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Strangeness Happens Everywhere I Go

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'Ray leaving his friends for some girl did not sound right.'

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Chapter 35:


Walking down the alley, leading into the main town seemed to take forever. My heart was pumping against my chest so hard I was scared it might burst through. Knowing what I was about to do was enough to make me pass out. What if I was in trouble for not reporting anything to the police about Lucas? How did they find out? Had Lucas said something? Should I press charges? I had to stop and lean against the alley wall to stop myself from falling straight down on my face. Although it was a dull, damp day, my face was damp with sweat and I felt extremely hot in my trench coat and skinny jeans. I shouldn't have put Franks plain black hoodie on underneath. A few moments passed, although it felt like ages and I pulled myself together and carried on heading towards town where the police station would be. I wished Frank was here to help me get through this, but I wasn't about to ruin his chance in going on tour with The Used.



"Dude why are you so happy. I mean I know we got the gig and all, but this is some other kind of happy." Mikey said, jabbing me in the ribs.
"Nothing..." I lied, the feeling I was feeling was beyond word. The girl of my dreams loves me AND I am going on a 6 month long tour with The Used.
"He's so lieing!!" Laughed Bob, jumping infront of me, causing me to stop walking and looked right into my eyes. I tried to keep a straight face, but laughed and looked down at my feet. Gerard hung back behind us with Valerie, who looked awful, her long brown hair pulled up into a messy bun and her face make-upless. She looked so unhappy and Gerard kept on moving away everytime she touched him, he had been awkward with me all mourning. I guessed it was because of Livvie. Bob suddenly clapped his hand to his mouth and jumped back, looking from me to Mikey.
I felt my face getting hot.
"Shut the fuck up Bob!" I ran towards him, about to knock him down on the ground with my well practiced rugby tackle, but Ray and Mikey pulled me back clapping me on the back.
"Finally!" Mikey said rubbing his knuckle against my head.
"Its about time, bro! It was with Livvie right?" Ray said looking at me with a huge smile, everything went quiet. I looked at him through my fringe and grinned, Mikey, Bob and Ray let out a loud 'WOO' and I heard Gerard make a uncomfortable cough behind me, Valerie seemed to be trying to keep his attention on her.
"Do not say ANYTHING to ANYONE! You hear? I have to go and have lunch with her. See you tomorrow, yeah?"
Bob, Mikey and Ray were to busy making fun of me to hear me, so I started towards town, where I'd be meeting Livvie at Starbucks. Just as I was about to turn around to wave goodbye to the guys my phone rang. I dug deep into my pocket and pulled it out, flipping it open to see I had a message from Livvie. I read it, smiling to myself.

I'm with Emma and Emily. I'll see you tomorrow. I love you.

I closed my phone and looked back to the guys who looked confused by my expression. I shook my head telling myself everything is fine.
"Whats wrong?" Ray asked, checking his own phone and then looking up. "This shall have to wait. I have to go and see Amanda."
I raised my eyebrows. Ray leaving his friends for some girl did not sound right. We watched Ray walk off towards his car and then I realised Gerard and Valerie were gone.
"Wheres Gee and Valerie?" I asked, ignoring Ray who was now out of sight.
"They started arguing when you walked off. I'm surprised you didn't hear. Gee walked off and Val followed. I feel sorry for the poor girl." Mikey said shrugging and then looked at me playing with my phone.
"Whats up? Why aren't you going to see Liv?" Bob asked, looking suspicious.
I ignored his question.
"Is Emily and Emma still in town? I could of sworn they went back to England."
I looked from Mikey to Bob and opened up my phone and dialled in Livvies number. Bob reached out and closed it.
"What are you saying?"
"Livvie had to do something this morning. I didn't ask what... WHATEVER. The point is she just text me saying she was with Emma and Emily."
Bob and Mikey looked at eachother and nodded at me.
"We saw Emma and Emily off to the airport a few days ago..."
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