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Meet The mastermind

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Robin and Conan will come face to face with the killer.

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Greatest Detective
Chapter 3
Meet the mastermind

"It can't be, could it be him. I thought he was a myth." Conan thought as Robin glided to the ground.

Conan stood there as Robin approached him.

"What are you doing here?" Robin asked.

Conan looked up at him, he couldn't seem to respond.

"I'll ask you once more, what are you doing here." Robin asked once more.

Conan finally spoke out.

"I'm a Detective, Conan Edogawa." Conan responded.

"Detective, you are a pretty young one. Since you're here you mind telling me what's been going on in Japan?" Robin asked.

"There's been a series of murders, after every crime a riddle is left behind." Conan said.

"What is the latest riddle?" Robin asked.

"Ah, I managed to get a hold of it after school, here you go, um." Conan said.

"Robin, you can just call me Robin." Robin says as Conan hands him the riddle.

"What do you need to spot a mountain lion one hundred miles away?"

"So, what do you think it means?" Conan questioned.

"Um, it's simple yet, there could be more than one answer to this." Robin said.

"What is your best bet?" Conan asked.

"Eye sight, you need a good eye sight." Robin said as he pulled out special binoculars out of his utility belt.

Robin zoomed in on the riddle.

"It's a bit blurry, I need to focus it. Got it, we've got ourselves another riddle." Robin said.

How is the letter G related to the Moon?

"Um, it makes no sense." Robin said.

"Wait a minute. G, Moon is to light, G is the middle letter of Light." Conan said.

"Hey your pretty smart kid. I guess you could tag along. Besides I may need you to show me around the city if another clue pops up." Robin said.

"Ok let's go find where the moon light is shining." Conan says as Robin grabs him.

"Hold on." Robin said as he used his bird grappler to get them out the window.

"The moon is pointing out by the ocean." Conan said as they ran over to the moon light.

"Stay here." Robin said as he jumped into the water.

Once under the water, Robin pulled out a mini flash light from his utility belt and flashed the light to the sea floor. Sure enough he saw a treasure chest. He swam down to it, then he pulled out a birdarang and sliced the lock off. He opened the chest and found a piece of paper wrapped in plastic with another riddle. Robin swam back up to the streets.

"Great, you found another riddle." Conan said as Robin opened the paper and read the riddle out load.

What birds come in two?

"Well, let's see, two. I know this is a simple one." Conan thought to himself.

"A pair." Robin said

"Your a good detective yourself." Conan said.

"That's because I learn from the greatest." Robin said as he thought about the riddle.

"What does he mean, the greatest. I'm the best detective. Come on Jimmy hold it together." Conan thought to himself.

"Got it, over there." Robin said as he saw a pair of lovers walk into an amusement park.

"Alright it's time for me to move with stealth." Robin said as him and Conan ran over to the amusement park.

They searched for about forty five minutes but found nothing.

"Darn, where could the other riddle be." Robin said as a man dressed as a clown smiled over at them and ran into a mirror room.

"I think he wants us to follow him." Conan said.

"It could be a trap, move with cushion." Robin said as they slowly made there way into the mirror room.

Once in the mirror room the door slammed behind them. This made Conan jump a little.

"Ok, now I know something is going on." Conan said as they made there way deeper into the room.

"It's like a maze. I feel like a lab rat." Robin said as they came to a stop.

"Dead end, we must of taken a wrong turn." Robin said

When they turned around, they found that the way they came in was sealed with glass.

"Were trapped." Conan said.

"Not for long!" Robin said as he pulled out a birdarang.

"Wait stop!" Conan yelled as a video footage appeared on every mirror.

"Hello, Detectives." The man said.

"I should of known, the Riddler. What are you doing in Japan!" Robin yelled.

"Comb down bird boy, all will be explained if." Riddler said.

"If what?" Conan asked.

"If you can complete my game." Riddle said.

"Were done playing your games Riddler." Robin snapped.

"Oh that's to bad, if you don't play people could get hurt. Not to say any names, Rachel Moore, oh how about Dick Grayson." Riddler said putting on an evil smirk.

This made Conan and Robin jump with terror.

"Were listening." Robin finally replied.

"You are currently at level one, there are five levels in my game." Riddler said.

"Let me guess, this is a riddle game." Conan said.

"Right you are little detective. Once you have got passed all of my stages I will let you go free." Riddler said.

"Don't we get a chance to stop you?" Robin asked.

"Let the games begin." Riddler said ignoring Robin's question.

Riddler went off the mirrors and water began to shoot into the room. A riddle appeared on one of the mirrors.

"We better hurry up, our we'll drown." Conan said as he walked up to the riddle and read it.

What two things go up and never come back down?

"Um, A rock in space." Conan said as the water began to fill up faster.

"We can't make anymore mistakes like that. How about, a persons age." Robin said as it showed they scored a point.

They thought for another minute as they were floating in the water.

"This water is rising up dramatically fast." Robin said.

"Come on, wait how about Fireworks. They never completely come back down." Conan said as the water went over there heads.

At that second it showed they scored two points and the mirrors move apart and the water goes down and the mirrors move a part showing steps leading up to a door.

"Good one, we could have been goners." Robin said.

Conan ringed out some of the water out of his clothes as they walked up the steps. Robin opened the door and they entered a room with spikes on every side. The walls began to close in on each other as a riddle appeared on a screen.

What starts with (E) ends with (E) and only has one letter?

"We better be careful what we say. I'm pretty sure none of us want those walls closing in any faster." Robin said as he thought about the riddle.

After about a minute Conan came up with an answer.

"An envelope, the answer to the riddle is an envelope!" Conan yelled as the walls stopped and the platform they were standing on moves up to another floor.

This time there were razor sharp blades on the ceiling as it started to move down towards them. The riddle appeared on the wall in front of them.

What is nothing for one, but has good use for two, but is totally useless for three?

Robin thought about the riddle for about one minute as the walls were two feet away from them.

"Ok, here goes nothing. A secret." Robin said as the ceiling stopped moving.

"Great, you got it." Conan said.

The wall in front of them opened and they walked into a room that was filled with many toxic wastes.

"Get to the center of the room!" Robin yelled as toxic wastes began pouring down from each corner of the room.

The next riddle appeared.

What letter comes after B in the alphabet?

"That is so easy, it is." Conan says as Robin puts a hand over his mouth.

"Don't say something you will regret. The next letter is E." Robin said as the toxic wastes stop in there path.

"Good thing you stopped me, I almost forgot we're dealing with riddles." Conan said as they walked up some stairs to another room.

This time swinging blades were approaching them at an amazing speed. The next riddle popped up.

How do you stop a water cycle?

"Um, this ones a tough one. I think I've got the answer." Conan said as Robin put his hand on his mouth.

"He knows he can't fool us. You cant stop a water cycle, Riddler just wants us dead now." Robin said as he threw a robin bomb up at the ceiling that knocked it open.

Robin grabbed Conan and flew them up to the next floor where they saw Riddler sitting in a chair with an evil smirk.

"Hello detectives, so nice of you to join us." Riddler said as two of his minions stood by his side.

"It's over Riddler, you lose." Robin said.

"Not exactly. You see, you two are the only losers." Riddler said as his minions fired there machine guns at Conan.

Robin jumped over and put his cape in the way.

"Wow, that's amazing." Conan said.

"My cape is ten times stronger then steel." Robin said as he jumped into the air.

He jumped in front of Riddler's minions. One of them swung there gun at him, Robin just ducked and tripped him to the ground, then he took his head and banged it to the ground knocking him unconscious.

Conan ran over to riddler's other minion and did a spin kick but he grabbed Conan's leg and threw him against the wall. Robin came from behind him and knife handed him to the ground.

"You ok Conan." Robin said as Riddler knocked him to the ground with a metal pole.

"Time to die, little bird." Riddler said as he raised the pole high into the air.

Conan quickly loaded up his super shoes and grabbed a nearby metal pan and kicked it at Riddler. It knocked Riddler in the face making him fall to the ground unconscious. You can then here the police sirens coming from outside.

"I'll see you around kid." Robin said as he used his bird grappler to escape out the window.

The police kicked down the door. Conan sat up and explained the situation.

Later that night.

Conan sat down as the paramedics checked him from when he was thrown into the wall. The police arrested Riddler.

"Good job Conan, thanks to you our city can now rest in piece." Inspector Meguire said as he walked off.

"I see now, the riddler went after Conan because he knew he couldn't fool me with any of those riddles. He needed to test someone who learned from me with less skill." Richard Moore said as he began to laugh.

"I'm just glad your ok." Rachel said as she hugged Conan.

Conan looked over her shoulder. There leaning over the building was Robin. His cape blew with the light breeze, Robin gave Conan a thumb's up then ran off. Conan put on a smile for he knows he will see him again.

To Be Continued.
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