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Restraining Orders, Stalking and Babies.

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'I hadn't even thought that this whole no protection thing would lead to a baby untill now.'

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Hope you enjoyed the last chapter, herreeee comes another one!!

Chapter 36:


As soon as I shut my phone after texting Frank I realised I had made a mistake. Emma and Emily where back in England. What the fuck was I supposed to do now? Frank I bet is still with Bob and Mikey and they saw Ems and Emily off a couple of days ago. I mentally kicked myself and stepped out of the police station, not planning on ever going back. I hadn't pressed charges, I didn't want more drama in my life and ordered a restraining order against Lucas. I hadn't payed any attention after this. I didn't care what was going to happen to Lucas, aslong as he stayed the fuck away from me. I pulled out my hair from its messy bun. The blue had faded in my hair, it was now just green and blonde and it had grown out into a short bob, from its original pixie cut. I needed it styled again, but seeing I has fallen out with Pixie. Just as I had walked out into the town square my phone started to ring. I flipped it up to see it was Frank and pressed the ignore button. I needed a few moments alone. My period is due in a week and if it does come then I have no reason to worry about the whole baby thing. Fuck. I hadn't even thought that this whole no protection thing would lead to a baby untill now. I felt myself become dizzy with the sudden shock and I rushed over to a bench before I could pass out. My phone rang again and this time I picked up.

"Hello?" I said, out of breath and alittle dizzy.
"It's Frank, I-"
I interupted him, laughing alittle. "I know it's you Frank"
"Yeah, what? Oh okay."
"What do you want?"
There was a moment of silence and then I heard Frank sigh. "Don't start making things up so you won't have to see me, Liv. Emma and Emily are in England. You're not with them"
I couldn't tell him why I was being off. Not untill I truley knew. "I know Frank. I don't know why I sent that actually. I guess I just needed some time alone." I let go of the side of the bench with my free had now that I had calmed down. "Come round tonight and I'll cook you dinner... boyfriend."
"Oh. Okay. I'm sorry. I jumped to conclusions. But tell me next time if you want to be alone. I'll see you tonight." I could hear the smile on Franks tone of voice and rolled my eyes at the simplest thing would make him happy.
"Okay, I have some things to sort out so I'll see you around 8ish. Bye"
I hung up before he could say anything else and made a quick fast decision to go sort things out with Gerard. I wasn't letting him off that easy.



I heard the phone cut out and turned to Mikey and Bob, explaining things to them. Then realised we had some free time on our hands.
"Let's go see what Rays up to with Amanda." I said suddenly out of the blue. A smirk krept across Bobs face.
Mikey stepped forwards looking worried. "I don't know if thats a good idea, Frankie."
I raised my eyebrows at Bob.
"They seem so suspicious. We need to check it out." Bob said finalising the decision. Besides. I needed something to do to keep my mind off of what Olivia might be doing that she needed to do alone.
"TO RAYS!" I squealed jumping onto Bobs back and slapping his ass, making him run down the road, Mikey running after us.
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