious blood. Anna held him to her as the thrusting became wild. Water splashed out of the tub in waves. He came hard and fast.

“Stop” Anna said softly.

He threw back his head but pulled her body to him holding her close as the passion faded.
Anna was the first to speak. “We have splashed water all over the floor.”

Gerard opened one eye and surveyed the damage. “Yeah, we made a mess.” He was still trying to catch his breath.

“A beautiful mess.” Anna whispered kissing his chest.

“I could get used to this.” Christa said snuggling up on Ray’s lap.

He gave her a puzzled look.

She laughed, “Having the tour bus all to ourselves?”

“Oh.” He nodded, “Well not exactly all to ourselves. Pretty sure Joe thinks he’s somebody.” Joe was the driver who at the moment was getting the bus safely to the next venue.

“Of course he is.” Christa laughed, “I’m just saying I like that we are the only ones here.” She looked around.

“You aren’t regretting not getting a car and driving to the next venue like everyone else?”

She laid her head on his chest, “Nope. This way when we arrive we can rent a car and we don’t have to drive ourselves there. It gives us much more time for this.” She sat up and pressed her lips to his. Soon they were both breathless.

“I like the way you think, Babe.” Ray said slipping his hand under her sweater to caress her back.

Christa sighed contently.

“Hey I didn’t tell you what Bob told me before he and Claire took off.” Ray said suddenly remembering the conversation.


“He asked Gee about being engaged.”

Christa sat up, “What did Gee say?” She was very interested in Anna and Gerard’s relationship. In the back of her mind she had given it a lot of thought and was now convinced that something had been wrong with Gerard but that Anna had somehow helped him as she’d done with Alicia.

“Gee said that he loves Anna and wants to spend his life with her but they have no immediate plans to marry.” He thought a moment then added, “I think that’s good.”

“Why?’ Christa asked, “I thought you like Anna.”

“I do.” Ray said nodding, “I just don’t think they should rush into anything.”

Christa didn’t feel the same way but kept that knowledge to herself.

“Well Bob seems to be pretty into Claire.” She pointed out. “And that doesn’t seem to bother anyone.”

He noticed she sounded almost defensive, “Bob is different. He doesn’t let his dick rule his head.”

Christa scooted off his lap, “And you think that’s what Gerard is doing? You think the attraction to Anna is only physical?”

Now he knew she was upset, “I didn’t say that either. Why are you mad?”

“I’m not. I just don’t understand your mistrust of Anna.”

“Hey even you said there was something strange about her.”

Christa frowned, “I was wrong. I like Anna and I think she’s prefect for Gee.”

Ray shrugged, “Okay you’re probably right. But that still doesn’t mean they need to rush to get married. Gee is just now getting his life back in order. For a while there I was really worried. He was like a walking shell of his former self but now it’s like the old Gee is back.”

“I think it’s because of Anna.” Christa said with conviction.

Ray didn’t want to argue with her but still he wanted to point out something he’d seen earlier. “Look, I’ll admit Gee has always confused the shit out of me. Just when I think he’s decided on something he changes his mind. Maybe he’s really desperately in love with Anna but I saw something after the Meet and Greet that made me wonder.”

“What did you see?”

Ray sat back, “Well we’d just left the room when several of the merch girls came down the hall. One of them said something to Gee that I didn’t hear and suddenly he stopped and started talking to her.”

“So?” Christa wondered what he was getting at.

“Look you have to promise not to repeat this but she was flirting pretty heavy with Gee and he was responding to her. I just kinda wonder if Anna hadn’t been backstage what would have happened.”

“Anna wasn’t backstage she’d gone back to her RV” Christa muttered knowing that didn’t make any difference because she understood what Ray was getting at. “So who’s the girl?”

Ray shrugged, “Got no idea. One of the merch girls.”

Christa sat back suddenly not feeling nearly as happy as she had a few minutes ago. She’s been so sure Gerard was in love with Anna but now she didn’t know what to think. She’d never really seen Gerard flirt with anyone before. “Are you sure he wasn’t just being nice?”

“Babe” Ray said softly, “He was being very nice.”

“So what happened?”

“That’s the weird thing.” Ray said thinking back, “I was watching him and suddenly it’s like he thought of something and took off for the backstage area. Frank said Gee was pretty pissed when he saw that Anna wasn’t there.”

“He was.” Christa said softly. “I could tell he must have still been pissed when he found her because Claire came back inside looking sorta upset.”

Ray put his arm around her shoulder, “Hey none of this is our business.”

Christa remained silent suddenly feeling a sadness she couldn’t explain.
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