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Spying Is The Most Fun You Could Have.

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'"We're like those people in the Notebook!" I exclaimed pretending to go in to kiss Bob..'

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I'm glad you enjoyed my last chapter! More reviews would be nice though :3 Love you all!!!! Oh and I was also thinking of adding Kurt Cobain in this (I know he's dead). I thought it could be fun. Suggestions?

Chapter 37:


I laid down in the middle of the town square, out of breath and unable to go on. Ray was nowhere to be seen. He wasn't at his house. He wasn't anywhere in town and he certainly wasn't anywhere with phone signal otherwise he would have picked up his phone. Bob grabbed my hands above my head abd pulled me near the benches where Mikey sat, so I wouldn't get trampled by the busy shoppers. Before Bob could sit down I grabbed his leg, pulling him down beside me and wrapped my legs and arms around him. Making him feel uncomfortable infront of everyone, he started to struggle and squirm to get out of my grip.
"We're like those people from the Notebook!" I exclaimed pretending to kiss Bob. He jumped up and sat next to Mikey, pink in the face and crossed his arms across his chest.
"You mean Allie and Noah" He mumbled and then turned a dark scarlet. "Not that I would know" He said defencively and tryed to change the subject whilst I exchanged glances with Mikey, holding back laughter. "Lets go back to my place, we might see Ray on the way there."
Mikey and I agreed with him, maybe staying in one place was a good idea instead of searching for Ray everywhere. Mikey got up, and reached out a hand to help me up. I jumped up into his arms and laid out like a damsel in distress.
"I cannot go on!" I said in my 'Olivia' voice and pressed the back of my hand against my forehead making lady like moans and sighs. Mikey dropped me, not up for my games and walked down the street after Bob. I ran after them and caught up, more out of breath than before.
"Where could he be?" Bob huffed, he seemed the most concerned out of Mikey and I.
"The dudes probably hiding with his creepy girlfriend." Mikey said pushing his glasses up the rim of his nose. "You know, I don;t think I have ever heard her talk to anyone apart from Ray. She just stands there." Mikey shuddered although it was perfectly warm out now.
My imagination got the best of me and I blurted out "Maybe she's a vampire and she gets Ray to kill people and collect blood for her, so she can go about undetected."
Bob covered mmy mouth before I could say anything more and pointed into the distance.
"Shh!! There they are!" I squinted to see Ray and Amanda but was pushed into the entrance of a shop before my eyes could focus on anything. Mikey and Bob poked their heads round the corner of the entrance and I climbed up onto Mikeys back, clinging on like a Koala Bear.
"What sugary substance have you eaten today Frank? Or in a more serious case what have you taken?"
"Shh!!" went Bob hitting Mikey, who shook me off. I clinged onto Mikeys legs like a toddler.
"Why are you shhing us Bob? They're nowhere near!" Mikey sniggered at the seriousness of Bob and then Mikeys body went stiff.
"They're almost here! Quick get inside!" He kicked me off and Bob and himself pulled me by the legs into the store and rushed over to the stack of clothes and pretended to look at them. I jumped up running over to the counter. Ray walked past with Amandas hand in his and Bob and Mikey tip toed out after them. I took advantage of the seriousness of the moment and rolled out of the shop spy style and rolley-polley after them. I pushed Bob and Mikey into another entrance out of sight and called out Rays name. He turned around with Amanda who was glowing a lovely healthly glow. Ray on the other hand looked pale and ill. His distraught face made Mikey gasp and Bob step back. What was wrong with Ray?
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