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There has been a new type of killings in Japan, with riddles being left behind after each killing. It is up to Detective Conan Edogawa to stop them, but this time he will need help. Namely 17 year ...

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Greatest Detective
Chapter 1

"It's been three weeks since this nonstop killing spree. My name is Conan Edogawa, a.k.a Jimmy Kudo. I was a seventeen year old detective when I was knocked unconscious and given some kind of medicine that changed me. When I awoke I was a child again. Now as a young detective I must find the guys who did this to me, but right now I have bigger things to worry about. There is one thing that has linked these crimes together, there are riddles left behind with a riddle sign The problem is none of theses riddles make any sense, my journey continues here." Conan thinks as he falls asleep in his bed.

Elsewhere, many miles away in Gotham City.

"Tonight the cities greatest detective Batman has done it again, some believe him to be a myth." The radio said as Timothy Drake turned it off.

"Um, that's what they think, I better head over to Wayne Enterprises." Tim said as he put on a jacket and exited the room.

Tim caught a taxi and made his way to Wayne Enterprises.

"Well, I'm here." Tim thought to himself as he approached a gate.

Tim typed in a few numbers on a pad by the gate which opened it. Tim walked up to the door and knocked on it.

"Good evening master Drake, come on in." Alfred said as he opened the door.

"Where's Bruce?" Tim asked as he stepped into the mansion.

"He's down in the cave." Alfred responded.

Tim walked up to a piano and typed in five different key numbers and is sucked into a tube which takes him to the bat cave.

"Hello Tim." Bruce says as he turns from his computer.

"So what do you have, any leads on who these guys are?" Tim asked

"No, but I do have an address you can check out." Bruce said as he printed something out.

"Whoever these guys are they've been keep a close eye on us and whoever lives at this address." Bruce said as he gave the paper to Tim.

"In Japan, I have to go clear across the world to Japan?" Tim said as he put a hand over his head.

"Don't worry, Kara will be there soon." Bruce said as he turned back to his computer.

"Kara Zor-El, I don't need her help, why can't Nightwing go with me?" Tim asked.

"Dick has his own problems in Bludhaven. I didn't say you needed help, I thought it would be nice if you could teach her a thing or two." Bruce said.

"Oh alright, so when does my plane leave?" Tim asked.

"Plane, your going on a boat." Bruce said putting on a smile.

"When does this boat leave?" Tim asked.

"In four hours, don't forget to take your suite with you." Bruce said.

"You got it, so where do I meet Kara at?" Tim asked.

"She'll meet you when you get there." Bruce responded.

"Sounds like a plan." Tim said as he walked over to a glass cabinet with his Robin suite in side.

"I already informed the Titans you will be gone for some time." Bruce said.

Tim opened the glass door and pulled out his Robin costume.

"I'll see you later." Tim said as he walked out of the bat cave.

Later that night Tim boarded the boat to Japan.

"You'll sleep in there, it's a tight space but you'll live." the captain of the boat said to Tim.

Tim walked into a small room which was filled with boxes and in the top right hand corner was a bed.

"Ah, it smells like fish in here." Tim said to himself as he walked over to the bed and laid his things down.

Then he pulled out the piece of paper Bruce printed out for him.

"Well it looks like I will be taking a little trip to the mountains." Tim thought to himself.

Tim folded up the paper and stuck it in his pocket and headed out to the deck. He watched as they pulled away from the city. He could see all of the lights, and the cars driving around. Two hours passed by as Tim looked out at the dark see. The moon light was flashed down at the water. Tim saw something run past him at the corner of his eye.

"What was that?" Tim thought to himself.

He walked over to a couple barrels.

"It looked like they ran over here somewhere." Tim said as he looked behind the barrels to find nothing.

"I know I saw something, hey wait." Tim said as he lifted up one of the barrels.

What he saw left him speechless. He saw a human sized turtle wearing an orange ninja mask.

"Oh shell" The turtle creature said as the other barrels were pushed over revealing three more turtle creatures.

"Who are you guy's, were you spying on me?" Tim asked taking a step back.

"No, we were actually looking for a better hiding spot." The turtle with the orange ninja mask replied.

"Ok, at least you're not an enemy." Tim said.

"My name is Michelangelo, this is Leonardo, that's Raphael, and Donatello." The turtle with the orange ninja bandanna said.

"Are those costumes?" Tim asked.

"No, this is how we always look." Raphael said.

"It doesn't surprise me." Tim said.

"Wow that would be a first." Donatello said.

"You would be surprised what I do for a living." Tim said.

"So what's your name?" Leonardo asked.

"Tim Drake, so why are you guy's sneaking around?" Tim asked.

"Well, we can't exactly get on a boat and pay the guy looking like how we look." Mikey said.

"I understand, so why are you four heading to china?" Robin asked.

"It aint much, we just have someone we need to see." Raphael said.

"So why are you heading over to china?" Donatello asked.

"Well I guess I can trust you guys, check this out." Tim said as he pulled out the piece of paper and showed it to them.

"The foot!" Leonardo yelled.

"Who are the foot?" Tim asked.

"A clan of ninja thieves, what businesses do you have with them?" Donatello asked.

"They have been watching me and a couple others, monitoring us." Tim said.

"Um, why would they do that?" Leonardo asked.

"I'm heading to Japan to find someone who might have the answer to that." Tim says as he sits down.

"It looks like you have yourself some company." Leonardo said.

"Ok, but we have to be careful." Tim said.

"Don't worry about were Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, hey you mind telling us about what you do for a living?" Mikey asked.

"That's another episode, I'll tell you about that another time." Tim said.

Days passed by as they sat on the boat

To Be Continued
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