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More riddles

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What happens when they make it to Japan.

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Greatest Detective
Chapter 2
More Riddles

In Japan.

Conan wakes up that morning and looks over at a clock.

"Oh no, I'm going to be late for the bus." Conan said as he jumped out of bed.

He walked over to his jour and pulled out his usual outfit for school. Then he runs to the bathroom and brushes his teeth and hair and runs into the kitchen.

"That's weird, Rachel usually isn't gone this early." Conan said to himself as he turned to see Richard Moore sleeping on the coach.

Conan walked over to the fridge and made a little sandwich. After he ate his sandwich he ran out the door to the bus stop.

"I'm here, wait a minute I don't take the bus to school I walk." Conan said out load as he ran down the block.

One block from his school Conan heard a woman scream from inside an apartment building.

"Oh great now I'm going to be late, I better go check it out." Conan said as he opened the apartment door.

When he opened the door a man wearing a bulky coat walked passed him. The two shared a brief glance. Conan ran up the stairs and ran into a opened room to find a laying dead woman.

"I knew it, that guy he must of." Conan thought to himself as he ran down the stairs to see that the man was gone.

Conan ran back up to the room and looked at the body.

"There was defiantly a struggle." Conan said out load.

Then Conan walked over to a phone and dialed 911.

"This is Detective Conan Edogawa." Conan said as he explained the situation.

The cops made it over in a matter of minutes along with Inspector Meguire and Richard Moore.

"So tell us what you heard Conan." Inspector Meguire said.

"As I said I was on my way to school when I heard a scream. I walked into the apartment and saw a guy wearing a bulky green jacket wearing a backwards blue hat." Conan said.

A cop walks into the room.

"Is this the man you saw, we found him two blocks away." The cop asked.

"That's him alright." Conan responded.

"It seems the victim's neck was slashed, she's holding a piece of paper in her hand." Richard said as he leaned over and pulled it out of her hand.

"Someone taped it to her hand, it looks like we have another riddle." Richard said.

"What's it say?" Inspector Meguire asked.

"It say's."/ "What soda should you never drink."

"What kind of a riddle is that." Inspector Meguire said.

"Soda, soda, baking soda!" Conan yelled out.

They poured baking soda over the note and another riddle appeared.

"What do you need to spot a mountain lion one hundred miles away?" The riddle said.

"I'm sick of all these riddles, Conan you have any idea what this Riddle might mean?" Richard asked.

"Give me a second to think about it." Conan said.

"I'll take him down to the station until further notice." Inspector Meguire said as he grabbed the man by the arm.

"I didn't do it, you have to believe me." The man said as they walked off with him.

"Conan head to school, we'll take care of business here." Richard said as Conan put on his bag pack and headed down the stairs.

Later that day.

Rachel was walking home from school when she saw a boat pull up.

"I wonder if there are any visitors." Rachel thought to herself.

The boat made it to the gate and Tim walked off board.

"Come back any time kid." The captain said as he walked off.

"Well I'm here, I wonder where Kara is." Tim said as Rachel walked up to him.

"Welcome, my name is Rachel More." Rachel said.

"Hi, I'm Tim Drake." Tim said as he moved his hand over his spiky black hair.

"Where are you from, and what brings you here?" Rachel asked.

"I'm a detective on a mission you could say." Tim replied.

"Really, you wouldn't have happened to run into a detective named Jimmy Kudo in your travels, right?" Rachel asked.

"No I've never heard of him, it was nice talking to you Rachel." Tim said as he walked off.

"Something tells me he knows Jimmy." Rachel said to herself.

"Ok, I'm suppose to meet the turtles in town tonight, I better go check out this address." Tim thought to himself.

Hours passed by as Tim headed to the mountain tops.

"I should be there pretty quick here." Tim said to himself as he approached a cabin.

"This must be it." Tim said out load as he knocked on the door.

"Hello, is any one home?" Tim asked as he knocked on the door.

After about a minute he begins to walk off as the door swings open.

"Who's there?" The male in the door step says.

"Oh, hello, my name is Tim Drake." Tim said.

"What do you want?" The man asked.

"Someone has been spying on you, I don't know how to pronounce your name but." Tim says as he is cut off.

"It's Juunanagou, you can just call me Android 17, come on in and tell me who's been spying on me." Juunana says as Tim walks in.

They sit in his cabin talking for about an hour.

"Ha, they can watch me all they want. I am the strongest fighter alive." Juunanagou said.

"So your telling me your over five hundred years old, and you look like an eighteen year old kid." Tim said.

"Hey, I'm an android After I was killed by the one called Goku I was wished back and separated from the hell Android 17, that was about four hundred years ago." Juunana said.

"Another murder occurred leaving behind riddles, in this apartment. It is still unsolved till this moment." The TV said.

"It's night time, which means it's time for us to go. I'll introduce you to our allies" Tim said.

"I really don't need any of your help. Since these friends of yours know a lot about the foot, I'll tag along." Juunana said as Tim went into the bathroom and came back out dressed in his Robin suite.

"Let's go." Tim said as they exited his cabin.

They walked through the dark woods as the city came into view. They looked down at the city filled with many lights.

"Let's go have some fun." Juunana said.

Robin jumped off the edge of the mountain and glided down towards the city as Juunanagou flew down at the same pace as Robin's gliding.

"I have a quick stop to make before we meet up with the turtles." Robin said as they approached the docks where they landed.

Blocks away.

Conan is tossing and turning in his bed. It begins to thunder and rain outside.

"I can't sleep, I have to get back to that apartment. I bet there is something I missed." Conan said as he hoped out of bed and put on some clothes.

Conan ran through the rain back to the apartment.

"Ok I made it, I don't think that man was responsible. I have to figure out what is leaving all of these riddles." Conan said.

A window near the ceiling swings open.

"It's not what, but who." Conan here's as he looks up to see the Boy Wonder, Robin as lighting strikes behind him.

To Be Continued
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