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Geeks... all the same

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Just the start, hope you like! (p.s. didn't know what to rate it as)

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I was in Maths; the word maths just excites me…not. I looked over a little guy who sat on his own; he was small, skinny and pale. He had to push up his glasses every few minutes; he actually seemed to concentrate on what the teacher was blabbering on about. I tapped on the desk.
“Mr Iero, can you stop that?” Sir asked.
“If you stop going on about ratio yes,” I answered.
“Look Frank, some people in this lesson want to learn so just be quiet,” he said.
“Make me,” I said. Everyone started giggling; all the girls loved the school rebels, the guys who went against everything and anything.
“Some people are trying to learn,” he said.
“What like that geek over there?” I asked and pointed to the guy with the glasses.
“Maybe I want to get on in life,” he mumbled, loud enough for me to hear.
“What did you say fag?” he asked.
“I want to get somewhere in life, so I want to learn,” he said.
“What are you trying to say? Are you saying I don’t want to get somewhere in life?” I asked.
“I didn’t say that, but listen and you’ll get somewhere,” he said.
“You’ll be going somewhere in a minute, your face straight into the toilet,” I said.
“Mr Iero please leave Mr Way alone,” Sir said.
I rested my chin on my hand.
“Fine,” I groaned.
“Now then…” the teacher droned on.
What is it with that kid? Why am I looking at him all the time? Probably because I hate him… yeah that’s it…its got to be it.

I took a long drag on my cigarette.
“Hey Frankie, hear about what happened with that new kid and the teacher,” one of the cheerleader’s said.
“Yeah, little fag,” I said.
“You know I like guys who stand up for themselves,” she said coming closer to me.
“Well then you can show me how much you like it,” I said rubbing her butt.
“How about tonight?” she asked.
“Fine, I’ll meet you in the car park,” I answered.
“Okay, see you then,” she said before she kissed my cheek, then she walked off, probably re-applying her make-up. Seriously those girls are only good enough for one thing; they basically offer it on a plate to any guy.
I saw that kid again, with some other kid, I think Bob Bryar, ahh the many times Ray has beat him up in the toilets, and Bob was more muscular and bigger but he just let him! That’s what I didn’t get.
I finished off my cigarette and went over to Ray, my best mate, who was chatting up some bimbo, probably hoping for a quickie in his car.
“Ray!” I shouted.
He turned around.
“Oh hey dude… listen babe meet me later, I’ll give you the time of your life,” he said, she giggled, nodded, kissed him on the cheek and then went.
“Whoa, it seems we’re both getting laid tonight,” I said.
“Yeah, that girl is easy,” Ray said.
“I just had a cheerleader offer it on a plate to me,” I said.
He laughed.
“Cheerleaders, all the same,” he said. I laughed too.
“Hey, how about we beat the shit out of some little geeks?” Ray asked.
“Nah, probably later,” I said.
“Okay suit yourself,” Ray said.

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