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Road Trip!

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“Gerard!” I shouted from my place frozen in the doorway of the bathroom.

He pulled away from Frank’s neck, a blood oozed out of the wound and I couldn’t help but admit that I wanted to lick it off his skin because the smell was just amazing, but I have more control then that. Frank looked a little dazed and used Gerard for support.

“Yes?” Gerard innocently licked blood off his lower lip.

“You can’t kill Frank!” I glared.

“I’m not killing him.” He said, his arm encircling Frank’s waist. “I was simply tasting him, you have no idea how thirsty I am.”

“Gerard.” I said steadily. “Let him get dressed, come on I have blood on the stove for you.”

Gerard removed himself from Frank, and closed the door.

“What the hell!” I hissed at him in a low tone Frank wouldn’t be able to hear.

Gerard leaned over me, our chests practically touched, all I could smell and see was him. “In case you haven’t noticed, I was attacked by a fucking newborn werewolf last night, leaving me weak and thirsty. I thank you for healing me, I truly do. But I refuse to let you scold me on our very own need for blood. You are the one who brought a human- a delicious one at that, and a werewolf in here, so not another word!” he glared and left me standing there and went off down to the kitchen.


I groaned as another ache shook through my body, it wouldn’t end! I couldn’t even get out of bed. It seemed like all my limbs where too heavy to lift, I felt fully awake but exhausted, and I was soooooo hungry.

Where was Frank? All I can remember was the attack, I was bitten, the world became a haze, then bone splitting agony, then my mind is a blank. All I know is I’m in a strange bed. Where is Frank?

~ Frank~

I slowly left the bathroom, feeling a little buzzed but no longer dizzy. Last night Harley had bit me, tonight it was Gerard, and both times it had felt so good. Mikey’s clothed seemed to fit okay- a tight black v-neck shirt, and white skinny jeans, though the legs were a little long, curse my shortness.

I walked into the living room, to find-

“Well, well, well! Who do we have here?”

I looked straight forward at an eccentrically dressed man sitting on the sofa across from Bob. He was tall, thin build with caramel colored skin, with shoulder length black hair and deep set green eyes, a smile on his thin glossy lips. He wore bright green skinny jeans, a silver vest and a black trench coat, he was barefoot, which brought to my attention that his finger and toenails were painted sparkly.

“Theo, don’t start.” Bob said in a tired voice.

“Frank, there you are!” Harley rushed into the room, taking a hold of my arm. “Come on, it might be best if you stay away from Theodore for now.”

“Excuse me?” Theodore raised an eyebrow.

“You heard me!” She said as she lead me down the hall, stopping at a door. “Listen Frank, Alex is in there and awake, he won’t hurt you, do you want to see him?”

“Yes!” I said and pushed into the room.

“Alex!?!” I gasped, looking at the sight of the man sprawled out on the bed. Yes, I could say man because this was no longer a boy. I walked over to him to get a better look.

His shoulder’s were much broader and muscled to perfection, his chest was chiseled with muscle, well defined pecs and abs I just wanted to run my hands all over. His arms were bigger, is hip bones lead done to a V that lead to………..WOW!!!! His legs looked stronger and his feet were bigger.


“Alex?” I looked back up to his face, he was still my Alex, the same those big brown eyes and cute nose, his jaw was more angular but nothing other then that about his face had changed. I took his hand.

“Where I am?” He asked.

“It’s okay,” I smoothed back his hair form his forehead. “Your safe, these people are taking good care of us.”

“I hurt.” He said. “So bad.”

“You do?” I asked. “Well, I guess the transformation might have done that, have you seen yourself lately?”

“Frank, I’ve been in this bed!”

“Well,” I placed my hand on his bare warm chest, coasting down to his wash board abs but not any lower. “You’re a werewolf now by the way.”


“Listen Theo,” I took a drag from my cigarette. Ray, Mikey, Bob. Harley and I all sat around the living room, talking with Theo. Theo was part vampire part pixie, and had tracking skills that amazed everyone he met. “We need you to find a werewolf that was last in the area, all the description we have is tall and platinum blonde, but I suppose that is enough for you to work with.”

“It should be,” He nodded. “But are you all cr- would you two stop!” He complained, looking across the room at Mikey and
Ray. Ray was holding Mikey, gently sucking his neck.

“Ray!” I shouted and the two broke apart.

“Like I was saying, are you all crazy?” Theo asked. “You have a human and a werewolf living with you! They have parent’s you know, people will start looking for them!”

“He has a point.” Harley said. “ But it’s not like they can just go back like nothing has happened. They know way too much, and one is now a vampire.”

“Well,” Theo clasped his hands together. “I see only one option for you all.”

“We have to relocate.” Harley said.

“Sounds good.” Ray said. “We’ve been in this city for what, eight years now?”

“So you will all relocate, and I kill track down the werewolf?” Theo asked.

“Exactly.” I smiled, blowing out a smoke ring. “Road trip!”

Alright, sorry for the long update again. I hope you guys like it, tho i dont get much feed back :( Harley and Theodore, is there anyway i can contact you? Like an email or something?
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