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Operation: Whoa!

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Vanessa reports on Beth's party one week later.

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Operation: Whoa!:


Blog Title: We Nearly Forgot to Have Fun

What has happened to us? We used to be a fun-loving, exciting bunch. Now... Shakes her head for a moment We are just nervous time bombs. We can't really think straight. It's eating us alive. I know the reason why.

QB is ruining everything for us. Everyone at BRM is so damn worried about being so perfect. I can't stand it anymore. Lucky for us, there are people still willing to have fun. Last Saturday, Beth invited us to her apartment for a party. Great fun. Got off to a bad start though. Nobody talked at all. If was as if we forgot how to have good time. Even Boss Lady looked nervous to be there. Then, Beth stepped forward and made us share some good news with the crew. Rosie and Panda came forward.

Great news: Panda's divorce is finalized. Yep! He is finally free from the tart! Let the choir say amen! A chorus of angels sings in the background Anyway, this means that Rosie and Panda can be together. Joy to the world! But, the Tart is still pregnant. Drat! But, not to worry. It's just a baby. It's not like the child is going to put a curse on Rose's life once it's born. So, we're all good there.

G2G. Lunch break is over. See ya soon.



Aunt Nessa

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