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English project.... with a geek

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I sat at the gates having a cigarette, it was school again, and I needed a cigarette to help me get started in the day.
I still got laid, which was fucking awesome, thank god my mom wasn’t in or she would have just heard the bed creaking and hitting the wall, and our moans over and over again. Well my mom is hardly ever home, she just leaves me money to feed and look after myself, I guess it was good to have the house to myself, to not have my mom having a go about how I have school the next day so I should get to bed, but I guess I was kind of lonely.
First lesson English, Miss Adam, old lady who is fucking strict, no wonder she isn’t married.
I sat down next to Jimmy, who was asleep, catching up from the late night partying, boozing and sleeping with any girl in sight who was easy.
I looked over to see that little fag sitting next to another little geek, Patrick; Pete seemed to give him looks, glares? I don’t know. Pete was like me, he had secret tattoos that no one really knows about; we played football together, the normal friendship thing.
“Right class,” Miss Adam said, I nudged Jimmy to get up, he groaned and sat up but still looked like someone had gave him way too many sleeping pills.
“Today I am going to put you into pairs to do this project together,” Miss said. Great, a project on Romeo and Juliet can’t wait.
“And don’t think you’ll be working with your friends, I don’t want people swapping because I know who your suppose to be with, so swap and detention,” she said.
“Now, Jessica your with Jimmy,” Miss said.
Jimmy let his head fall back onto the table.
“Great an emo girl,” he said.
“She’s hot ad least,” I said.
Jimmy chuckled.
“Frank, you’re with Mikey,” Miss said.
Shit! No way! That little geek four eye emo kid!
He looked at me with wide eyes and looked back with wide eyes too.
“What?” we both asked.
“You heard,” Miss said.
I groaned and let my head fall on the desk too, this is not happening!
“Patrick, you’re with Pete,” Miss said.
I heard a little groan from behind me.
I have to do this project with a geek, no way.

A/N: Dudes don’t be angry with that four eye thing, I wear glasses too so I am not having a joke about glasses, glasses rule! And I’m sure Frankie doesn’t think that way either, I hope you like!
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